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Top Six Activities Other than Skiing to Try in Switzerland’s Coolest Mountain Resort

Top Six Activities Other than Skiing to Try in Switzerland’s Coolest Mountain Resort
27 February 2024 admin_rooster
  • Paragliding in conditions perfect for beginners or pros
  • Experience a winter wonderland by horse-drawn carriage or walk a lantern-lit path
  • Walk the world’s longest treetop walkway
  • Try your hand at flips and tricks in the Freestyle Academy or taste your way around LAAX

Across the Alps in 2024, unpredictable snow conditions have snow sport lovers checking their weather app daily in the hope their ski trip doesn’t melt away. For those desperate for a snow sure resort this year, LAAX’s 214km of piste are some of the most reliable in Europe, and the resort has created a vast array of activities to enjoy even on light snow days.

Whether their wish is to fly like a bird or experience a winter wonderland by foot (or even horse-drawn carriage), read on for six stand-out, activities one could try at LAAX this winter season.

Paraglide 2,000 meters above sea level

Though paragliding may sound like a daunting activity, it is easy to access at LAAX and free for all guests with a resort pass. LAAX’s Alpine Arena has ideal flying conditions throughout, caused by the dry, relatively warm, downslope wind that occurs in the mountain range. The resort is ideal for first timers in need of an experienced paraglider to steer the way, as well as frequent gliders looking to take to the skies solo year-round. Visitors can soar through mountain peaks between 2,500-3,000 metres above sea level, enjoying picturesque birds-eye views of LAAX. Real thrill seekers can even opt for a ski/fly combo, taking off and ending their paragliding adventure on skis. Guests will need to purchase their winter hiking ticket online and head to Crap Sogn Gion with their paragliding gear for take-off.

Price: Free for those with a resort pass
About: There are two starting points on the Crap Sogn Gion, one marked early and the other moderate. Both start at 2200m above sea level.

Horse-drawn carriage through the forest

After enjoying a walk along the breathtaking Rhine gorge, those looking to add a bit of winter magic to their hike can book for a horse-drawn carriage ride back into the village of Flims. Taking around half an hour, the carriage ride takes you through an untouched forest, which, when the trees are covered in snow, looks like something out of a fairytale.

Price: £36 (CHF 40)per adult, round trip – £18 (CHF 20)per child, round trip – free for children under four
Duration: 45 minutes or 3.7km
Frequency: With pickup points located behind the Flims Waldhaus post office, and at the Restaurant Conn, this service runs three times per day.

Walking LAAX’s lantern lit path

Between 6pm- 9pm from Thursday to Saturday, guests can enjoy a romantic stroll through a path of lanterns in the darkness high in the mountains. Over 300 lanterns illuminate LAAX’s lantern trail, creating a serene and peaceful surrounding to escape the buzz of adrenaline-fuelled activities in the day. This one hour walk spans across a 3.3km distance from Falera to Laax, winding through the iconic snowy landscapes of the Swiss mountains, lit up in the winter night.

Price: Free for everyone.
Duration: 52 minute walk or 3.3km
About: The path is illuminated every Thursday and Saturday from 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Hike the world’s longest treetop walkway

At 1.56km long, weaving amongst the tree top canopy 28m above the ground (that’s almost four double-decker buses), the ‘Senda dil Dragun’, translating to “Path of The Dragon” in the local Romansh language, connects the two areas of Laax Murschetg and Laax Dorf. The pathway has fantastic views of the mountains and many learning stations to encourage travellers to learn about the surrounding ecosystem. The walk culminates in a 73-metre-long spiral slide to bring guests back down to earth.

Price: Approx. £14 (16 CHF) per adult, or £7.20 (8 CHF) per child
Duration: 20 minute walk or 1.56km

Learn flips and tricks at the Kids Freestyle Academy

For snowsports enthusiasts looking to hone their freestyle skills before heading out on the slopes, the Kids Freestyle Academy is the perfect place to do it. The Kids Freestyle Academy has an area for first skate attempts, as well as a playground for jumping, sliding and having fun!

The original Freestyle Academy is currently closed as its permanent home undergoes construction (it left its temporary home in the Circus Tent), and it is set to reopen early summer 2024 and boasts a space to hold 300 freestyle enthusiasts. Dubbed ‘The Cathedral’ this huge underground complex will house a range of trampolines, skate parks, and ramps and much more – perfect for all those training to be the next skateboarding or freestyle ski or snowboarding legend. Children under the age of eight need not wait, however, as the KIDS Freestyle Academy is open.

Price: Kids Freestyle Academy: Approx. £12 (14 CHF)
Open: 9:30 – 18:00
Freestyle Academy ticket prices to be determined once reopened

Hike between dinner courses

Hike from starter, to main course, to dessert on LAAX’s famous culinary trail. Discover traditional local delicacies, such as capuns, pear ravioli, and barley soup, whilst taking in the beautiful natural landscapes and wildlife on this leisurely hike through the snowy forests in the valley.

Price: Approx. £67.15 per person not including drinks (75 CHF)
Duration: About two and a half hours, walking 10km.
About: The winter culinary trails are available from 16 December 2023 to 7 April 2024 everyday other than Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The route starts in Flims Dorf through to Lake Cauma to Conn and finishing at Trin.


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About LAAX, Switzerland:
The region of Flims Laax Falera in the Swiss Alps, only 90 minutes by car from Zurich, is marketed under the brand LAAX. It stands for a unique lifestyle, a wide range of outdoor adventures and impresses with its breath-taking mountain landscape, characterised by natural phenomena. From hiking and biking in summer to skiing and snowboarding in winter – LAAX offers the ideal infrastructure embedded in a unique scenery.

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