Making Lockdown a Lark


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“After a difficult winter of new rules, travel bans for Brits, and a saturated media landscape, we were over the moon with the high-quality national coverage and media interest Rooster generated ahead of LAAX’s summer season.

We can’t wait to see what else the team has in store.”

Martina Calonder
PR and Communication

In January 2021, Rooster (virtually) sat down with client LAAX, the Swiss freestyle ski resort, to discuss PR plans for the new year. With the resort prepped to welcome snowsports lovers for the remainder of the winter season, we dusted off our thinking caps (the thinking ski helmets were unavailable) to plan for an avalanche of coverage in Q1.

There were just a few tiny hurdles: planes grounded, borders closed, and the small issue of travel becoming officially illegal. But no matter, when a client wants national hits, Rooster delivers national hits.

The team switched their focus to long-lead opportunities, tweaking the client’s PR plan to remain flexible and measured during a time of national crisis. After putting our heads together with the team in Switzerland to discuss the destination’s plans, we decided to cut-through the doom and gloom caused by daily news of global restrictions, and announce the summertime opening of the world’s tallest treetop walkway in the destination in June 2021, followed by launching a series of summer hike and bike routes for nature-starved Brits.

To break the monotony for Rooster’s travel media contacts, who were inundated with heavy statements on the latest rule changes, we crafted a news release to bring the treetop walkway to life, and remind the press that summer afternoons among the trees weren’t too far away. The team set themselves a target of 10 pieces of coverage, enough to start the year with a bang and make waves in the saturated travel space.

Immediately after the release was distributed and sold in, LAAX saw an influx of media coverage. Seven national titles, including The Telegraph, i, The Mirror, The Star and The Express covered the launch of the world’s longest treetop walkway, with a dedicated hero piece in The Mirror Online. The team exceeded their target, securing 12 pieces of coverage in total for Q1, all while travel remained illegal and the competition fierce. Well, we said we wanted an avalanche!

As well as the valuable coverage generated through news releases and proactive targeted sell-in, Rooster was also able to start conversations with leading travel journalists on all the latest goings on in LAAX, lining up media interest for visits to LAAX later in the year and queuing further seasonal coverage ahead of a jam-packed summer.

Both the client and Rooster were over-the-moon with the coverage and interest generated during one of the resort’s most difficult times. The team proved it is possible to generate powerful coverage without courting controversy, remaining conscious of the issues faced by the wider industry, while generating optimism ahead of a safer summer season.