• Aug192021

    Choose Japandi Interiors for the Most Fashion-Forward Look

    Scandi lifestyle expert from Contura shares guide to creating a Japandi inspired home. Japandi is undoubtedly the interior buzzword for…

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  • Jul302021

    The Importance of Choosing a Wood Burning Stove that Meets Environmental Regulations

    UK Country Manager at Contura explains key legislative terms and requirements relating to domestic wood burning and shares top five…

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  • Jul302021

    What’s Important to British Homeowners Today?

    Contura lifestyle expert shares the latest trends and insights on making a British house a home. Over the past 16…

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  • Jun252021

    The Ultimate Guide to Wood Burning Stoves: Maximising Efficiency & Minimising Emissions

    Tips on choosing the right appliance, the right fuel, and correct usage of your wood burner to maximise efficiency and…

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  • Jun162021

    Wholesome Family Activities for Home-Based Holidays this Summer

    Contura lifestyle expert provides guide to simple Scandi style family fun for anyone staying local this summer. The Great British…

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  • Jun022021

    Get Back to Nature this Summer

    As we head towards midsummer (24 June), Scandi lifestyle expert at Contura shares tips for enjoying wild camping. We Brits…

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  • Jun012021

    Home Renovation Tips: Simple Updates to Reflect the Season

    Scandi lifestyle expert at Contura provides easy tips on updating your interiors ready for summer (and socialising). Summer is (finally)…

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  • Apr302021

    Create the Perfect Scandi-Inspired Outdoor Living Space

    Lifestyle expert at Contura shares guide to making the most of your garden this spring and summer. The latest easing…

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  • Apr292021

    Declutter this Spring Clean Season to Improve Wellbeing

    Scandi lifestyle expert at Contura provides top decluttering tips for a more organised home and mind. “Decluttering” is not a…

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  • Apr072021

    The Source of Scandi Happiness: Swedish Proverbs for Your Everyday

    Lifestyle expert at Contura shares Scandi wisdom to motivate, spark joy and find balance. Over a year on from the…

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