Client News

  • May082019

    Croydon School Children Raise £70,000 For Charity

    The Flight Centre Schools Triathlon has kicked off its 2019 series by raising an amazing £70,000…

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  • May082019

    Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts Demonstrates The Strength of Authenticity With Bold Expansion Plans For The Maldives and Sri Lanka

    Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts have unveiled further bold expansion plans…

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  • May082019

    Fashion Entrepeneurs Keep it Far From Lowkey

    Two Birmingham fashion students have set up their own clothing company, with plans on dominating the urban fashion market…

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  • May012019

    Flight Centre Travel Agent Organises Mass Blood Donation and Saves Customer’s Life From 9,000 Miles Away

    A 32-year-old man honeymooning in Arequipa, Peru, had his life saved by his Flight Centre travel agent back in Australia after falling seriously ill…

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  • Apr302019

    Passports, Groceries and Presents: 15 Million Brits Preparing For Brexit

    Three in 10 Brits (15 million) are making specific preparations for Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, according to new research…

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  • Apr262019

    Sunday Night Blues Prompts Dreams of Luxury Drives

    Travellers are easing the back-to-work dread by planning luxury road trips and browsing premium hire cars late night on Sundays…

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  • Apr232019

    London Ranked 10th Most Expensive Location in The World For Business Trips

    London is the tenth most expensive city in the world for business trips according to research by global mobility experts, ECA International (ECA)…

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  • Apr182019

    Interior Design Trends To Watch in 2020

    Catharina Björkman, lifestyle expert at Swedish wood-burning stove brand, Contura, has curated the top homes and interiors trends to watch out for…

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  • Apr172019

    Please Your Partner With The Sound of Silence For National Stop Snoring Week

    Tempur sleep experts share tips on how to shush the snoring and ensure a good night’s sleep ahead of National Stop Snoring Week (22-28 April)…

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  • Apr152019

    Meze Must-Haves: 10 Dishes to Dazzle Your Dinner Guests, Cypriot Style!

    Here the Deputy Ministry of Tourism for Cyprus suggests its must-include meze dishes that are bound to leave your guests wanting to…

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