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Reel in Adventure: The Best Fishing Spots in Europe

Reel in Adventure: The Best Fishing Spots in Europe
26 June 2024 Samantha Anderson
Camperdays Reel in Adventure: The Best Fishing Spots in Europe RoosterPR

(Photo Credit: Adam Sherez)

Chief adventurer at CamperDays, Max Schmidt, shares his guide to the best angling spots for avid fishers.

Whether you are a seasoned angler or a fishing enthusiast looking for your first adventure, Europe offers a plethora of fishing spots that promise unforgettable experiences. And what better way to enjoy a fishing trip than in your very own hotel on wheels?

Max Schmidt, Chief Adventurer at CamperDays – the of campervans – says: “From serene lakes and rushing rivers to scenic coastal areas, Europe boasts the perfect fishing spots for every type of angler.

“The best angling locations are often slightly off the beaten path, meaning the ability to park up nearby and ensure you have access to hot water, kitchen and bathroom facilities, and a comfortable bed is paramount. A campervan trip provides just this, and with rental vehicles with available from just £70 per day, there’s no better time to hit the road and enjoy a road trip as part of your next fishing adventure.

“Having the right tools is key to a successful fishing trip, and campervans and motorhomes allow ample space for storing rods, tackles and hooks without the need to navigate complicated airline restrictions.”

Max’s guide to the best angling spots in Europe below…

  1. Lofoten Islands, Norway
    The Lofoten Islands are renowned for their stunning landscapes and rich marine life. This archipelago is a paradise for deep-sea fishing enthusiasts, with the chance to catch cod, halibut, and coalfish. The crystal-clear waters and the backdrop of rugged mountains make for an unparalleled fishing experience.
  2. River Tay, Scotland
    Scotland’s River Tay is famed for its salmon fishing. Anglers from around the world flock to its banks in the hopes of landing one of its legendary Atlantic salmon. The river’s diverse fishing beats offer opportunities for both fly fishing and spinning, ensuring an exciting challenge for all skill levels.
  3. Ebro River, Spain
    The Ebro River is a haven for freshwater anglers, particularly those targeting catfish. The river’s abundant and massive catfish can weigh over 200 pounds, offering a thrilling experience for those seeking a big catch. The river also boasts excellent populations of carp and zander.
  4. Lapland, Finland
    For an extraordinary fishing adventure, head to the pristine waters of Finnish Lapland. Known for its unspoiled nature and midnight sun, Lapland offers excellent fly fishing for grayling, trout, and Arctic char. The remote and peaceful setting is perfect for anglers looking to connect with nature.
  5. Lake Vänern, Sweden
    As the largest lake in the European Union, Lake Vänern is a hotspot for freshwater fishing. It is particularly famous for its trophy-sized pike and perch. The lake’s extensive shoreline and numerous islands provide ample opportunities for fishing from both the shore and boats.
  6. Dordogne River, France
    The Dordogne River is a gem in the heart of France, known for its diverse fish species including carp, pike, and trout. The river’s gentle flow and scenic beauty make it an ideal location for a peaceful fishing getaway, complemented by the region’s charming villages and gourmet cuisine.
  7. Danube Delta, Romania
    The Danube Delta, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is one of Europe’s most biodiverse regions and a premier fishing destination. Anglers can expect to catch catfish, pike, and perch in its maze of channels, lakes, and marshes. The delta’s rich wildlife and unique landscapes add to the allure of fishing in this area.
  8. Sava River, Croatia
    Croatia’s Sava River is a lesser-known gem that offers excellent fishing opportunities. The river is abundant with species such as carp, catfish, and pike. Its relatively uncrowded waters provide a serene environment for anglers to enjoy a day of fishing amid beautiful natural scenery.

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