Name Your Travel Icks: Gen-Z Provide Their Biggest Plane Travel ‘Icks’

Name Your Travel Icks: Gen-Z Provide Their Biggest Plane Travel ‘Icks’
25th March 2024 Samantha Anderson

Name Your Travel Icks: Gen-Z Provide Their Biggest Plane Travel ‘Icks’

Youth-led, work and travel brand, JENZA, asked one of its creative consultants and content creator to give their biggest flight travel ‘icks’.

With the induction of Gen-Z’s favourite new slang word ‘ick’ being added to both and the Cambridge Dictionary, youth-led work and travel brand, JENZA, is sharing a guide to Gen-Z’s biggest ‘icks’ when it comes to plane travel.

Victoria Whitehouse, Creative Consultant at JENZA says: “The term ‘ick’ can be used to describe that feeling of sudden dislike in all areas of life and is particularly applicable to behaviour on planes… From clapping when the plane lands to odorous lunches and the age-old question as to which armrest the middle passenger gets, these are the icks that are just ‘plane’ wrong.”

  1. Standing as soon as the seatbelt sign turns off
    We’ve all seen it, those people who think that if they stand up first, elbow their neighbours as they wrestle their jacket on before pulling their bag out of the overhead locker all within the first 30 seconds of the seatbelt sign flicking off, they’ll be the first to leave the plane. Truth is, all they ever actually achieve is irritating everyone sat near them. Ick.
  2. Thinking sitting in the middle seat gives you a monopoly on both armrests
    We’ve all been there, sat in the middle seat and torn over whether to take the left or right armrest… kudos to you if you consider those around you because not everyone does. This ick is for those who while sat in the middle seat, think, ‘why choose one armrest, when I can have both?’. Those next to them won’t be comfortable, but we’re glad they are… not.
  3. Clapping when the plane lands
    Thankfully, the aeroplane has made great strides since its initial invention in 1903 and while yes, the pilots did an excellent job of flying you from A to B, there’s no need for a clap. Think about it, would you ever clap for the bus driver? Seriously, just don’t.
  4. Taking your shoes off on the plane
    While no one’s preventing anyone from getting comfortable, on a plane one must be mindful of those around them. Ideally, no one should have to see your bare feet or perish the thought, smell them, on an eight hour long-haul flight, or any other flight for that matter. If you must take off your shoes while flying, invest in a pair of jazzy plane socks for the occasion.
  5. Bringing and eating odorous food onboard
    Of course, packing a meal for your flight can be the most cost effective way to keep yourself fed whilst travelling. But, have you considered the odours that may be caused by your dining choices? Hard boiled eggs for example, a favourite of many to pack, but certainly a regrettable choice on a plane. A tuna mayo sandwich? The horror! Don’t be that person.


Notes to Editors:
Creative Consultant for the JENZA Travel Group, Victoria Whitehouse is a Content Creator and Travel Consultant with 102k followers across her channels. Her experience and expertise from travelling the world comes from four (soon to be five) summers spent working at a sleepaway camp in America, remote working in Bali, and a working holiday visa in Australia.

Victoria’s social handle is: @vic_whitehouse

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