Making the Most of Working Abroad

Making the Most of Working Abroad
18th March 2024 Samantha Anderson

Making the Most of Working Abroad

Youth travel and employment expert at new youth-led work and travel brand, JENZA, shares the benefits of working abroad.

While everyone dreams of living abroad, many choose to play it safe and stay put. Yet there is much to be said for those who actually turn this dream into a reality. And while taking this leap might seem daunting at first, there is so much to be gained from experiencing life in a new city abroad. Kristian Webber, employment expert at youth-led work and travel brand, JENZA, believes there are a myriad of benefits that come with working and living abroad.

Kristian, says: “Choosing to work or live abroad is truly an experience that money can’t buy. It opens up a whole new world of opportunities, where you’ll be able to create memories, build friendships and develop skills that will last a lifetime. And for young people, skills that simply cannot be learnt in a classroom.

“At JENZA, we want young people to turn their dreams of living and working abroad into a reality. Whether they embrace a new hobby, learn a new language or get out and explore the places around them, we want them to live in the present and make the most of this new adventure.”

Read on for Kristian’s round-up of the benefits that can come with a move abroad…

Better work life balance

Choosing to work abroad for a year or two will provide you with a once in a lifetime chance to see more of the world, while immersing yourself in a brand new culture. You could find that you have more free time as the working hours might differ from that in the UK. While finding a routine that works for you, you’ll be able to create lasting memories and think about it – you could be finishing up in the office at 5pm and eating dinner on the beach by 5:30!

A global work force

Working alongside a global pool of talent means you’ll be interacting with people from all four corners of the world on a daily basis, experiencing unique cultures and perspectives that differ from your own. This will not only lead to a workplace culture that is more diverse and inclusive, but you’ll be working with some of the very best talent in the world. And if you spend time getting to know your colleagues, you might find that you’ll form connections with people that will go on to be friends and mentors, all bringing a host of new skills and cultural insights that you can learn from.

Opportunities to see more of the world

As slow travel grows as a trend and people look towards more meaningful global experiences, moving abroad for a year or two will allow you to approach travel in a way that fosters connections with the local community, instead of trying to immerse yourself in a new culture over a few days. Whether you choose to go down a ‘digital nomad’ route, or opt for a permanent position abroad, you’ll be rewarded with countless opportunities to explore places, experience cultures, try food and meet people that you might not have been able to otherwise.

Broaden your horizons

The experience of working abroad will not only enhance your professional career but will help with your personal growth too. You will step out of your comfort zone – during the initial culture shock, to adjusting to the way of life and getting out and meeting new people.

Plus, if you move to a non-English speaking country, you’ll be able to learn a new language at the same time. Not only a useful skill that will improve future career prospects, but it is also a very fulfilling activity. And there is no better way to learn a language than to be fully immersed in it. The more you interact with native speakers, whether that is ordering in a café, buying food at the supermarket, or having a conversation with colleagues, the quicker you will learn.

Earning a higher salary

While the upfront cost of moving abroad can be steep, when it comes to your career, you could end up earning a higher salary. If you are willing to try a new industry, or move to a specific region, you might discover that you have an increased earning potential. Alternatively, the cost of living might be cheaper than in the UK so you could find yourself with a higher disposable income each month.

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