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Serene Sophistication: The Art of Quiet Luxury Interiors

Serene Sophistication: The Art of Quiet Luxury Interiors
17 August 2023 Samantha Anderson

Scandi interiors expert shares guide on how to create a timeless, chic and on-trend interior design to herald the new season.

The quiet luxury trend has taken the fashion world by storm and, as often happens, has now begun to trickle into the interiors’ sphere. As we enter the final days of summer there’s no better time to embrace this ‘minimaluxe’ design trend and update your home for the new season and beyond.

Scandi interiors expert at Contura, Catharina Björkman, says: “The quiet luxury trend has many similarities with already popular aesthetics found in Scandi interior design, with a less is more approach, muted colour palette, and emphasis on craftmanship and quality fabrics and furnishings.

“It’s an authentic yet understated approach to interior design and will hold its appeal through time. And, contrary to popular belief, there are simple ways to embrace the trend without needing to completely overhaul your home. It’s not about unbridled opulence and is far from ostentatious; the joy of quiet luxury is that it’s the small details that make up the look as a whole.

“Our homes are our havens – a place to escape the world – which is why opting for a timeless interior aesthetic like quiet luxury is so appealing.”

Read on for Catharina’s guide to achieving your own quiet luxury interior…

Be unique

This trend isn’t about copy and paste interiors but authenticity and quality.

Add charm to a room by sourcing or creating one-of-a-kind furnishings. Take inspiration from Scandi design principles and look to upcycling or statement second-hand finds to add that wow factor that will infuse the room with luxury without going over the top. The bonus is that you will also have a home filled with sustainable pieces.

Examples of items that can be sourced in this way include a beautiful dresser with wood carved detailing for the bedroom, a vintage effect runner rug in the entryway, and a beautiful bar trolley in the living room will add a touch of simple elegance, especially when decorated with stylish second hand glassware. Charity shops and vintage markets and online specialist sites are the perfect places to find such treasures.

Creative colour

As with Scandi design, the interior colour palette should be rooted in nature. Soothing greens, earthy browns, muted greys, and dusty blues are all a great place to start and can be used together to create depth.

Using colour in unique ways is a simple, affordable, yet effective way of adding value to your home. For a high drama look, paint the ceiling the same colour as the walls. Be sure to use a colour that won’t detract from or overwhelm the room; avoid bright and bold hues and instead lean in to muted greens, blues and terracottas to ensure the space remains a place of calm.

Extending the colour onto window frames is also a great way to bring the outdoors in, as your eyeline won’t be broken by separate colours disrupting your view. It’s the straightforward, small tweaks like this that help create the feeling of quiet luxury in any home.

Material world

Emphasis on quality is the basis of the quiet luxury trend.

Focus on high quality natural fibres like cottons, linens and wools but add touches of luxe with silk, boucle and velvet furnishings – blankets, throw cushions, lampshades, curtains etc – dotted around the home. Layering materials in this way will add texture and depth to the space. Whilst the fabrics can vary, it is important that there is a vein of cohesion running though design choices, so make sure the textures and colour palette is complementary to avoid it feeling twee.

For example, heavy velvet curtains that go from ceiling to floor are pure luxury, so make sure to pair with simpler materials within the room to balance this out. A woven rug is a lovely way of adding rustic charm to a room but complement this by adding some silk cushions to your sofa to achieve that much coveted ‘minimaluxe’ look.


Small changes can lift and elevate your home, making it exude luxury from every corner.

Eschew a plain front door; a rich colour will make a bold first impression and set the tone as soon as you, or any guests, enter the house. A deep navy, moss green or stormy grey are all powerful colours without being ostentatious. Brass house numbers also quietly elevate the entrance to your home whilst adding a touch of elegance.

Similarly, painting inner doors in your home will add a sense of harmony throughout. Going for a darker finish rather than the standard white, will emphasise them as features for the eye to be drawn to, making a subtle but impactful statement.

Other easily achievable small details to consider include handles on cupboards and drawers – swap these out for fittings with a more timeless finish in a gold or bronze; curtains – add full length drapes for a more luxury effect; and mirrors – place these strategically around the house to add glamour and make spaces feel larger.

Make a statement

Each room should have something that anchors it and provides a sense of purpose but without overwhelming the space.

For example, a four poster bed is an obvious centre piece to the bedroom. However, to avoid it veering into uber-luxe territory, opt for a natural wood finish with simple lines, rather than ornate carvings. Complete the look with white or neutral toned linen or cotton sheets.

This principle can be incorporated into each room in the home. A velvet sofa in the living room creates a sense of opulence, so pick a classic colour to ensure it remains timeless. Similarly, a woodburning stove is a great statement piece and focal point for the room, but make sure to pair with a simple and chic log store to add that authentic balance.

The goal is to avoid anything looking too polished or perfect, so lean into design choices that excite you whilst making sure to balance the luxe with the laidback in order to create an effortlessly chic ‘quiet luxury’ home.


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