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  • May312019

    Young Brits Skip Love for Love Island

    Over a third of young people aged 18-38 (36%) have cancelled plans with family or friends to watch a TV show, according to new research…

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  • May222019

    Majority of Holidaymakers Believe Hotels Trump Airbnbs for Value, Cleanliness and Experience

    Seven out of 10 holidaymakers (71%) believe hotels offer the same or better value than Airbnbs…

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  • Apr302019

    Passports, Groceries and Presents: 15 Million Brits Preparing For Brexit

    Three in 10 Brits (15 million) are making specific preparations for Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, according to new research…

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  • Mar192019

    Three in Four Savers Haven’t Seen an Increase in Their Interest Rate Since August’s BoE Base Rate Rise

    New research from personal finance comparison site,, has revealed that three quarters of savers (74 percent) have not felt the benefits of…

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  • Mar082019
    FinderUK Over Half of brits Fear Of Brexit Could Cause to Ditch EU Travel by RoosterPR

    Over Half of Brits Fear Brexit Could Cause Them to Ditch European Travel Plans

    Report reveals increase in flight costs would cause nearly two in five Brits (38 percent) to go on fewer EU…

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  • Dec142018
    Finder majority of Brits Wouldn't Lend A Penny To Their Neighbour by RoosterPR

    Would you Lend a Cup of Sugar? Majority of Brits Wouldn’t Lend a Penny to Their Neighbour

    58 percent of Brits wouldn’t lend a penny to a neighbour Brits are generally willing to lend more money than…

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  • Oct222018
    Finder Most brits Underestimate Cost of Retirement by RoosterPR

    Most Brits Massively Underestimating Cost of Retirement

    Millennials are £395,000 short on their pension pot estimation Half of baby boomers don’t know how much they need for…

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  • Sep132018 Economists Predict Interest Rate to Hold for the Rest of 2018 by RoosterPR

    Economists Unanimously Predict Interest Rate to Hold for the Rest of 2018

    Panel of economists unanimously predict interest rate to hold for the rest of 2018, as calls for banks to…

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  • Jul102018 TRON CryptoCurrency Predictions Report by RoosterPR July Cryptocurrency Predictions Report: TRON forecast to see 207 percent increase by end-of-month 

    Price comparison site, releases July Cryptocurrency Predictions Survey, 13 coins forecast TRON (TRX) forecast to see 207 percent increase…

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  • Jul102018 Overdraft Fees by RoosterPR

    Two in three don’t understand overdraft fees as borrowing tops £9.4 billion

    One in four Brits (25 percent) dipped into the red over the past 12 months The average amount overdrawn was…

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