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New WUKA Teen Stretch™

New WUKA Teen Stretch™
26 January 2023 Samantha Anderson
  • World-First Multi-Size Period Pants That Grow with Girls Through Puberty.

  • Launches with a bold ‘Pay your Age’ pricing campaign.

WUKA (Wake Up Kick Ass) – the UK’s #1 period-proof pants brand – is tackling the ‘growing pains’ associated with first periods with its latest launch, WUKA Teen Stretch™.

Following the sell-out success of WUKA Stretch™ – the world’s first full brief multi-size period pants – last year, WUKA has adapted its patent-pending Stretch™ Technology for new Teen Stretch™, incorporating a narrower gusset for a more snug and comfortable fit for younger growing bodies.

Research by Plan UK has revealed over a third (34%) of girls that miss school due to periods worry about leaking. New Teen Stretch™ offers a multi-size, leak and odour proof period solution for anxious teens and tweens as they navigate the early stages of the menstrual cycle.

Comfort, convenience and guaranteed protection from leaks are, of course, key drivers in period product choice. However, faced with a climate emergency and cost of living crisis, sustainability and cost-effectiveness are also increasingly important period care considerations for today’s tweens, teens, and their parents.

Recent figures show as much as a third of UK women and girls currently experience period poverty as the price of conventional period care continues to rise; a crisis further exacerbated by retailers not passing on government-approved period tax cut savings to consumers.

As for sustainability, results of a customer survey conducted by WUKA last month revealed that the biggest concern for tweens and teens in relation to single-use products is the waste they generate (45%), ahead of reliability and leak protection.

WUKA Teen Stretch™ pants are reusable (lasting up to two years), sustainably produced, and adapt to growing bodies. The pants’ ability to expand up to three sizes eliminates the need to frequently purchase new sizes and reduces production-related waste and CO2 emissions.

This game-changing innovation within the growing reusable period product category serves to empower the next generation of change-makers to lean into their desire to be less wasteful and helps eco- and value-conscious girls and parents to adopt slow-fashion behaviors.

Valid from 26 Jan until 28 Feb 2023, WUKA Teen Stretch™ launches in the UK with a bold ‘Pay Your Age’ campaign, meaning instead of the usual RRP of £18, 16-year-olds, for example, will pay £16 per pair for their first three pairs, whilst 12-year-olds will pay £12 .

Throughout the launch period, all orders of Teen Stretch™ will also qualify for free shipping, further demonstrating the brand’s commitment to making period pants more accessible to all. This offer will be available exclusively at

New matching-coloured wet bags for changing at school or when on the go are also available to purchase alongside WUKA Teen Stretch™, providing ease of use for active teens and tweens and peace of mind for parents keen to instill good long-term habits among their children.

WUKA Teen Stretch™ – Key Features

  • Made with WUKA’s pioneering garment technology – New Stretch™ Tech – Teen Stretch™ briefs grow bi-directionally.
  • Unique inner gusset is part suspended, part attached, enabling it to stretch to fit three sizes,
  • Narrow gusset, designed for tween and teen proportions.
  • Ergonomic in style, the seamless pants are designed to retain a defined shape and silhouette throughout each stage of expansion, achieving a custom fit and feel.
  • Designed for a heavy flow, fully leak-proof and odour-free.
  • Features CoolMax™ Technology fabric in the gusset for fast absorption, fast-drying, odour-protective moisture wicking gusset.
  • Soft, Organic, soft & comfy to wear – breathable material that is kind to skin, helping prevent irritation.
  • Up to 12hr wear – perfect for school, sports, after-school activities and through the night.
  • Available in heavy flow – absorbs up to 4 tampons worth of blood.
  • Available in three colours: Black, Blue & Red
  • Sizes Available: 2XS-S (ages 8-12) and S-L (ages 12-16).
  • Complete replacement for pads and tampons.
  • Easy to use – wear, machine wash, air dry and repeat.
  • WUKA Teen Stretch™ Seamless Pants (Blue, Red, Black) – RRP: £18 (post-launch)
  • WUKA Wet Bags (Blue, Red, Black) – RRP: £9.99

For more information or to purchase WUKA Teen Stretch™, visit:


Note to editors:

  • WUKA Co-Founder, Ruby Raut is available for interview
  • Please contact the WUKA team should you be interested in receiving product samples for review or for competition prizes

For further press information, please contact:
Rebecca Claxton | Anna Nyman | Elsa Findlay | Julie Aguilera Kemp
Rooster PR | T: +44 (0)203 440 8930 | E: [email protected]

About WUKA
WUKA stands for Wake Up Kick Ass; the brand strives to empower anyone that bleeds by improving access to quality, sustainable period products, eliminating period poverty, and breaking the taboos and stigma surrounding periods. Founded in 2017 by Ruby Raut, WUKA was the first in the UK to produce fully leak-proof reusable period underwear that completely replaces the need for single-use pads and tampons. The brand now offers a wide range of award-winning underwear and sportswear to suit different flows, holding up to six tampons worth of period blood; the highest absorbency versus any other period products. The inclusive range offers sizing from XXS, right up to 6XL. From the Better Cotton Initiative, Organic Certified, to Vegan, PETA approved and certified Carbon Neutral+, WUKA underwear is all accredited and designed to be kind to body and planet. WUKA is an award winning business and in 2022 received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Sustainable Development, as well as the Sustainability Entrepreneur of the Year Award, for co-founder Ruby, at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards. WUKA is widely available in the UK including Morrisons, Superdrug, Planet Organic, Urban Outfitters, and independent retailers.

Find out more about WUKA and purchase directly at