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Dive In. Leak-Free.

Dive In. Leak-Free.
27 June 2023 Samantha Anderson

New WUKA Period Swim Briefs.

Following the sellout-success of the WUKA swimsuit last summer, the pioneering period wear brand is back with new bikini and high waist swim briefs, and flattering one-piece swimsuits in on trend colourways – perfect for the hot summer months.

What’s new?
The original Adult Swim Bikini Brief is now joined by the new Swim High Waist– perfect for creating a supported, deeply flattering silhouette – and the Teen Swim Bikini Brief for growing bodies.

All three styles come in four gorgeous new shades: opulent purple, tennis green, sapphire blue and deep pink. Contemporary, stylish and on trend – it’s time for period products to get colourful.

The new collections are all waterproof, will protect against UV50+ rays and are chlorine-resistant to prevent fading and prolong their use.

Who are they for?

  • Mums who shy away from playing with their kids in the water during family holidays
  • People who lack the confidence to hit the pool – whether it’s due to their period, or other reasons
  • Tweens approaching their first period
  • Regular swimmers that want a more eco-friendly option

Swimming is a fantastic activity to do during your period. Whether you swim to reduce period cramps and soothe the mind, or you’ve set your sights on a gold medal – WUKA period swimwear offers a worry free, leak-free, and comfortable experience whilst also protecting our oceans from menstrual waste.

How does WUKA period swimwear work?
A special aquaphobic outer material is waterproof and keeps pool water out, whilst the highly absorbent built in gusset on the inside, absorbs your flow immediately and locks it in so it can’t seep out.

Easy care
Simply rinse after use, ring out any excess water and pop them in a normal load ( in a mesh wash bag if you can) on a cool wash, with no fabric conditioner. Line dry, and re-use.

What happens to your period in the water?
The myth that water stops your period really ought to be busted by now. Your period does not stop in water. It might not flow as freely (thanks to water pressure forming a kind of seal around your vagina when you’re in the water), but it will still flow, especially when you leave the water, which is when leaks are most likely to occur.

Benefits of WUKA Period Swimwear
Wearing a pair of WUKA swim bikini briefs on lighter days will be enough to keep leaks at bay, so you can focus on your swim – with no strings attached! One of the many benefits of collection is not having to worry about getting Toxic Shock Syndrome from a tampon.

The beautiful UK coastline is getting destroyed by menstrual waste. In fact, in The Marine Conservation Society beach clean-up, 4 pads, panty liners and backing strips were found for every 100m of beach cleaned, along with 1.2 used tampons and applicators. By switching to WUKA Period Swimwear, you help to tackle this pollution and look after the oceans and beaches.

Why WUKA offers more than period swimwear
To celebrate the launch, WUKA has partnered with surf therapy charity The Wave Project and pledges to donate 1% of all sales from the new period swimwear collection to support the charity’s efforts.

WUKA Swimwear completely replaces pads and tampons, is sustainably produced, and adapts to growing bodies, expanding up to three sizes thereby eliminating the need to purchase new sizes so frequently and reducing waste and CO2 emissions. As such, this game-changing innovation within a growing period category will empower the next generation of change-makers to lean into their desire to be less wasteful and help eco- and value-conscious girls and parents to adopt slow-fashion behaviours.

New matching-coloured wet bags for changing at school or when on the go are also available to purchase. Perfect for storing your swimwear from the pool to the beach.

WUKA Period Swimwear – Key Features

  • WUKA reusable period swimsuit for light to medium flow, available from size XXS to 2XL, holding around 15ml of blood, or 2 small tampons worth.
  • WUKA Swim Bikinis £21.99
  • WUKA Swim High Waist Briefs £23.99
  • WUKA Wet Bags (Blue, Red, Black) – RRP: £9.99
  • Made from recycled nylon
  • Soft, Organic, soft & comfy to wear – breathable material that is kind to skin, helping prevent irritation.
  • Available in Light to Medium flow – absorbs up to 2 tampons worth of blood.
  • Sizes Available: up to 4XL
  • Complete replacement for pads and tampons.
  • Easy to use – wear, machine wash, air dry and repeat.

For more information or to purchase WUKA period swimwear or swim briefs, visit:


Note to editors:

  • WUKA Co-Founder, Ruby Raut is available for interview
  • Please contact the WUKA team should you be interested in receiving product samples for review or for competition prizes
  • Support WUKA in its mission to AxePeriodPantTax

For further press information, please contact:
Rebecca Claxton | Anna Nyman | Elsa Findlay | Julie Aguilera Kemp
T: +44 (0)203 440 8930
E: [email protected]

About WUKA
Founded in 2017 by husband and wife team, Ruby Raut and Dave Slocombe, WUKA is the UK’s leading period wear brand and was the first in the UK to produce fully leak-proof reusable period underwear that completely replaces the need for pads and tampons. Just one pair of WUKA period pants can save 200 single-use plastic-riddled disposables from going to landfill or polluting our oceans.

WUKA stands for Wake Up Kick Ass; because nothing should hold women back when on their period. The brand strives to empower the menstruating population, improve access to quality, sustainable period products, eliminate period poverty, and remove period shame and stigma.

Offering a range of award-winning undies to suit different menstrual flows, WUKA period pants hold from two to six tampons worth of period blood; the highest absorbency of any other period products. They are also available in the most extensive range of sizes on the market – from XXS, right up to 6XL.

WUKA also offers period leggings, period sports shorts, period swim bikini briefs, and a number of period accessories and gifts, including a wearable hot water bottle, wash bags, period wellness sets, and starter kits for tweens and teens.

All WUKA products are mindfully created, using the highest quality planet-friendly fabrics, to be both great for the body and good for the environment. From the Better Cotton Initiative, Organic Certified, to Vegan, PETA approved and certified Carbon Neutral+, WUKA underwear is all accredited and designed with the future in mind. Equality, inclusivity, and social & environmental responsibility are at the heart of everything WUKA does.

WUKA is an award-winning business and in 2022 received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Sustainable Development, as well as the Sustainability Entrepreneur of the Year Award, for co-founder Ruby, at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards. In 2023, WUKA became the first reusable period underwear and sportswear brand to be granted B Corporation certification.

WUKA is an official period partner for Wales Women, the Welsh National Rugby team, Watford F.C. Women’s team, London Titans Wheelchair Basketball and the Scottish Gymnastics Association.

WUKA is available in Morrisons, Superdrug, Planet Organic, Urban Outfitters, and a range of independent zero waste and fashion retailers. You can also purchase WUKA products directly online at