Get a Better Night’s Sleep with these Scandi Sleep Hacks

Get a Better Night’s Sleep with these Scandi Sleep Hacks
7th March 2024 Samantha Anderson

Get a Better Night’s Sleep with these Scandi Sleep Hacks

Scandi lifestyle expert shares sleep tips ahead of World Sleep Day.

Scandinavians are well known for their healthy lifestyles, so ahead of World Sleep Day, 15 March, it’s time Brits took note of their practical approach to sleep, which could be the key to a better night’s sleep.

Catharina Björkman, Scandi lifestyle expert at Contura, says: “Forget gadgets and trackers, Brits can learn a lot from Scandinavians’ practical, back-to-basics approach to sleep. In fact, the key to a good night’s sleep could be much more straightforward than many Brits realise.

“Setting mind and body up for sleep starts long before bedtime; a healthy lifestyle consisting of exercise and time in nature no matter what the weather, is key. Combine this with a cool sleep environment and an understanding of the importance of sunlight for mind, body and even bedding, and you’ve got a perfect recipe for sleep.”

Read on for Catharina’s Scandi inspired sleep hacks…

Separate duvets

Having individual duvets is common in Scandinavian countries and means no more arguing over duvet hogging, overheating or being too cold. It will minimise sleep-related disruptions, allow both partners to self-regulate their body temperature and ultimately will lead to a better night sleep without having to resort to sleeping separately.

For couples that are constantly fighting over whether it’s too hot or too cold, one partner could have a higher tog duvet that they can wrap around themselves to keep warm, whilst the other may prefer a light comforter that can be removed during the night.

The only downside to this Scandi trick is that the bed can look a little messy. To ensure it looks more aesthetic, opt for matching duvet covers and lay each duvet over separate halves of the bed, overlapping slightly in the middle. Then, simply drape a throw or bedspread over the top.

Get outdoors

Light plays a vital role in regulating our sleep-wake cycle – the body’s internal clock that signals when to be alert vs when to rest. It also impacts the production of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin. Therefore, spending plenty of time outdoors, soaking up natural sunlight is a key part of a healthy sleep routine.

Time in nature can reduce cortisol levels (the stress hormone) and lower heart rate and blood pressure, whilst regular exercise has been found to increase sleep quality for adults by reducing the time it takes to fall asleep. Being outdoors will also allow you to soak up the sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D, which is involved in the production of Melatonin, the hormone that regulates sleep.

So, whether you embrace the Swedish tradition of a daily walk with a cup of coffee, an exercise class in the park, or a lunchtime run, you’ll enjoy a triple whammy of physical and mental health benefits that will also help ensure a better night’s sleep come bedtime.

Air your bedding

The practice of airing bedding outside is rooted in Scandi tradition and belief in the health benefits of fresh air and sunlight.

Perhaps surprisingly to many of us that like to start our days with a tidy bedroom, making your bed in the morning can actually trap warmth and moisture in the bedding, creating the perfect environment for allergen producing dust mites. Airing bedding daily helps reduce the buildup of moisture, odours and bacteria. And if it’s sunny outside, all the better – sunlight has natural antibacterial properties and can help fade stains.

Whilst hanging your bedding outdoors is more difficult in the UK thanks to the unpredictable weather, if it’s a dry, sunny day it’s well worth giving it a go and reaping the benefits. Alternatively, if you have space, hang bedding in a well-ventilated area indoors near a window at least once a week. You can improve air flow by placing a fan nearby.

Keep your room cool

Napping outdoors is commonplace for Scandinavians and starts in childhood. It’s not unusual to find babies sleeping in prams outside coffee shops and homes, even in winter. There’s relatively little research on the topic of outdoor snoozing, but the ideal temperature for promoting a good night’s sleep is cooler than most realise at around 18 degrees Celsius.

Whilst sub-zero shuteye isn’t for everyone, you can replicate the refreshing sensation of a cool sleep environment. No matter the weather, open your window for anywhere between 5 and 15 minutes before bed to allow fresh air in and to ensure the room is cool enough to promote a good night’s sleep.

A steamy bath

Whilst a bath before bed isn’t strictly a Scandinavian sleep hack, it’s the best way to replicate the feeling of a sauna, which forms an integral part of Scandinavians’ wellbeing routines.

Enjoying a warm, steamy bath as part of your wind down is the perfect way to mentally and physical relax at the end of a stressful day. For bonus points, add a few drops of a sleep inducing essential oil like lavender. All that’s left to do is to enjoy a blissful night’s sleep.

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