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‘Cheesedosing’: The Benefits of a Daily Dose of Vitamin C(heese)

‘Cheesedosing’: The Benefits of a Daily Dose of Vitamin C(heese)
6 March 2024 Samantha Anderson
Cheesies ‘Cheesedosing’: The Benefits of a Daily Dose of Vitamin C(heese) RoosterPR

Ahead of World Cheese Day, Cheesies’ Big Cheese examines the positive effects of regular cheese consumption.

Cheese is rich and creamy, irresistible on a cracker, perfect sandwiched between two thick slices of buttered bread, and even better grated over a bowl of pasta. No matter the shape, size or consistency, it is widely acknowledged cheese makes every day a GOUDA day.

So given it is a unanimous crowd-pleaser, why is cheese still seen as a naughty treat or indulgence? Cheesies’ Big Cheese, Max Rees, believes it’s time to celebrate the benefits of this often-overlooked nutrient-packed powerhouse of a foodstuff.

Max says: “Cheese is packed with nutrients like calcium, phosphorus and vitamin B12, and is a fantastic source of protein. Yet in this health-conscious world, where new diets or trends emerge daily and nutritional advice changes like the wind, cheese is often misconstrued as a ‘guilty pleasure’ food.

“Most of us appreciate the comfort our favourite cheeses provide, but it’s not just the palate that profits from eating it – our bodies and minds benefit too.

“Whilst it’s never a good idea to gorge on a full block of cheddar or wheel of brie, ensuring you’re getting a daily dose of vitamin C(heese) offers a whole host of benefits.

“It’s time to cast-off cheese’s reputation as an ‘indulgence’ and instead embrace cheese dosing as part of a daily routine.”

To celebrate World Cheese Day and to free cheese lovers of any feelings of Cheese-induced guilt, Max has compiled the following guide, revealing the positives of ‘Cheesedosing’.

A nutrient powerhouse

Cheese isn’t just a flavourful addition to your meal; it’s also packed with many essential nutrients.

Important for maintaining healthy bones and teeth, cheese is a fantastic source of calcium, with a 30g serving containing over a quarter of an adult’s recommended daily amount(1). A single serving of cheese also delivers a healthy dose of phosphorous, zinc, vitamin A and vitamin b12 – all vital components for maintaining overall wellbeing.

What’s more, your gut – and the trillions of bacteria that live there – will thank you for eating a portion of cheese every day. Your gut needs a healthy dose of probiotics to nurture the ‘good gut bacteria’ and luckily, eating the creamy stuff daily is a great way to support a healthy gut microbiome.

So next time you’re about to fork out on the latest must-have vitamin powder or gummies, why not just grab a few slices of cheese instead? It’s a much tastier route to ensuring you are getting the good stuff your body needs. Here’s to CHEDDAR health.

A BRIE-lliant source of protein

Protein is essential for muscle growth, repair and maintenance, and fortunately, cheese is a key source of protein (and much tastier than chugging egg whites).

As a complete source of protein, cheese contains all the essential amino acids your body needs to repair and build tissue. These amino acids are considered essential because the body cannot produce them on its own and must get them from food (e.g. cheese).

Including protein at every meal or snack time is thought to be the best way for your body to successfully absorb protein (2) rather than having your entire daily protein intake in one meal. Thanks to the versatility (and deliciousness) of cheese it’s easy to incorporate into meals or snacks throughout the day. You can now even enjoy fridge-free cheese snacking, replacing a less healthy options such as crisps with a bag of Cheesies to keep you going on the journey home from work.

And although it might not have the same concentrated mass as the many protein bars, powders and shakes on offer, cheese contains no carbs, no refined sugar and is classed a whole food (a food as close to its natural form as possible), containing no unidentified crap at all so you know exactly what is going into your body.

It can improve your sex life

From oysters or strawberries to chocolate and avocados, many foods are dubbed aphrodisiacs, but the sexiest of them all…? Cheese.

These foods all have one thing in common – they are all high in omega-3 fatty acids and cheese is particularly so, making it the perfect food to enjoy if you want to spice things up.

Cheese’s high calcium content also helps to maintain energy levels and can help raise testosterone levels in both men and women, which can also lead to an increased libido.

Not forgetting that this humble foodstuff is the perfect partner for a sexy glass of red or flirty fizz whilst you’re getting in the mood.

You will have a GRATE day

If you are a cheese-o-phile, eating cheese will almost definitely boost your mood and set you on the path to having a great day.

Consuming comforting, flavour-rich foods that you love will have a positive impact on mood and emotional wellbeing, helping to alleviate stress, but beyond that, cheese contains casein, a protein known to trigger dopamine production in your brain. So, it’s true – Cheese really does make you smile.

There’s no need to see cheese as the enemy – there’s place for all the foods you enjoy as part of a healthy diet so, if cheese is your go-to comfort food, don’t deny yourself. Whether tucking into a cheeseboard with friends or snacking on a grab-and-go bag of Cheesies, we all need a little delicious pick me up now and then.

Whilst Cheese won’t bring you eternal good health and happiness nor will it cure all ills, it is a nutritious snack that can genuinely support your physical and mental wellbeing. Like all good things, cheese should be consumed in moderation, but this year let’s stop treating cheese as a guilty pleasure and start embracing its many benefits.

Life’s simply too short not to sprinkle some cheese on it.


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About Cheesies:
Scrumptious savoury snack brand, Cheesies, launched in 2019 and was acquired by The Curators in January 2023.

Offering an innovative range of delicious, fridge-free cheese bites, made from nothing but pure, unadulterated, mouthwatering cheeses, Cheesies are baked until crunchy and are the perfect (and one of the only) grab-and-go ambient cheese snacks on the market.

A bold, loud, energetic, fun, playful, cheeky, unapologetic, tasty snack brand that doesn’t take itself too seriously and offers a modern, unstuffy twist on cheese snacking, Cheesies is the one to watch for all cheese lovers.

Cheesies are available in Cheddar, Red Leicester, Goat’s Cheese, Gouda, and Chilli Cheddar varieties. They can currently be found on the shelves at Waitrose, Holland & Barrett, a large number of independent stores, and in the virtual aisles of Ocado, Amazon and the Cheesies website. Cheesies are also available to purchase at 33,000 feet from the High Life shop.

Cheesies can be enjoyed individually – a 20g pack (RRP £1.50) is a daily snack essential – or shared with fellow cheese lovers – the 60g sharing bag (RRP £3.50) is ideal with a glass of wine, beer or cider.

For those that find it too difficult to choose their favourite Cheesies, small and large variety packs, priced at £9.99 and £33.99 respectively can be purchased via Amazon and the Cheesies website.

For more information on Cheesies, visit: