Travel pr.

Born and bred.

Travel may be a global phenomenon, but it takes more than fancy flights to place a travel story. Travel and tourism pr and marketing is Rooster’s heritage: for 24 years we’ve pierced the relentless din of promotion with award-winning creative campaigns, memorable media relations and a never-ending press office service.

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Lifestyle pr.

We bring the beat.

For some, the word ‘lifestyle’ can be a bit fluffy, but we love to crack it wide open and find meaning in the minutiae. Whether it’s a Scandi wood-burning stove that’s steeped in hygge, or a sleek re-usable cup for your daily Joe, we get under the skin of consumer brands, devising campaigns that make them culturally-relevant.

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Business pr.

From the ground up.

Our business pr team has changed the comms fortunes of brands in sectors as diverse as construction, charity, personal finance and technology. Whether you’re a misunderstood market leader or a start-up who’s struggling to find its voice and cut through the noise, let our ideas and words do your talking.

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Sustainability pr.

Power to the planet.

Greta Thunberg said: “…act as if the house is on fire, because it is.” If you think the environment is less important than the economy, then name a business where sustainability issues won’t impact profits. The question is, will you lose market share if you don’t communicate your sustainability credentials effectively?

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Property pr.

Another brick in the wall.

Build it, and they will come…a quaint adage that doesn’t cut it anymore. Rooster draws businesses, residents, retail and restaurants to your door by delivering a dynamite narrative for placemaking comms. We are here to underpin any property project from planning to launch to sale, building a solid reputation that’s ingrained from the start.

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B2B pr.

Brand over band.

While flashy consumer-facing start-ups might steal centre stage, the suits behind the scenes are doing the deals. Rooster’s business is to build B2B profiles and yet corporate clients benefit from consumer exposure too because the stories, profiles, angles and news hooks we create attract the mainstream and international media.

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2023 PRCA UK Awards | Finalist
Small Consultancy Award

2023 CIPR Excellence Awards | Shortlisted
Corporate & Business Communications Campaign

2020 PR Moment Awards | Finalist
Community Engagement Campaign of the Year

2020 Travel Marketing Awards | Runner Up
Social Media Campaign

2019 TTG Awards | Finalist
PR & Representation Company of the Year

2019 Travel Marketing Awards | Winner & 2nd Place
PR Stunt/Experiential Event

2019 Sabre Awards EMEA | Finalist
Travel & Tourism Campaign


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