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Sweet and Simple Gestures For ‘All Hearts Day’ – Sweden’s More Inclusive Answer To Valentine’s Day

Sweet and Simple Gestures For ‘All Hearts Day’ – Sweden’s More Inclusive Answer To Valentine’s Day
31 January 2023 Samantha Anderson

Scandi lifestyle expert at Contura reveals why All Hearts Day – alla hjärtans dag – is a more holistic alternative to Valentine’s Day and shares suggestions for loving gestures that will go a long way this 14 February.

As Valentine’s Day – known as All Hearts Day in Sweden – approaches, many of us are beginning to think about how we can show our loved ones that we care.

Lavish romantic displays have increasingly become the norm for Valentine’s Day, but for 2023, in the spirit of judiciousness, inclusivity and authenticity, a return to smaller, more thoughtful gestures for all of those that we hold close will truly tug at heart strings.

All Hearts Day is a celebration of love that goes beyond just our partners and focuses on more wholesome acts of care and kindness that generate the all-important feelings of gratitude and generosity that make the world go round.

Catharina Björkman, Scandi lifestyle expert at Contura, says, “Celebrating All Hearts Day, or alla hjärtans dag, is a relatively modern trend in Sweden, though one that reinforces the traditional Swedish approach to life and love. It’s about celebrating all kinds of love, not just romantic, and is an opportunity to gift sweet treats like pastries and candies to those around you – family, friends, pets, colleagues, and even the wider community.

“It’s easy to get caught up in the idea of grand gestures and feel weighed down by the pressure to buy expensive gifts, but all too often it’s the little things that mean the most – small acts of kindness like waking up to a steaming pot of freshly brewed coffee, sharing a sweet treat with a colleague, or making a nourishing meal for a busy friend.

“So, this All Hearts Day, make sure to put aside time to show your appreciation and love for all the people that you care about.”

Read on for Catharina’s guide to showing you care this All Hearts Day…

Starting sweet

Waking up to a sweet treat is bound to improve anyone’s day!

Prepare a special breakfast of favourite foods for your partner, housemate, parent or child to enjoy in bed. Pancakes, an omelette, or a traditional Scandi pastry like semla or kanelbulle – the original cinnamon buns – make for an indulgent way to start the day.

Alternatively, simply brewing a fresh pot of coffee and letting the aroma waft around the house is undoubtedly the perfect morning pick-me-up and a sure sign that you care!

Love notes

A little message of thanks and appreciation to a loved one can go a long way. In the modern age of social media, it can be as simple as sharing a funny post with a friend to let them know that you’re thinking of them; a sure-fire way to put a smile on anyone’s face.

That said, it’s well worth going old school if you can. A note hidden in a lunchbox, laptop, backpack or book is a great way to spread the love and bring some unexpected joy to someone’s day.

Culinary love

The well-known saying that the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach is no truer than on All Hearts Day.

If you have some spare time or the capacity to double up on portions, a home cooked meal that you know family, friends or even neighbours will love is a practical but no less thoughtful way to show you care. A good roast chicken, veggie stew, hearty soup, or pasta dish will be sure to warm their stomachs and their hearts.

Helping hand

Sometimes, the best way to show your love is by doing something for your loved ones that you know they do not love to do themselves.

For those that you live with, cast your eye about and see if there are any small DIY jobs that need tackling, packages that need to be taken to the post office, any groceries that need to be bought, or food prep you can do for the week.

For neighbours, it could be as simple as taking the bins out for them in the morning, giving them a lift to the train station or, if you’re handy, fixing the latch on their gate.

The look of relief on their face when they see you have ticked off that one task they hate on their to-do list, or that you are willing to help them with something they’re struggling with, will be the only gift you need in return this All Hearts Day.

Listen up

With our busy modern lives, it is easy to rush from one thing to the next and not take time to really sit down and catch up with those that really matter.

This All Hearts Day, make a point of meeting up for a coffee with a friend and asking them what’s new in their lives, or call a family member for a catch up. The important thing is to give your undivided attention, so close down social media and put your notifications on silent to ensure you can have a conversation full of real connection.

Puppy Love

For many brits the most loved person in their lives is a fluffy, four-legged friend. Our pets give us endless love, affection and cuddles, so spoiling them a little is a must!

Surprise your dog with a new chew toy and a walk to that extra muddy puddle they love, create a snuggly pile of blankets in your cat’s favourite sun spot, or simply buy their most loved treat to show them the extra love this All Hearts Day.

Give your time

A beautiful way to send love out into the world this All Heart’s Day is to donate your time to volunteering in your community.

Get involved with a local street clean up, collect old coats and jumpers for those in need, visit elderly residents, or lend a helping hand in a soup kitchen or food bank. There are so many ways to give back, so pick what works for you and get stuck in.

Put yourself first

It is an easy trap to fall into where you are giving to others around you all the time and forget to stop and give back to yourself.

We can’t pour from an empty cup, and everyone deserves to feel love. So, this All Hearts Day make sure to set aside a chunk of time to focus on you. Spend time in a bubble bath with your favourite book, have a solo dance party, or go for a walk with your favourite furry friend – whatever makes you feel great!

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