• Jan102022
    The Art of Doing Nothing Contura RoosterPR

    The Art of Doing Nothing

    Scandi lifestyle expert Catharina Björkman shares her guide to ‘göra ingenting’, because it’s important to enjoy downtime without feeling guilty!…

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  • Nov302021
    Expert Guide To String Your Firewood Contura RoosterPR

    Expert Guide to Storing Your Firewood

    Contura expert shares the dos and don’ts of wood storage. How aware are you of common wood storage blunders vs…

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  • Nov292021
    Winter Essentials Checklist Contura RoosterPR

    Winter Essentials Checklist

    With the official start of winter this 1 December, Contura lifestyle expert shares tips to help us make the best…

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  • Nov082021
    The Joy of Winter Nesting Contura RoosterPR

    The Joy of Winter Nesting

    Contura lifestyle expert reveals how we can get the best out of ‘hibernation’ season to ensure we feel secure, snug,…

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  • Oct112021

    The Importance of Healthy Habits for Winter Wellbeing

    Tips from a Scandi lifestyle expert on how to beat the winter blues, balance our work, home, and social life,…

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  • Sep302021

    New & Improved i51 from Contura

    Contura relaunches a statement stove favourite with all-new features and new colour options. The i51 is a modern classic and…

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  • Sep282021

    The Post-Pandemic Wellbeing Shift: A Guide to the New Wellness Rules

    Over the last 18 months life has changed immeasurably, and we’ve found ourselves adapting and re-adapting to new iterations of…

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  • Sep262021

    Get Your Stove Winter-Ready

    Expert tips from Contura on prepping and using your wood burning stove this autumn/winter. Along with crisp winter mornings and…

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  • Aug192021

    Choose Japandi Interiors for the Most Fashion-Forward Look

    Scandi lifestyle expert from Contura shares guide to creating a Japandi inspired home. Japandi is undoubtedly the interior buzzword for…

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  • Jul302021

    The Importance of Choosing a Wood Burning Stove that Meets Environmental Regulations

    UK Country Manager at Contura explains key legislative terms and requirements relating to domestic wood burning and shares top five…

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