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Flex Your Flow: WUKA Flex Launch Marks Yet Another World First for UK Period Pant Brand

Flex Your Flow: WUKA Flex Launch Marks Yet Another World First for UK Period Pant Brand
27 May 2022 Samantha Anderson

Pioneering reusable period product brand WUKA continues to reinvent period pants with yet another innovative launch. WUKA Flex is the world’s first adjustable period pants.

Ever been on a long-haul flight and needed to change your period pants pronto? Perhaps your work calendar is full of meetings with only a quick toilet break? Are you a teacher and can’t leave the classroom for too long? Maybe you’re on your period at a festival with only a small portaloo to change in. Does your size fluctuate from month to month? Are you a parent of a growing tween or teen and have to update the wardrobe constantly? Or what if your sister/mum/cousin/friend is visiting and hasn’t packed their period pants? Or is it just really tricky finding the right sized period pants for you?

The world’s first adjustable and detachable period pants are here to make life on your period easier. The most flexible and convenient period pant solution yet, with detachable clasps and adjustable straps, WUKA Flex has been designed to allow you to quickly change your period pants without the need to undress, whatever your location or lifestyle, and also adapts to a changing body, eliminating the need to invest in multiple sizes.

Priced from £15.99 per pair and available in bikini-style, WUKA Flex comes in two designs: one with a detachable strap made with super soft sustainably sourced BCI cotton, and one with featuring the signature WUKA logo on a non-detachable strap and made with sustainable organic cotton. Both styles cater for medium and heavy flows (1).

Both designs come in two adjustable size ranges, covering four sizes each and eight in total: XS-L and XL-4XL. Never has it been easier to get your size right!

Key features of the WUKA Flex:

  • Side sliders for a perfect customisable fit
  • Ideal for growing teens, changing bodies and those that experience bloating
  • Detachable side clasps for those with limited mobility or people on the go – easily changeable in small public toilets, between meetings, at festivals, when travelling or for those with disabilities or being cared for by others (WUKA Flex detachable style only)
  • Period proof underwear, completely replacing the need for disposable pads, tampons and pantyliners
  • Absorbent gusset that wicks away period blood, removes the risk of leaks and eliminates odour
  • Wear for up to 8 hours at a time
  • Free from toxins and nasty chemicals
  • Quick drying
  • Pack away, wear, change, wash and reuse!
  • 1 pair = less waste, more comfort and less production


Notes to editors:

  • (1) On average, one medium flow pair of period pants can last up to 8 hours, equivalent to 2-3 pads or 3 tampons worth of period blood.
  • WUKA Co-Founder, Ruby Raut, is available for interview.
  • Please contact us should you be interested in receiving product samples for review or for competition prizes.
  • For more information on WUKA, visit

For further press information, please contact:
Anna Nyman | Elsa Findlay | Julie Aguilera Kemp
Rooster PR
T: +44 (0)20 3440 8930
E: [email protected]

About WUKA
Founded in 2017 by husband and wife team, Ruby Raut and Dave Slocombe, WUKA is the UK’s leading period wear brand and was the first in the UK to produce fully leak-proof reusable period underwear that completely replaces the need for pads and tampons. Just one pair of WUKA period pants can save 200 single-use plastic-riddled disposables from going to landfill or polluting our oceans.

WUKA stands for Wake Up Kick Ass; because nothing should hold women back when on their period. The brand strives to empower the menstruating population, improve access to quality, sustainable period products, eliminate period poverty, and remove period shame and stigma.

Offering a range of award-winning undies to suit different menstrual flows, WUKA period pants hold up to 12 tampons worth of period blood; the highest absorbency of any other period products. They are also available in the most extensive range of sizes on the market – from XXS, right up to 6XL.

WUKA also offers period leggings, period sports shorts, period swim bikini briefs, a period swimsuit and a number of period accessories and gifts, including a wearable hot water bottle, wash bags, period wellness sets, and starter kits for tweens and teens.

All WUKA products are mindfully created, using the highest quality planet-friendly fabrics, to be both great for the body and good for the environment. From the Better Cotton Initiative, Organic Certified, to Vegan, PETA approved and certified Carbon Neutral+, WUKA underwear is all accredited and designed with the future in mind. Equality, inclusivity, and social & environmental responsibility are at the heart of everything WUKA does.

WUKA is available in Morrisons, Superdrug, Planet Organic, Urban Outfitters, and a range of independent zero waste and fashion retailers. You can also purchase WUKA products direct from the WUKA website.

Follow WUKA on Instagram: @wukawear