• May142019

    Five Ways to Live Like a Local When Travelling

    Leaving the tourist trail is arguably one of the best ways to spend a gap year…

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  • Mar122019

    Ten Penny-Pinching Tips For Your Next Adventure

    The travel experts at StudentUniverse have rounded up their top tips for budgeting while abroad. Being responsible for a large sum of money…

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  • Feb282019

    Discover Digital Detox Destinations with StudentUniverse

    StudentUniverse list their top seven ‘Digital Detox Destinations’ that will make putting phones and tablets down even easier…

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  • Oct092018
    Student Universe Top Ten Youth Travel Trends by RoosterPR

    Top Ten Youth Travel Trends from StudentUniverse

    With the recent documented decline in Club 18-30 holidays and the noticeable switch in both interests and tastes from youth…

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  • Sep262018
    Student Universe Crowned Best Youth Travel Agent 2018 by RoosterPR

    StudentUniverse Crowned Best Youth Travel Agent 2018

    The youth travel market has spoken as it crowns StudentUniverse the Best Youth Travel Agent at the Global Youth Travel…

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  • Sep242018
    Studentuniverse Savvy Student Travel by RoosterPR

    Savvy Student Travel: Destinations Where the Pound Goes the Distance

    If travel is in your blood and you want nothing more than to see the world, being savvy with your…

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  • Aug012018
    Student Universe 61% Sales Increase In April by RoosterPR

    StudentUniverse Celebrates Strong Year and Delivers a Record 61% Sales Increase in April

    Increased sales to Australia by 200 percent with Tourism Australia partnership 260 percent surge in sales to Gold Coast after…

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  • Jun292018
    StudentUniverse Top Island by RoosterPR

    StudentUniverse’s Top Island Trips to fall in Love with this Summer

    Book any of these trips until 31st of August 2018 to get £50 off using code LOVEISLAND. With the nation…

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  • May152018
    Student Universe Why Wait Through Exam Season by RoosterPR - img 3

    Why Wait? Book a Summer Adventure to Help You Through Exam Season with StudentUniverse

    If you’re sick of looking at your revision timetable and your bedroom is piled high with text books you might…

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