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Top Interior Trends for 2023: Barbiecore, 70s Revival and Flawsome

Top Interior Trends for 2023: Barbiecore, 70s Revival and Flawsome
3 January 2023 Samantha Anderson

Style expert at Contura reveals the latest interior trends building momentum for 2023.

With any new year comes the urge to start afresh and finally tackle those tasks we’ve long put off, and this often extends to getting our homes in order too. But once you’ve cleared the clutter, tidied away the piles of laundry and discarded the stack of outdated paperwork and hidden the shoes, how do you land upon the perfect aesthetic for your home?

With so many interior trends continually being lauded as the next big thing, it can be hard to know which style will have longevity whilst creating a pleasurable and practical home environment for you and your family.

Catharina Björkman, style expert at Contura, says: “From Cottagecore to Grandmillennial or Maximalism to Kitschcore, it can seem like there’s a new design trend popping up every day. which can make it tricky to know how to make your home practical, stylish and a true reflection of your personality.

“For 2023 there are three key trends – Barbiecore, 70’s Revival and Flawsome – that we will see permeating homes and social media feeds. Don’t be pressured into thinking you need to strip your home bare in order to create your new dream space, there are some easy ways to embrace each trend without needing to spend a fortune gutting your house.

“The key thing is to embrace an aesthetic that works for you and your lifestyle – all homes need to balance style with comfort and functionality.”

Read on for Catharina’s guide to the top three interior trends to look out for in 2023…


The popularity of the mood boosting Barbiecore trend is undoubtedly rooted in nostalgia, and with so much gloom in today’s world, who can blame anyone for wanting to create a real life dreamhouse for themselves?

Barbiecore is essentially maximalism 2.0, and though the name summons visions of hot-pink-everything, in practice it’s more likely that we’ll see subtle nods to the trend in modern homes, even if some may well go all-out Barbie glam…

Look to the trend as offering a soft, whimsical, ultra-feminine and playful approach to interior design – quirky mirrors, pastel tones, sumptuous textures and opulent knick-knacks are all easy ways to inject the youthful fancy of Barbiecore into your home. And don’t forget to experiment with motifs and prints too – think hearts, flowers and abstract shapes. Whether you go Barbie extreme with bold wallpaper or opt for splashes on soft furnishings is up to you.

If you want to dip your toe into the trend, keep the base of your room neutral and layer up from there. Perhaps some blush pink bedding or a sofa which can be paired with statement home accessories – plant pots, vases, cushions, rugs and photo frames.

70s revival

Another trend rooted in nostalgia, 70s Revival interiors call for earthy tones, patterned wallpaper, geometric shapes, bringing the outdoors in, and the reintroduction of materials like velvet, bamboo and rattan.

Unstructured, soft and relaxed, with touches of art-deco, this trend is about making your home suitable both for comfort and for socialising.

The easiest way to embrace this trend is to introduce an eclectic mix of velvet armchairs, rattan furniture, mushroom lamps, quirky knick-knacks, and the all-important retro drinks trolley. And don’t forget the importance of the humble houseplant, which really rose in popularity in the 1970s – pothoses, spider plants, ferns, ficuses and snake plants will all help you achieve the right 70s vibe.

If you want to go all out, invest in a dimmer switch, which will allow you to re-create the mood lighting synonymous with the era.


A trend that celebrates individualism with an understanding of the importance of sustainability – what’s not to love?

Flawsome promotes the idea that all materials and objects can be repurposed to create a unique home filled with upcycled gems, second-hand finds and a whole lot of personality.

The key to nailing this trend is simply to champion objects and furniture that you love. Combine an antique dresser with a colourful modern rug, partner a vintage lacquer box with a modern vase, or house your favourite books in an upcycled bookcase.

Whilst you don’t have to purchase items second-hand, there’s an added level of pleasure knowing you’ve saved an object you covet from landfill and, more than likely, at a discounted price too.

If you’re unsure where to start, look to car boot sales, antique stores, charity shops community marketplaces, and not forgetting speciality markets like antique rug sales, which are a pound to a penny in the UK.

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