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How to Make Your Scandi Interiors Dreams Come True

How to Make Your Scandi Interiors Dreams Come True
4 April 2023 Samantha Anderson

As we head into renovation season, Scandi interiors expert at Contura shares the must-have features to achieve that coveted Scandi-inspired home style this spring-summer.

Signalling new beginnings and heralding milder weather, spring is the perfect time to refresh your home interiors. For those that are looking to push the boat out a little further this year with slightly bigger renovation projects or installs that fully embrace the simple but striking aesthetic of Scandi home design, this guide is for you.

Catharina Björkman, Scandi interiors expert at Contura woodburning stoves, says “The newness of spring and warmer weather always bring a sense of renewal, inviting us to tackle interiors or renovation projects that we may have been putting off.

“Scandi interiors are all about clean lines, minimalist decor, and natural materials, creating a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere that turns any house into a home. This aesthetic is about combining beauty and function, with each feature having a purpose in the room.

“If you are looking to take the plunge and add some exciting big-ticket Scandi features to your home this year you will benefit from creating a space that is not only beautiful to look at but that fosters calm and relaxation for the whole family too.”

Read on for Catharina’s guide to making your dream Scandi interiors a reality this spring…

Let light flood in

Allowing as much natural light in as possible is a must for Scandi inspired home décor. It’s the most important backdrop for every design choice.

Where possible, enlarge or even add in in extra windows in strategic locations to allow the sunlight to enter every room. For single storey spaces, such as a kitchen extension, or on the top floor of the house, a skylight is a great way to flood the room with natural light during the day.

Windows should have a clean, modern finish, either simple wooden frames in a neutral colour or a crittall effect style, with bold, black metal profiles.

Internal glass doors are also important in allowing natural light to travel from room to room, so consider switching out wooden doors or panels for glass. The strategic placement of large mirrors can also create the effect of increased light by bouncing it around a space.

At night, replicate the softness and texture of natural light by layering light using candles, side and floor lamps, or hanging pendant lights and sconces as opposed to harsher overhead lighting.

Consider what’s under your feet

Scandinavian homes use natural materials in light and bright shades. To max out on this interiors trend, take advantage of one of the largest surface areas in your home – the floor – by laying a light wood flooring; a staple in Scandi homes that gives a warm feel and brings a room together.

There are a few different woods that will create the desired look, but durability should also be a key factor when choosing your flooring. Oak is a great choice for floors in a house with a lot of activity, and can be whitewashed so that it reflects any light coming in. Bleached pine wood is another option to create that light and breezy effect. Sanded and oiled reclaimed boards are the ideal and most sustainable option if you are able to lay these over existing joists.

Traditionally Scandi flooring is made up of wide long boards, which can elongate and elevate the overall feeling of the room. However, more recently, herringbone flooring has become popular, with the zigzag effect adding a simple but striking design element to a room without overpowering it – a Scandi ideal.

Turn up the heat

The goal for Scandi interior design is to combine wellness with aesthetic, and what better way to do this than with a sauna?

The clean, natural lines and smell of the wood, soft lighting and inviting warmth make for a truly indulgent space that transports you far away from the typically grey, chilly British weather, and has a myriad of health benefits, allowing you to sweat out any toxins, relax and disconnect from any stresses.

A seemingly big project, a sauna can be installed fairly simply in either an outdoor or indoor space, so long as there is proper ventilation. It doesn’t need to be huge or fancy, so if you’re considering this Scandi staple just make sure you find a trusted supplier who can help with the installation process.

If your dream is to be able to enjoy a Scandi wellness experience at home then a wood-fired hot tub is a must-have. The wooden clad designs are an aesthetic gain for any garden and have the benefit of running on wood fuel, a more cost efficient option, leaving you free to relax, at one with nature and soak up the vibes under the stars…

A space to escape

Form and function find the perfect marriage in a dreamy reading nook that you will want to spend hours tucked away in.

A nook has the benefit of being a useful storage solution that is also pleasing to look at, so don’t feel it has to be hidden away. Under the stairs, in a living room alcove, in a bay window, or on a landing are all perfect places for this cosy design feature.

Scandi homes are all about understated elegance and simplicity, so avoid adding any extra features and line the shelves only with books and journals. Some tasteful bookends are also allowed! Custom shelving to take advantage of every inch will work best here, creating a seamless effect, whilst also maximising storage space.

For the cosiest and most inviting of spaces, incorporate natural materials – a wooden bench, rattan chairs or cotton armchair complete with sheepskins, blanket and cushions to ensure that discomfort can’t distract you from your tome. And if the nook has space, a built-in wooden chest for even more storage, a side table and a lamp will complete the look and is ready for you to relax with your favourite read and a refreshing drink.

Upgrade the ordinary

Upgrading functional appliances in the home into statement pieces is a great way to anchor your aesthetic and add functional but tangible wow factor.

In the kitchen, an aptly styled large farmhouse sink is the perfect way to inject Scandi chic into the space. Add sleek brass taps and handles to balance the look and keep it on the right side of twee.

Likewise, upcycling old or dated wardrobes, chest of drawers or sideboards can completely transform a space for added impact. And don’t underestimate the hardware – handles and knobs will make all the difference.

If you want to go even bigger and bolder and you have the space, installing a freestanding bathtub into the bedroom is an indulgence like no other. A freestanding copper bathtub with a faucet in a contrasting metal finish is the ultimate Scandi status symbol and will turn your bedroom into your very own spa. Add a simple wooden side table to hold a candle, a plant and a book and a nearby stool or chair made from durable natural material such as wicker, and the scene is complete.

Fire power

No Scandinavian home is complete without the inviting flames and crackling sounds of a woodburning stove, which will provide the ultimate feature whilst also offering a cosy place to unwind and share time with loved ones.

Consider the best space to place your wood burner, as it is a hub for all to gather around. For an open plan kitchen, dining and living room, think of placing the stove in the centre of the room, as a way to break up and zone the space, as well as allowing multiple areas to benefit from the heat.

If your home already has a chimney breast, inserting a compact wood burning stove is a great way to enhance the original features, whilst also creating a more modern aesthetic.

Ultimately, the key for nailing Scandi interiors is to create welcoming spaces that your loved one will want to relax in and will turn your home into a haven.

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