Our beating heart.

Joining the dots may sound simplistic, but as Vincent van Gogh believed, greatness is achieved by a series of small things brought together. At Rooster, we’ve mastered the art of communications over 20 years. We deliver real, sustained results, and never just punch in, punch out.

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At only 10 years old, Social’s grown up to become one of the biggest barometers of business success in the consumer marketplace. Social PR agencies are hired or fired on the numbers, yet we see it as a golden opportunity to generate genuine traction and accountable results.

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The art of communication.

“I don’t want realism. I want magic!” So do we, Tennessee Williams, so do we. When the words and visuals drive traffic and transactions, then it’s a job well done. Rooster’s creative and design team delivers to clients what you didn’t realize you wanted until we showed it to you.

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We have your back.

Welcome to the Jungle (it’s not always fun and games). If a crisis has brought you to your knees, we’ll come to the rescue with our 24/7/365 reputation pr service. We train our clients to face the media with confidence, protecting your brand and enhancing your image.

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2019 Travel Marketing Awards | Winner & 2nd Place
‘Best PR Stunt/Experiential Event’

2019 Sabre Awards EMEA | Finalist
‘Travel & Tourism’ campaign for Cyprus (Say Hallou-mi)

2019 PRmoment Awards | Finalist
‘Boutique Agency of the Year’

2018 Travel Marketing Awards | 2nd Place
‘Best PR Agency’ and Runner Up for ‘Best PR Tactical’

2018, 2017 & 2014 RAR Awards | Finalist
‘Best PR Agency, 1-40 Staff’

2017 CIPR Pride Awards | Silver
Consumer Relations Campaign

2017 Drum Network Awards | Finalist
‘Leisure & Tourism Campaign/Strategy of the Year’


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