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Hit the Road and Enjoy the World’s Best Waves

Hit the Road and Enjoy the World’s Best Waves
15 June 2022 Samantha Anderson

Head of Wanderlust at Camptoo, Ed Bassett shares his top spots to enjoy some of the world’s best surf.

With travellers seeking new and exciting ways to travel post-pandemic, surf tourism is on the rise, with the global market for surfing projected to reach a size of $4.6 Billion by 2026(1). And it’s no wonder – surfing promises adrenaline pumping thrills, and is the perfect way to get out into nature and reconnect with the great outdoors.

Ed Bassett, Head of Wanderlust at – the Airbnb of campervans – says, “Surf tourism is a growing market for good reason. Since the pandemic, the appetite for adventure-led holidays has grown exponentially, and what’s more thrilling than getting out onto the open water and riding the waves?

“Aside from the endorphin boost, the appeal of surfing isn’t just the activity itself, but the lifestyle that comes with it. The van life and surf community are inextricably linked – think a carefree existence of chasing the sun, bronzed skin, salty hair, beers and BBQs with new friends, and putting your head down in your very own hotel on wheels.

“What could be better than visiting some of the world’s most spectacular beaches whilst enjoying the unique pleasures of #VanLife?”

Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or keen to try your hand at something new this summer, read on for Ed’s round-up of the best places to enjoy surfing across the globe…

Hossegor, France

A notorious surf hotspot, Hossegor lies at the epicentre of the 230km coastline of the Cote d’Argent, the longest uninterrupted stretch of sandy beach found in Europe.

A deep-water canyon focuses and then retracts the ocean swells of Hossegor, which forms sandbars that are famed for world-class beach breaks. These exceptionally powerful, hollow waves attract surfers from all over the globe who are keen to ride these perfect peaks.

Due to large currents and extreme wind exposure, this spot is better suited to more experienced surfers, who can expect swells of up to 15 ft.

Gold Coast, Australia

Offering around 70km of beaches and four incredible point breaks, the Gold Coast is a year-round paradise for sun, sea and surf. Of the Gold Coast beaches, the aptly named ‘Surfers Paradise Beach’ is most famed for its surf offering. At the centre of the action, this beach is fantastic for surfers of all levels, with boards for hire and surf lessons available to enjoy on the 2km of rolling surf.

When the sun goes down, Surfers Paradise Beach remains a hive of activity, offering its visitors incredible al fresco dining, bustling night markets and plenty of campervan parks to set up in for the night.

Mundaka, Spain

Nestled within the Basque Country in Northern Spain, Mundaka has been a famed hotspot for surfing holidays for more than 45 years. Situated just 25km from Bilbao airport, the coast is great for road-trippers as it’s easily accessible by car and campervan, with the BI-631 road leading you directly to the picturesque small fishing town.

The waves at Mundaka are best suited for intermediate surfers who want a challenge. Mundaka offers a dream-like surf more than 200 metres in length and perfect barrel sections, due to its left-hand sandbank situated just off a river mouth.

Peniche, Portugal

Supertubos, home to Portugal’s biggest surf competition – the Rip Curl Pro – is an open unprotected beach break, boasting waves of up to 20 feet and a place where the world’s best surfers compete. Even if you aren’t a pro surfer, Peniche features a number of beautiful long sandy beaches with surf catering for everyone.

Come nightfall make the most of Peniche’s status as a fishing port and enjoy a BBQ with delicious fresh seafood and fish.

Portugal is a hot travel destination for those thinking of their pockets as it’s a relatively affordable place to travel in compared to neighbouring countries with some incredible coastal road trips.

Croyde Beach, England

An idyllic spot in Devon, Croyde Beach is said to be one of the best surfing beaches in the world and proves that you don’t have to travel too far from home for amazing surf. Think west-facing beach breaks and fable low tide barrels that combine to create the perfect wave. The beach is surrounded by picturesque sand dunes, rock pools and public footpaths for the days where the waves get a little too rough.

If you’re new to surfing or feeling a bit rusty, Croyde Beach offers incredible surf packages, where you can get access to lessons, all the gear, and fireside dinners for the whole weekend, making for a great weekend break.

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