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CamperDays’ Guide to Enjoying an Affordable Summer Holiday

CamperDays’ Guide to Enjoying an Affordable Summer Holiday
17 June 2023 Samantha Anderson

Head of CamperDays, Max Schmidt, shares his tips on how to make your budget stretch further this summer.

With summer flights between the UK and Europe 32% more expensive than last year and the school holidays rapidly approaching, it may seem trickier than ever to get a good deal on that all-important summer break.

There are however ways to cut costs on your summer trip, even if you’ve left it to the last minute. Max Schmidt, Chief Adventurer and Co-Head of CamperDays, says, “Despite the cost of living crisis it’s clear that travel is an area that people aren’t willing to scrimp on, as highlighted by our summer bookings which are up 77% year-on-year.

“Summer holidays allow us to unwind, switch off and spend quality time with family, friends and loved ones, whether that’s by heading abroad for sun, sand and sea or staying closer to home with a fun-filled staycation.

“If you are, like me, determined to get that all important summer break booked in ASAP there are ways to ensure you keep your trip as low-cost as possible such as carefully selecting travel dates, getting savvy with your accommodation type and considering some alternative destinations. So, rest assured that there is a holiday to suit every budget.”

Below, Max shares his guide to stretching your budget and enjoying a more affordable summer holiday…

Plan Ahead

When planning your summer holiday book as early as possible to ensure the cheapest rates and ultimately to avoid disappointment. A good rule of thumb is to book at least three months ahead. This is particularly important if you’re wanting to travel in the peak months of July and August.

That said, January is a great time to book your trip as many airlines have sales and you’re early enough to beat the late spring rush to book flights and accommodation in popular summer destinations.

And, if you have a dream destination in mind, it’s helpful to book as early as a year in advance, to ensure best availability and rates on flights and accommodation.

Explore lesser known destinations

There are many destinations equally as beautiful and scenic as the traditional summer hotspots, but without the traditional price tags or abundance of tourists.

If it’s a staycation you’re after, the Northumberland Coast is a fantastic alternative to Cornwall which, in peak season, can be both expensive and extremely crowded. An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the Northumberland Coast shares many common traits with Cornwall, including an expansive beach peppered with famous historical sites, including Bamburgh Castle.

Further afield, if Croatia or Greece is on your bucket list this summer, Albania is a great alternative, offering those crystal waters and beautiful pebbled beaches that its more well-known neighbours are famed for.

In the same thread, if you dream of visiting Santorini or Mykonos but don’t want to break the bank, the islands of Paros, Syros and Milos are equally charming, offering the same beautiful coves and white-washed architecture that has led to tourists visiting the region in droves.

Consider self-catered accommodation

When trying to stretch your budget and plan a more affordable holiday, it’s easy to forget how much money will be spent on food and drink. Staying in a hotel without kitchen facilities means you have to eat every meal out, which can quickly become costly. Instead, consider self-catered accommodation which will allow you to do a big food shop at the beginning of your trip and prepare meals at ‘home’ which will invariably work out much cheaper. Plus, when you do eat out, it will feel like even more of a treat.

If you’d rather avoid cooking on your trip, consider creating a budget tracker, which sets spending goals for each day and will help ensure that you don’t exceed these limits on your travels.

Choose your dates carefully

Typically, setting off on holiday at the weekend is a lot more costly, with Saturdays being the most expensive day for starting a trip to Europe. Where possible, aim for a mid-week start to bring the cost of your holiday down.

The end of the school holidays also tends to be cheaper than the beginning, so if you need to take your trip during school holidays, aim for the last week or so of August, as some pupils may have already returned to school. And, if you don’t have kids wait to travel until September when you can enjoy the late summer sunshine complete with cheaper flights and accommodation, and without the crowds.

Opt for the mainland over islands

While the allure of island life may be strong, you can make your money go a lot further on the mainland, where you’ll benefit from the same beautiful oceans and beaches found on many of the neighbouring islands. If you’re considering the Balearics for example, explore alternative options on mainland Spain, such as the Costa Blanca or the Costa del Sol.

The further inland you travel the more affordable your trip will be, but if you’re desperate for some coastal air head to seaside cities over popular resort towns. And don’t forget that you can always enjoy a daytrip to a nearby resort town or one of the neighbouring islands should you wish.

Consider alternative types of travel

Considering a more unique type of travel is one of the best ways to save the pounds.

A camping or campervanning trip will allow you to experience some of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations all the while avoiding inflated hotel costs from your very own home on wheels. A road trip also means that you’re able to see and enjoy a multitude of destinations, travelling wherever and whenever you wish.

Many campervans come with full kitchen facilities, reducing the need to dine out and allowing you to save money while enjoying beautiful al fresco dining from whichever campsite or natural beauty spot you decide to park up on.
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Notes to Editors:

Head of CamperDays and Chief Adventurer, Max Schmidt, is available for interview or comment upon request.

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