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The Ultimate Icelandic Wellness Escape

The Ultimate Icelandic Wellness Escape
11 January 2023 Samantha Anderson

The lead up to spring with cold, dark nights can often feel like a real slog, however this period doesn’t have mean endless weekends in on the sofa with feelings of doom and gloom.

Hvammsvík Hot Springs, Iceland’s newest geothermal spa, offers a host of unique wellness experiences that are perfect for dark winter days and will leave visitors coming away feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to kick start 2023.

Located just 45 minutes from the capital city of Reykjavik, Hvammsvík Hot Springs is a great weekend break option to kick the January blues and get some much needed ‘me time’ after a busy Christmas.

Explore the unbeatable scenery in the Hvalfjörður region

For those looking to escape from reality and enjoy the peaceful stillness of being amongst nature, Hvalfjörður is the place to go. Setting off from Hvammsvik, visitors can take a 3–4-hour hike to the breath-taking Glymur waterfall, one of the post popular attractions in the Whale fjord and the second tallest waterfall in Iceland, falling 190 meters down a steep cliff. The path to reach Glymur will cross over the Botnsá River and through winding paths with beautiful panoramic views of the Icelandic landscape. Totalling around seven kilometres (4.3 miles), a hot soak in the Hvammsvik Hot Springs following, is always recommended.

Take part in Wim Hof Breathwork sessions led by a Medical doctor and Certified Wim Hof Method instructor

Cold water swimming has become increasingly popular in recent years and in turn, Hvammsvik’s are offering visitors the chance to attend an introductory session to the popular Wim Hof Method breathwork and gradual cold exposure. For those who are keen to dive deeper into the technique, Hvammsvik’s Wim Hof Method instructor is fully qualified*, ready to carry out workshops so guests can learn more about the benefits and the fundamentals of the method’s three pillars breathing technique, cold exposure and commitment, followed by the opportunity to put it into practice with a dip in the ocean.

Introductory sessions are free of charge with an admission ticket, whilst workshops begin at £172 (ISK 29,921) and will be held in the nature resort’s barn across selected days.

Bathe in the Hot Springs

The hot springs lie at the heart of Hvammsvik Nature resort; the various sized pools of differing temperatures have been carved from the natural landscapes and into the fjord, offering a unique bathing experience like no other. Heated by a geothermal well on the estate, the hot pools are cooled down by the overflow of the ocean’s waves, bringing the perfect temperature to escape the winter chill and reconnect with nature. With mountain landscapes, black sand beaches and the ocean’s edge surrounding the estate, scenic views of Iceland’s unspoiled nature and wildlife can be admired whilst losing track of time in the hot pools.

Open from 11am to 10 pm every day, admission to the Hvammsvík Hot Springs is approximately £42pp (ISK 6900) on weekdays and £48pp approximately (ISK 7900) on weekends. Guests can book online at www.hvammsví prior to arrival.


Notes to editors:

* Hvammsvik’s Wim Hof Method instructors have received official certification upon completion of attending a programme at

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About Hvammsvík Hot Springs
Hvammsvík Hot Springs is an Icelandic natural geothermal spring that launched in 2022.

Located within a 1,200 acre estate and on the edge of the Hvalfjörður, a 45-minute drive from Reykjavik, Hvammsvík offers visitors a unique bathing experience in the Icelandic wilderness.

With eight different sized hot springs, which have been carved out of the natural geological landscape across various levels, the pools are filled by a geothermal well and the Atlantic Ocean with the tides.

Guests can also enjoy the onsite Bistro & Bar, Stormur, renowned locally for its delicious seafood soup and Alges shots. Additional experiences are available to add on, including paddle boarding, steam baths, Wim Hof breathwork sessions and hiking.

Four, rustic, high-end lodges and farmhouses can be booked for overnight stays of groups between four and nine guests.
For more information, visit: https://hvammsví