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  • Sep222020
    A pregnant mother

    Pregnancy Sleep Tips

    With UK birth rates peaking in September, TEMPUR® sleep expert and chartered psychologist provides pregnancy sleep tips for a better…

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  • Aug112020
    A blue sky with white clouds and a shining sun, as calm as can be for National Relaxation Day.

    Improving Children’s Wellbeing this National Relaxation Day

    TEMPUR® sleep expert and chartered psychologist provides relaxation techniques and highlights the importance of relaxation to improve the mental health…

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  • Jul222020
    A child sleeping peacefully.

    Bedtime Battles: How to Help Children Sleep Better

    TEMPUR® sleep expert and chartered psychologist provides tips on how to ensure a good sleep schedule for kids during this…

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  • Jun042020
    How To Sleep Well During Hot Weather

    How To Sleep Well During Hot Weather

    TEMPUR® Sleep Expert provides tips on keeping cool in heatwaves this summer. Summer is upon us, and whilst the British…

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  • May262020
    Dandelions and tall grass bright against the blue sky.

    Hay Fever & Sleep: How to Allergy Proof Your Home

    With hay fever season upon us, Tempur advises how to minimise allergens in the home for better sleep. Spring is…

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  • May152020
    A woman lying comfortably on a Tempur mattress hugging a pillow.

    Tempur Provides Sleep Tips Towards Better Mental Health

    Tempur highlights the importance of sleep for wellbeing to mark Mental Health Awareness Week Mattress brand also offers free, tailored…

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  • May152020
    A woman sleeps in the soft morning light.

    Tempur Provides Free 1:1 Sleep Consultations for Customers, NHS & Care Home Staff this Mental Health Awareness Week

    Tempur sleep expert and psychologist, Suzy Reading, to provide free, tailored sleep advice Free ‘phone consultations available to Tempur customers,…

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  • Apr092020
    A bright, modern bedroom with sun filtering over the white sheets.

    Can Your Bedroom Design Help You Sleep Better?

    Tempur guide on updating a bedroom for a good night’s sleep. During these testing times, it’s only natural that our…

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  • Mar302020
    A high-contrast flower bouquet with a comfy Tempur bed beside it.

    Sleep Trackers & Tech: Do they Help or Hinder our Sleep?

    Tempur suggests going back to basics for the best night’s sleep. It’s a well-known fact that poor sleep has numerous…

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  • Mar262020
    A cat sleeping lazily in a comfy bed.

    Be in Control Ahead of the Clock Change

    Whilst many aspects of our lives are currently going through huge changes, the sleep experts at Tempur share tips to…

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