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Cruising Myths Debunked

Cruising Myths Debunked
8 January 2024 Samantha Anderson
  • While cruising is projected to grow in 2024, many still opt for a land based holiday*, thinking a cruise sailing is ‘not for them’

  • Ambassador Cruise Line is helping to dispel common myths surrounding cruises holidays so you can find something that ‘floats your boat’

For the land-based traveller, the concept of a cruise holiday is a mystery, often shrouded in misconceptions. From fascination to scepticism, non-cruisers may envision an experience far removed from reality.

Whether for fear of sea sickness or the thought of too much organised fun, many miss out on the unique experience that a cruise holiday offers, simply because they don’t have their facts right.

To bat away misperceptions ‘floating’ around about cruises, Gordon Nardini, Head of Innovation at Ambassador Cruise Line, the premium-value, no-fly cruise line, has compiled a list of the most common cruise myths and debunks them once and for all.

Myth: Cruises are more hassle than flying
Reality: Contrary to popular belief, cruises offer a hassle-free travel experience

Forget bustling through a crowded airport three hours in advance and cramming yourself into an uncomfortable seat with little to no leg room. With a number of operators offering no-fly cruises, you can start your holiday from the minute you leave your house (almost).

Plus, boarding straight onto the ship from various ports across the UK** means the first day of your ‘holiday’ truly feels like a holiday. Rather than enduring a stressful travel day, you can arrive at the port at your allotted time, check through security painlessly, get your bags delivered to your cabin and be onboard eating, watching shows, sharing a drink with friends or sleeping in comfort as you head towards the first destination.

What’s more, on a cruise holiday there are no restrictions on liquids. No more losing your favourite moisturiser or chugging two litres of water as you approach the security check-in.

Myth: Limited Food and Drink options
Reality: Cruise ships are a foodie’s paradise

From gourmet dining to casual buffets, the variety of restaurants on board a cruise ship means guests will always find something they’re in the mood for.

The ease of not having to think about cooking is one of the best parts of a holiday and cruising takes that even further, with delicious dishes to suit all tastes: across the board. From poolside snacking, late-night canapes, fine dining options to buffet-style all-day dining, even the fussiest eater will find something to satisfy their cravings.

And if that wasn’t enough, at each new destination you have the option to hop off and try local cuisine . Whether it’s a creamy pastel de nata in Portugal, a sizzling tagine in Morocco or a fruity spiced rum cake in Barbados, the combination of on and off-board food means you’ll be leaving with a rather full belly at the end of a holiday – but isn’t that what it’s all about?

Myth: Cruises lack privacy
Reality: There are plenty of opportunities to find alone time on a cruise ship

For some, a holiday is a great way to recharge the social battery and spend some quality alone time. From quiet spots around the pool, reading a book in an on-board library to your private balcony, if it’s solitude you’re seeking, cruising has plenty of secluded spots for you to squirrel away, even on small to mid-size ships.

What’s more, cruise cabins are the perfect space to relax and unwind away from the hustle and bustle of. day-to-day life. With the gentle sound of the sea sending you to sleep each night, cruises can be a great space to chill, read a book, meditate or just be alone with your thoughts for a while.

Myth: Motion sickness is inevitable
Reality: Cruise ships are designed to keep you steady, so you can wobble less and wiggle more.

Feeling nauseous is never fun. So, for the sea-sickness sufferers, this worry is understandable – but unlike a dingy or ferry, cruise ships are specially designed to reduce the motion of the waves on board. To assume that because you’ve experienced a somersaulting stomach when journeying across the English Channel on a ferry does not mean the same will happen on a cruise.

What’s more, after a day or two, the majority of cruisers find their sea legs. Bodies are intelligent and extremely adaptable meaning they keep us feeling happy and ready-to-holiday when at sea. And, if worse comes to worse, all cruise ships should have a supply of seasickness remedies onboard…

Myth: Cruises aren’t for me
Reality: Cruises can be tailored to suit every traveller

Holidays at sea offer something for everyone. Whether you’re a solo explorer, an avid adventurer or a couch potato, there’s a cruise experience for you.

The beauty of cruising lies in the freedom to choose: immerse yourself in off-the-beaten-path in-destination adventures, such as exploring Norway’s charming fjords or the walled city of Santiago de Compostela, engage in onboard activities like engaging talks from subject experts, cinema screenings, exercise classes, or craft workshops, or simply unwind in your cabin and enjoy the breathtaking balcony views.

From solo travellers to families, couples or to groups of friends – there’s something on and off board for everyone where nothing is compulsory. Whether you prefer tracksuits and tequilas over ballgowns and bellinis, cruise holidays are catered to you – it’s genuinely a case of ‘whatever floats your boat!


Notes to editors
*About 35.7 million passengers are expected to cruise in 2024, up from 31.5 million in 2023 – which is 6% more than the amount of passengers that set sail in 2019, according to the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA).

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About Ambassador Cruise Line
Ambassador Cruise Line launched in 2021, offering premium-value no-fly cruises to the UK market. Based in Purfleet, Essex, Ambassador provides authentic adult-only experiences combined with a selection of multi-generational itineraries to multiple destinations including the Nordics, Greenland, Iceland, Canada, the Mediterranean, Caribbean and Africa. The cruise line’s first ship, Ambience, entered the fleet in May 2022, operating from her home port of London Tilbury. From the 2023/24 season, guests will sail onboard Ambience as well as Ambassador’s second ship, Ambition, which sailed her maiden voyage in May 2023 and heralds the launch of sailings from eight regional UK ports, Ambassador’s extremely experienced management team is led by Chief Executive Officer, Christian Verhounig, and its principal shareholder is Njord Partners LLP, London. Ambassador is a member of ABTA, the UK’s leading travel trade association widely acknowledged as the mark of trust and reassurance associated with travel brands. Consumer funds are protected by means of a financial failure insurance policy managed by TMU Management Limited and underwritten by Accelerant Insurance Europe SA, who are regulated by the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA 3193). The scheme is fully compliant with the Package Travel and Linked Arrangements Regulations 2018. For more information, visit