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Keep the Family Entertained this Easter

Keep the Family Entertained this Easter
29 March 2023 Samantha Anderson

Two weeks of kids off school needn’t be a chore nor costly – Contura Lifestyle expert shares guide to enjoying quality time as a family.

With the Easter holidays upon us, parents nationwide will be pondering how to fill two weeks of no school and how best to enjoy some much-needed quality time as a family. The thought of having to keep everyone entertained all at once can sometimes feel overwhelming, but plans don’t need to be elaborate nor expensive. What’s important is the enjoyment and the connections of sharing time and activities together.

Catharina Björkman, lifestyle expert at Contura, says: “Spending time as a family should be fun for all, but too often it feels like a chore, requiring endless planning and buckets of creativity. It really doesn’t have to feel so overwhelming though.

“Whilst it can be tricky to know how to keep the whole family occupied, entertained, and enjoying themselves all at once, the trick is simple: relax and enjoy the process. Scared of baking because you’re not ‘very good’? Avoid crafting or painting because it makes a mess? Your kids won’t really care about the end result of anything and clearing and tidying can be turned into a game to enjoy together. All that’s important is having fun, so remove the pressures and the precision and embrace it all!

“Choose an activity, lean in and enjoy no matter how chaotic it may get!”

Read on for Catharina’s guide to enjoying quality family time this Easter…

Up the ante with your weekly boardgame

Most families love playing boardgames together at the weekend, but why not take it up a notch over the Easter break?

Play a different game each evening throughout the week, allowing the winner to choose a treat or activity for everyone to enjoy the following day. In order to avoid any arguments should one person enjoy a winning streak, give the winner a selection of treats to choose from that you know will appeal to all family members.

Treats could include a favourite meal, the choice of a film for movie night, or selecting a fun daytime activity.

Learn something new

Make use of the wealth of information available online and learn something new as a family.

Illustration tutorials are particularly popular with creative kids – what better way to while away the time than learning to draw your favourite characters?

And there are numerous benefits that come with this creative pursuit – drawing can improve memory, communication skills, fine motor skills, problem-solving skills, and provide some always-welcome stress relief.

Head outdoors

With spring well and truly upon us, there’s no better time to head outdoors to soak up the goodness of nature, even if it is a bit grey or muddy.

Head to a local park, canal, woodland, wetlands, field or coastline and ask kids to make a list of the flora and fauna they spot along the way. You can have fun learning about plants or flowers using one of the many plant identifier apps or looking under rocks for creepy crawlies.

Not only will kids benefit from fresh air, exercise, and learning about the world around them, but time in nature is a proven antidote for stress – it can lower stress hormone levels, boost the immune system, increase self-esteem, reduce anxiety and improve mood. So the hope is that come bedtime, they’ll be worn out and contented!

Create a seasonal wreath

There’s something very special about collecting spring flowers, foliage and twigs to create something that’s only purpose is to be beautiful and spark joy. And creating a seasonal wreath is the perfect activity to enjoy after a nature walk!

Using a moss frame, start by adding fresh spruce or base foliage before adding ‘larger’ ingredients like twigs, feathers, fern or sprigs of common myrtle. Then add the final flourishes – cowslip, wallflowers, bluebells and hyacinth all work well and add a lovely pop of colour. All that’s left to do it attach to your doorframe with ribbon.

Alternatively, if you have younger kids, let them create their own floral arrangements in jam jars. Just as satisfying but less much less effort!

Ready, steady, bake

Baking is a classic for a reason. Kids love getting stuck in in the kitchen and baking allows them to explore and express their creativity with the satisfaction of a delicious reward at the end of it.

If you’re not a confident baker yourself, opt for a straightforward bake like a traybake or fairy cakes, which kids can then go wild decorating with icing, sprinkles, chocolate chips or berries.

They’ll be equally happy creating (and eating) uncooked cookie dough if you really can’t face the faff!

If your child is an able baker, help them to choose a recipe that will challenge them slightly, allowing them to test their skills in a fun, relaxed environment. You could opt for bread, a three-tier sponge cake or a cheesy quiche.

Build a den

The beauty of den building is that kids don’t really care if it’s indoors or outdoors – the activity is just as fun either way – so the unreliable British weather is never an issue!

For the ‘structure’, use chairs, a table, the back of the sofa, a garden bench or a piece of string tied to points around the room or garden. Grab some old bed sheets and clothes pegs and away you go.

Kit your den out with cosy blankets and cushions, twinkling fairy lights and a selection of favourite snacks. Veggie wraps, popcorn, fruit kebabs and chocolate will all go down well.

And don’t forget to get involved too, why not join the kids for story time or to watch a favourite movie on the iPad?

Easter egg hunt

Is it really Easter if you don’t have an Easter egg hunt?

Whilst especially fun for younger kids, the whole family will enjoy getting involved in this festive staple. Rather than hiding larger boxed eggs, buy smaller easter themed eggs and treats that can be hidden around the garden for family members to find. Add cryptic clues to make the scavengers work more for their prizes, or if you’re feeling adventurous, turn it into an obstacle course or fun run. Jumping, hopping, hula hooping, commando crawling and skipping are all encouraged on the quest to find the hidden Easter treats.

However you choose to spend Easter with your family, the golden rule is to always make sure to have fun.

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