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Embrace World Schooling on a Spring Road Trip

Embrace World Schooling on a Spring Road Trip
8 March 2024 admin_rooster

Chief Adventurer at CamperDays, Max Schmidt, shares his tips for educating kids on the wonders of nature this Easter break.

With the Easter holidays looming, many parents will likely find themselves at a loss on how to keep the little ones entertained for two weeks. Max Schmidt, Chief Adventurer at CamperDays – the of campervans – believes that embracing world schooling on a road trip could be the answer.

Max says: “World schooling – the practice of educating children through real-life experiences and cultural immersion – is fast growing in popularity thanks to the combination of exploration, fun and the opportunity to learn away from a traditional classroom setting. It offers unparalleled advantages for the intellectual, emotional, and social development of young minds as well as providing long-lasting memories.

“While not every family is in a position to up sticks and commit to this lifestyle, the Easter holidays are a great opportunity to hit the road and embrace a world schooling experience, giving kids that welcome break from the traditional curriculum whilst allowing them to have wonderful, first-hand experiences in nature.”

Max’s guide to the benefits of a world schooling inspired road trip, below…

Real world learning

World schooling transcends traditional classroom boundaries, allowing children to learn from the world itself. By integrating academics with hands-on experiences, children gain a practical understanding of various subjects, making learning a more dynamic process.

First-hand, visceral experiences promote memory retention and learning given all the senses are engaged. So, seeing and smelling the buds in bloom or hearing little lambs attempt their first bleats is a far more practical and engaging way of learning than simply reading a textbook.

And what better way to experience the real world than in your very own hotel on wheels.

Cultural immersion

A road trip can expose young minds to diverse cultures, customs, and traditions. This immersive experience broadens children’s perspectives, instilling in them a global mindset and fostering empathy towards different communities.

Meeting friendly faces at your pit stops shows children that no matter where they are in the world they can find a friend in their fellow global citizen. Even witnessing different driving cultures in different countries is an interesting way a road trip can spark discussions on intercultural communication.

Natural connections

Learning in nature provides a unique opportunity for children to develop a profound connection with the environment. From biology lessons while rock pooling to astronomy discussions beneath the starlit sky, nature becomes an interactive classroom, and experiencing this on a campervan road trip means families can cover a larger amount of ground than a traditional holiday.

Holistic development

Integrating travel, academics, and nature education promotes holistic development. Children not only acquire knowledge but also develop crucial life skills such as problem-solving, adaptability, and resilience, preparing them for a rapidly changing world.

Out in the sticks and not getting any signal? Sounds like an opportunity to hone those orienteering and map-reading skills. Exposure to unfamiliar environments in a context of safety has also been shown to boost imagination and promote new neural connections.

Family bonding

The road trip setting offers an opportunity for families to bond and create lasting memories. Shared experiences, challenges, and triumphs contribute to stronger family ties, fostering a supportive and nurturing environment for a child’s growth.

A change of scenery and routine can relax both parents and kids, and the very act of embarking on an exciting journey together is a memory a family can all hold dear even after the trip comes to an end.

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