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Veganism and the Menstrual Cycle

Veganism and the Menstrual Cycle
21 December 2022 Samantha Anderson

WUKA menstrual lifestyle expert shares complete guide to veganism and the menstrual cycle.

The menstrual cycle can be impacted by any lifestyle change, whether that be diet, sleep, or exercise. With Veganuary on the horizon and over half a million people expected to take part, it’s wise for women to understand how changing their diet could impact their health.

Ruby Raut, menstrual lifestyle expert at pioneering reusable period product brand, WUKA, says: “With an ever-growing awareness of the multiple benefits of embracing a plant-based diet, Veganuary is an increasingly popular annual event, however, many women are unaware of the impact that a change in diet can have on menstrual health, so if you are considering switching to veganism, it’s important to be informed.

“Our hormones, and subsequently our cycle, can be affected by a range of different foods. As such, almost any change to diet could throw our hormones out of balance and contribute to an irregular cycle.

“By eating a well-balanced diet that includes plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, soy products, nuts and seeds, we can ensure we’re providing our body with all of the vitamins and minerals needed to maintain a regular, healthy cycle.”

Read on for Ruby’s complete guide to veganism and the menstrual cycle…

Will a plant-based diet really impact my menstrual health?

As with any change in diet, you need to give additional thought to the variety of foods you’re eating to ensure you are giving your body the right amounts of vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Whether vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian or flexitarian, balance and moderation is key. So long as you continue to ensure a varied diet, going plant-based shouldn’t impact your periods.

What’s the deal with iron?

One of the most important minerals associated with a healthy menstrual cycle is iron, with one of the greatest and most widely known sources of iron being red meat.

Found in red blood cells, iron enables the body to carry out several different functions, helping our muscles, brain and immune system work correctly. A shortage of iron can lead to the onset of anaemia, which can leave you feeling weak and fatigued.

When menstruating, a person loses iron-rich blood, which, combined with a further lack of iron from meat products, can contribute to increased severity of anaemia.

To ensure a healthy intake of iron as part of a vegan diet, you will need to incorporate plenty of iron-rich foods. Make sure you stock up on recipes with the following as your hero ingredients: beans such as kidney beans, edamame beans and chickpeas, nuts, dried fruit, tofu, and dark leafy greens. Fortified breakfast cereals can also be great sources of iron.

It’s important to note that iron found in plant-based foods is not as easily absorbed by the body as that found in red meat, so combine iron-rich foods with foods rich in Vitamin C, which helps the body better absorb the mineral.

So, can I be vegan and have healthy periods?

So long as you’re enjoying a balanced and varied diet, it’s absolutely possible to experience healthy periods on a vegan diet. In fact, there may even be benefits – some people report a reduction in PMS symptoms as a result of the absence of dairy.

As with any lifestyle change, so long as you listen to your body and ensure you’re giving yourself the vitamins and minerals needed to enjoy good health, you can have a healthy period. And if you do notice any major changes in your menstrual cycle, it’s worth consulting with your GP just to be on the safe side.

Is there anything else I should know?

Veganism is more than just a change in diet; it’s a lifestyle, and as such, affects choices in all areas – food, drink, clothing, cosmetics, toiletries, and more, so it’s worth considering other ways you can enjoy being vegan.

Many conventional period products for example, aren’t vegan. Some tampons are tested on animals – particularly on rabbits and baboons – to assess a products durability and side effects.

Not only this, but the environmental impact of single-use period products is often overlooked. Disposable period pads contain up to 90% plastic and two billion menstrual items are flushed down Britain’s toilets every year, polluting our oceans and harming marine wildlife.

Consider reusable menstrual products. Menstrual cups, material pads and period pants, ensure your period products are made from sustainable materials and responsibly sourced. These products tackle the problem of waste and its environmental impact and will ensure your period is 100% vegan and cruelty free.

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