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Borrow A Boat Group Announces US Acquisition at Annapolis Boat Shows

Borrow A Boat Group Announces US Acquisition at Annapolis Boat Shows
26 September 2022 Samantha Anderson
  • Borrow A Boat Group acquires US company KellyBoat
  • Leading boat hire and yacht charter marketplace will be attending The United States Powerboat Show & United States Sailboat Show in Annapolis

Leading boat rental and yacht charter marketplace, Borrow A Boat, announces the acquisition of peer-to-peer charter platform KellyBoat, establishing themselves firmly within the US, with an in-person office to better serve their fastest-growing customer base.

The acquisition of KellyBoat will continue with our growth strategy in the US which to date is the fastest growing market for the company. Boat hires will be focussed on New England and Palm Beach, and with exciting expansion plans in Q4 and beyond.

Kellyboat was founded by Kelly Lyden, who grew up in New England and has a lifelong passion for the sea, and a background in law and insurance. Kelly uses her skills and her impressive network of contacts to create unforgettable experiences for clients, delivering a safe, personalised, and fun experience for boat owners and guests alike.

Borrow A Boat prides itself on managing an extensive platform of yachts & boats in sought after sailing regions, and Kelly’s expertise will allow them to add even more vessels in New York, Chesapeake Bay, Cape Cod, Rhode Island, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami, plus the Great Lakes.

Borrow A Boat will be attending both the United States Powerboat Show and United States Sailboat Show in Annapolis celebrating the success of a US launch as well as accelerating growth and revenues across the globe.

Kelly Shea Lyden Founder of KellyBoat says “Borrow A Boat has been recognized as a fast moving, innovative leader in the global boat hire market. As its first US acquisition, we’re excited to bring their boundless energy and successful technology to the US market.

“I am thrilled to be joining Borrow a Boat’s growing family of boating businesses and to work with this impressive team. It was clear to me from our first conversations that we share a vision of presenting the very best boating options available to everyone, everywhere.”

Matt Ovenden, Founder & CEO of Borrow A Boat, says, “The combination of Kelly’s local knowledge and our technology gives us a powerful platform to grow in the US, and we have aggressive growth targets as we see it as a key market for Borrow a Boat. Since launching in America last year, we’ve experienced unrivalled interest from the US boating audience who have well and truly got on board with the Borrow A Boat offering, enabling it to become one of our fastest growing markets worldwide.”

“We’re proud to be celebrating this achievement at the Annapolis Boat Shows. We’re now looking toward the future of our US foothold, including further plans for expansion, and eyeing up additional acquisitions.”

Customers can choose from a variety of vessels, including sailboats, motorboats, riverboats, RIBs, catamarans, gulets, luxury yachts and superyachts. Thanks to the wide variety of boats available, clients can be assured they are receiving a prime selection at the most competitive prices.

Annapolis Harbour, MD will be hosting two iconic boat shows, the United States Powerboat Show (October 6-9) and the United States Sailboat Show (October 13-17). This year, in addition to celebrating the return of international travel, the Annapolis Boat Shows will mark the 50th anniversary of the United States Powerboat Show.

For more information on Borrow A Boat, visit
For More information about KellyBoat, visit


Join Borrow A Boat at Annapolis Boat Show for the following dates:

  • United States Powerboat Show 6-9 October: Tent D 92, Tent D 93
  • United States Sailboat Show 13-17 October: Tent VB 12, Tent VB 13

The Borrow A Boat team look forward to several exciting new announcements following a year of accelerating growth and revenues in 2022.

Visiting media are invited to meet Peter Harrison, Sales Director at Borrow a Boat and Kelly Shea Lydon, Founder of KellyBoat to find out about the latest developments.

To arrange an interview with our leaders or for further press information please contact: [email protected]

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  • Borrow A Boat CEO, Matt Ovenden, is available for interview or comment upon request.

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About Borrow A Boat:
Launched by serial entrepreneur Matt Ovenden in 2017, Borrow A Boat is on a mission to make boating more accessible, affordable, flexible, and inclusive for all through both traditional yacht charter companies and peer-to-peer yacht charter. Peer-to-peer charter enabling boat owners to offset the high costs of boat ownership by reducing maintenance costs and marina fees, whilst offering consumers more affordable and flexible boating experiences.

With access to over 45,000 boat rentals and yacht charters available in 65+ countries including the UK, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, North America, and South East Asia, Borrow A Boat is the leading yacht charter marketplace.

Borrow A Boat facilitates sailing yachts from £1,000 per week and luxury motorboats and superyachts, under Borrow A Boat Plus, from approximately £10,000 per week.

Boats of all types are available for rental, including sailboats, motorboats, riverboats, RIBs, catamarans, gulets, superyachts and luxury yacht charters. Customers can choose a boat with or without a skipper, depending on their sailing experience.

All boats meet the stringent safety and insurance codes, standards, and regulations for yacht chartering in their respective locations.

For more information, or to make a booking, visit the website

About Borrow A Boat Group:
Borrow A Boat Group is now the fastest-growing boat charter group in the UK, consisting of several brands and platforms including: the Borrow A Boat platform – an open boating platform for boats of all sorts for charter, with over 45,000 listings, Helm – a curated marketplace of premium charter holidays, and Barqo – the leading Dutch boating marketplace.

Borrow A Boat Group is growing on multiple fronts and in multiple countries, with an active presence in: UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands and France, and boats for charter in more than 65 countries.