Starfield x TEMPUR® Dream Chair

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This campaign celebrates TEMPUR®’s historic connections to space exploration and marks an incredible full circle moment, with TEMPUR® Material once again cushioning those ‘venturing into unknown corners of the universe’!”

Of the MailOnline exclusive:
“There are few to zero press office scenarios where a national title would cover our all-important NASA heritage story in so much depth and as part of such an extensive, dedicated piece. We are 100% satisfied that the campaign has delivered on its brand storytelling goal.”

Tobin James
UK Managing Director

In a bold, innovative partnership that may as well have been written in the stars, we teamed up with international gaming giant, Xbox, for our space-age mattress client, TEMPUR®, to mark the launch of the year’s most anticipated space-themed game, Starfield, and deliver a unique, immersive experience through highly crafted PR, experiential and digital storytelling.

The Objectives.

  1. Build awareness, reach and exposure for Starfield launch and for TEMPUR® brand and product beyond traditional media verticals
  2. Build buzz and boost digital reach for both brands via social media amplification of campaign
  3. Positively align Xbox and TEMPUR® brands, showcasing TEMPUR®’s NASA heritage and its relevance to the Starfield launch
  4. Drive footfall to Xbox gaming conventions/retail spaces and flagship TEMPUR® store using the Dream Chair as a draw

Creativity & Implementation.
Together, Rooster & Miai (Xbox brand partnership agency) conceptualised the Starfield x TEMPUR® Dream Chair, fusing NASA-born TEMPUR® Material with the exhilarating world of gaming, in a futuristic, one-of-a-kind capsule gaming rig.

Designed and hand-crafted by the Nicholas Alexander creative construction team, whose work includes eye-popping installations for Louboutin, TUI and eBay, the Dream Chair faithfully recreated the chair and cockpit from the Starfield videogame. It featured a hyper-detailed design referencing the game’s retro-futuristic “NASA Punk” aesthetic; a dashboard loaded with switches, dials, and decals; a bespoke giant wraparound screen; twin joysticks; and most importantly, was kitted out with the unique pressure-absorbing material used in TEMPUR® mattresses, providing both supreme comfort and a real-world link to NASA.

With a reported 39.1 million gamers in the UK spending an average of 4 hours 57 minutes gaming per week, the Dream Chair recognises and celebrates the value gamers place on their set-ups and ensures full immersion in their virtual worlds, offering a unique opportunity for players to boldly go where no gamer has gone before from a ‘throne’ fit for a space-faring protagonist.

The Dream Chair was unveiled at the Xbox booth at the world’s largest gaming event, Gamescom 2023, bolstered by a flight through the game’s vivid starfaring universe, featuring world-first footage. The German Vice-Chancellor even stopped by and jumped in for his own voyage.

Sci-Fi legend, the Timelord himself, David Tennant, was drafted in to narrate an online teaser that announced the partnership and successfully drove talkability.

After Gamescom, the chair went on tour, enjoying residencies at locations throughout Europe, including its first UK stop at TEMPUR®’s Westfield Stratford store, giving fans and the general public the chance to experience it firsthand.

Focused PR.

  1. Chair launch announcement
  2. Co-creation of 30 customised TEMPUR® x Starfield neck pillows for giveaways at Gamescom and seeding to influencers, press and key gaming creators, ensuring superior comfort while playing
  3. Crafting and distribution of a lifestyle story on gaming & sleep, with expert insights and tips from TEMPUR® sleep specialist & sleep counsellor, Thomas Høegh Reisenhus
  4. MailOnline exclusive to test and experience the Dream Chair during its UK residency at the TEMPUR® store
  5. Announcement of TEMPUR® store residency to local & regional media and What’s On/event listings to encourage footfall

The Results?

Stellar! The campaign leveraged a deep, authentic, and credible connection between both brands, positioning TEMPUR® as a forward-thinking, innovative and relevant brand by storytelling around its rich space age DNA.

  • 60+ dedicated pieces of earned press coverage reporting on the chair launch and its UK residency across UK & global news, gaming, tech, lifestyle and interiors trade media, including The Mirror, Mail Online, Hypebeast, Yahoo, Gamespot, AdAge, Wired and many more.
  • 733M media impressions (organic)
  • 4.65M estimated online views (organic)
  • 420.7K views of Dream Chair launch video on Xbox X account (organic)
  • 7.6K views of Dream Chair launch video on TEMPUR® YouTube channel (organic)
  • 78.1M social impressions (organic)
  • 3.4M estimated social views (organic)
  • 50K+ Likes & Retweets (organic)
  • 523K estimated footfall at events & stores
  • 248% Year-on-Year increase in footfall to the TEMPUR® Westfield Stratford store during the month of the Dream Chair’s residency