Taking a Gap Year? How to Ensure the Most Bang for Your Buck when Working Abroad

Taking a Gap Year? How to Ensure the Most Bang for Your Buck when Working Abroad
29th September 2023 Samantha Anderson

Taking a Gap Year? How to Ensure the Most Bang for Your Buck when Working Abroad

With the cost of living crisis raging on and the job market more competitive than ever – especially for young grads – a working holiday could be the perfect solution for what might feel like a stalemate in your career.

Ella Dagnall, travel expert at JENZA, says: “While a ‘gap year’ might seem like an expensive luxury that takes years of saving and planning to be able to afford, this doesn’t have to be the case. Statistics have shown a steady increase in working gap years, with estimates from 2022 showing 59,300 students took a gap year to work abroad.

“The concept of a working abroad gap year can greatly impact how accessible travel is to youth. Working as you travel is undoubtedly one of the best ways to see the world, meet new people, and experience different cultures.”

Below Ella shares her round-up of the jobs available for young people that will see you travelling the globe and earning a buck or two while you’re at it…


Go to the land down-under, a place that has proven to be a very popular choice for those looking for a year (or three) away from home. Filled with surfers and kangaroos, there’s plenty to see in this country of vast landscapes. For those keen to live in the coastal city of Sydney, jobs in construction could see you earning a considerable buck. Jobs in construction pay around $30 AUD, with some going up to $45 AUD an hour. This is roughly £15.60-23.50 an hour – a steep increase on the UK minimum wage.

If construction isn’t your bag, perhaps a gig in hospitality is the way to go. How does a stint working at Cape Lodge in Margaret River, Western Australia while saving for further Australia adventures sound? Working in this luxury hotel’s private vineyard and getting paid $28 AUD an hour (or about £14.60 an hour) for the pleasure sounds better than a traditional 9-5.


Have you ever seen the Hollywood sign on TV and dreamed of experiencing the ‘American Dream’? Well, this is your chance to live one.

Head to California – the Golden State – and join Summer Camp USA, as a camp counsellor or activity specialist. You’ll be paid $2,000, about £1,646, for doing what you love – from teaching crafts to coaching football – all summer long.

As an added bonus your accommodation and meals are all included giving you the perfect opportunity to save for future adventures as, after camp ends, you’ll have 30 days more on your visa to explore to your hearts content.

New Zealand

A country filled with stunning natural landscapes, from vast mountain ranges to lake-filled valleys, New Zealand is the perfect destination for adventure.

You can take your pick of dreamy locations with Queenstown, Milford Sound, and Christchurch, all options when working for REALNZ. Brits can work in various roles from a sales associate to behind the counter at a café, making $22.70 NZD (or roughly £10.90) as a minimum wage. Even better, you’ll spend all your free time in the places tourists have to pay a pretty penny to enjoy.


Experience life in the Great White North, the land of the exceptionally apologetic people who spend their time up mountains or making (and consuming) maple syrup. Travellers could work in beautiful British Columbia at the Westin Spa & Resort in Whistler, working the front desk and making CAD $20.00 an hour (or ‘aboot’ £12.00).

Or, young Brits could work at the Panorama Mountain Resort and work on activities and events, making CAD $17.00 an hour (or roughly £10.20). Even better, enjoy tons of perks from a free season pass for unlimited mountain access, plus discounted food and use of the pool and facilities.


If you’re interested in experiencing fascinating cultures, mind-boggling scenery and non-stop cities, then a trip to Japan is a must. A feature on many travel bucket lists, those looking to enjoy a working holiday can dust off their passports and head over for a winter season. Ski employers look to hire in June and July ahead of the season starting in November, so this is one to plan ahead.

Work at popular ski resorts, Niseko, Rusutsu, or Furano, and enjoy subsidised staff housing, free or discounted ski lift passes and lessons throughout the Japanese ski season (December to April), making your trip overseas that little bit easier on the purse strings.

JENZA helps arrange flexible working holidays for 18 to 30 somethings and is committed to supporting young people through the entire process. JENZA offers visa assistance, a pre-arranged job, arrival support and access to the JENZA Job Hub for the duration of their experience. Visit the JENZA site for more information on the jobs above.

JENZA offers placements in Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA, find out more about JENZA, visit www.jenza.com


Notes to editors:

  • Statistics found in Ella Dangall’s quote are sources from the UK Government’s research, found here.
  • *Jobs live on the JENZA site at the time of release.

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