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Holiday Duuupe

Holiday Duuupe
18 December 2023 Samantha Anderson
Student Universe Holiday Duuupe RoosterPR

Will Jones, travel expert at StudentUniverse, shares 2024’s ultimate holiday DUPEs to save you money.

Year on year, seemingly ‘new’ destinations crop up as the ‘IT’ destination, turning hidden gems into tourist hot spots within a matter of months. And it was only a matter of time before Gen Z jumped on this turning it into the latest online trend… Enter destination ‘dupes’.

Will Jones, the travel hacks guy at StudentUniverse, says: “Young travellers are avoiding the traditional tourist traps by seeking out destination ‘dupes’ and popularising them online with picturesque videos and snappy captions.

“We’ve seen this with Montenegro, Croatia, and more recently with Albania however with a continual flow of ‘new’ destinations, it’s harder than ever to find a hidden gem that serves that dream combo of beautiful vistas and great value for money.

“The key is to get ahead of the trend by doing plenty of research. Trust us, finding the next destination dupe will make you the hero of your friend group.”

Will’s selection of holiday dupes expected to hit the hot spot in 2024 below…

El Gouna, Red Sea Egypt

A dupe for the Mediterranean

Meet El Gouna, a resort town based on the Red Sea coast of Egypt – a great dupe for the Med for those wanting to experience a luxurious sunshine filled getaway on a budget.

Travellers can enjoy turquoise lagoons and swish hotels, such as adults-only Cook’s Club, for as little as £40pp per night.
By day enjoy water sports like kitesurfing, diving and snorkelling. Experience the Bedouin mountains by sunset, or simply enjoy sundowners on the beach.

A destination that guarantees sunshine all year round and doesn’t break the bank? Life has never felt so sweet.

Constanța, Romania

A dupe for Albania and Croatia

This Romanian Black Sea coastal town is sure to be the next ‘it’ destination.

Just a short flight time of three and a half hours, incredibly cheap hotels and maintaining a standard 30 degrees throughout the summer, Constanța has all the ingredients to make it the top spot for summer sun.

Once there, you can enjoy the local culture, unique eats, or simply bask in the azure waters. This beach haven is the perfect dupe for Albania, Croatia, and even the Greek Islands!

Ljubljana, Slovenia

A dupe for Prague and Vienna

Picturesque city breaks more your vibe? Ditch the done and dusted destinations of 2023, and jet off to the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, which means ‘beloved’ in Slovenian.

Home to beautiful Gothic-style architecture, an Art Nouveau central market, a host of museums, and many culinary hot spots to enjoy, this city does not disappoint. In-destination, you will rarely have to look at prices, as the conversion rate is favourable to the pound.

Kranjska Klobasa (Carniolan sausage) is a must try for any visitor to Ljubljana. Its delicious smoky aroma fills the streets and provides a tasty cheap treat to enjoy as you explore.

It’s a great all-round European city break that won’t leave you pinching the pennies.

Prizren, Kosovo

A dupe for Dubrovnik

Kosovo as a country-destination is expected to hit the big time in 2024, with tourists being enchanted by this lesser visited spot and the friendly locals.

Affectionately known as the ‘Dubrovnik of the Balkan’s’ and ‘the museum under the sky’ due to its impressive archaeological heritage, Prizren is one of the prettiest cities in Kosovo. The warm, dry weather makes it a great spot to enjoy a springtime city break. Appreciate its historical sites by day before soaking up the vibrant nightlife.

Tourists are relatively few on the ground, so you’ll likely enjoy conversations with inquisitive locals wanting to know why you’re visiting before giving you their recommendations of the best spots to visit. Give it a try and experience a destination before your friends, and see Prizren for the gem it is.

Quito, Ecuador

A dupe for Bangkok

Quito, the capital city of Ecuador, is a hub for culture vultures and anyone wanting a break to remember. Fortified by the Inca’s in the late 15th Century, Quito’s colourful history and intricate architecture is waiting to be discovered.

Quito is one of the most preserved cities in South America, with a UNESCO site to enjoy, and is labelled as the most beautiful big city in the continent too.

A must for those wanting to enjoy a backpacking holiday with a difference or a more purpose-driven holiday in place of more popular backpacking destinations.


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