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Six Travel Trends from Jules Verne

Six Travel Trends from Jules Verne
1 February 2023 Samantha Anderson
  • Egypt bookings up 600% on 2019

  • Zimbabwe bookings up 330% on 2019

  • Mid-haul is the sweet spot

  • Trip extensions increasingly popular

  • Jules Verne’s Japan trip ticks all the ‘slow travel’ travel boxes

Escorted tour company Jules Verne has seen travel trends change and evolve over more than four decades and is well placed to predict customer behaviour and demand.

Jules Verne’s General Manager Debbie O’Neill says: “Our data is showing further return to pre-pandemic levels of travel this year. Sunshine Saturday was a great day for us but actually, the boom started right at the end of 2022. The period between Christmas and New Year which is traditionally quiet, saw an increase (in bookings) of nearly 400% compared to the same period in 2019.

“We know, however, by speaking to our customers that their appetites have changed. Yes, they are keen to make up for lost years of travel, but time spent away really needs to count. If they are going to book a trip, they want the extra mile of extraordinary, authentic, new experiences.”

Debbie shares her predictions for the coming year:

  • Mid-haul

Across the Middle East and North Africa, Jules Verne has passed 2019 levels for travel in 2023.

The attraction of mid-haul has been amazingly well received. It is far enough away to feel exotic, yet close enough to home to make a short trip. Jules Verne’s best-selling mid-haul destinations are Egypt, Jordan and Tunisia. Egypt is our top-selling destination for 2023 – up nearly 600% on 2019. Jules Verne’s podcast covers Egypt in this episode:

  • Wildlife

Wildlife themes have resonated with Jules Verne travellers, as so many really want to experience a genuine safari style encounter.

Jules Verne’s best-selling wildlife tours are Zimbabwe (up 330% on 2019) and Kenya which has nearly doubled post-pandemic levels.

Also popular are Botswana, Tanzania and Uganda.

  •  Slow travel

Travellers desire immersion; to observe, experience and connect with people, places, wildlife and the natural environment on a deeper level. Taking time to capture the true spirit of the places and people they visit is essential. Jules Verne’s tour of Japan is popular for its immersive focus: Land of the Samurai

  •  Luxury

The highest proportion of travel industry growth is in the luxury sector. In 2023, for many, luxury isn’t just about quality products, it is about a genuine experience and not one associated with mass tourism.

Debbie says: “The industry is evolving and there is lots of talk about the concept of ‘luxury’ being redefined. Travellers are no longer necessarily interested in spending money for the sake of it on 5-star hotels, free-flowing Champagne and upgraded flights. There is now more interest in genuine, personal travel encounters.”

  • Well-being

Many people now adopt wellness as an essential lifestyle value. Travel is associated with maintaining or enhancing one’s personal well-being, which is causing a rising interest in experiential or immersive travel.

Debbie cites Ancient Japan, Land of the Samurai as ‘the most immersive’ of Jules Verne’s tours due to the ‘true insight’ into the history and culture of Japan.

  • Anti-technology

Technology has created an environment where we can connect with amazing places around the globe instantly. Yet that same technology has led to the homogenisation of cities, creating the desire for genuine, locally made, authentic experiences.

Jules Verne’s top destinations for 2023:

Japan. 2023 and 2024 will see massive demand to Japan now that it has at last opened up to travellers. Debbie says: “We are already nearly fully booked for the spring, with some tours available for the autumn.”

India. We have already seen the impact of the e-visa being re-introduced for India. Now that travel to this intoxicating destination is so much simpler, we expect this destination to boom in 2023 and 2024. Debbie says: “We have now seen evidence of this. We’re not quite back to 2019 levels but we’re expecting it to be sitting in the number 1 spot in the not too distant future!”

European favourites. Now they can travel again, many of our regular customers are choosing to revisit some of their favourite destinations with the Italian lakes and Sicily proving to be firm favourites. Our bookings show France, Portugal, Italy, Croatia and Turkey are leading the way for 2023.

To address these hotspot destinations, Debbie says: “We’re working on securing additional dates for best-selling tours and considering new programmes in best-selling destinations.”

Jules Verne’s bestselling tours in 2023 so far:




In addition to witnessing these trends, Jules Verne has also seen a change in booking behaviour in 2023. Debbie says: “We’re seeing late bookings, customers booking more than one holiday in the same call, and extensions are popular too; in particular additional nights pre or post-tour (or both!)” This shows that while travellers are being more conscious of potential health restrictions that could impact early-booked trips, they are craving the feeling of travelling, and it is really great news for the industry.


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