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  • Apr022019

    MedSailors Puts Montenegro Route to Sea

    Skippered sailing holiday company adds new destination to its European portfolio…

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  • Mar202019

    Sail into King’s Landing With MedSailors

    Experience five Game of Thrones landmarks from your skippered yacht…

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  • Feb012019

    Couple Goals: Sailing the Seas With Your Loved One and Crew

    Setting sail into the sunset with a loved one is a dream trip that many couples long to experience. But, the reality of seven days at sea with just your partner for company can be a little daunting for some…

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  • Jan292019

    Learning the Ropes – MedSailors Busts the Sailing Jargon

    A sailing holiday is the perfect occasion to discover not only the Mediterranean’s best-kept secrets, but also a new skill…

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  • Jan072019

    Most Instagrammable Spots Along the Mediterranean Coastline

    MedSailors, the adventure sailing holiday provider for 20-35 year olds, has rounded up their most Instagram-worthy locations…

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  • Nov292018

    Mission Impossible: MedSailors Fights Plastic Pollution at Sea

    In a world where we are now surrounded by warnings on the use of single-use plastics and the impact this is having on our marine life, for some, the closest they have got to seeing the actual problem is through shocking images in the media…

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