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The Future of Fundraising: Groovy Gecko Launches Champion Your Charity Competition

The Future of Fundraising: Groovy Gecko Launches Champion Your Charity Competition
9 May 2022 Samantha Anderson

The campaign will support one UK not-for-profit with a fully managed and produced fundraising event, courtesy of Groovy Gecko.

Award-winning livestreaming expert, Groovy Gecko, is offering one UK charity the chance to win a livestreamed fundraising event worth up to £7,500 in production fees with their Champion Your Charity campaign. Applications are now open to UK charities looking to elevate their current fundraising activities and approach, with Groovy Gecko providing expert advice every step of the way.

The winning charity will not only benefit from a fully project-managed and produced online event either via their own social pages or a bespoke platform, but will also be able to pick up tricks of the trade to help future-proof their fundraising strategy. Charities are encouraged to enter now here:

Livestreamed and online fundraising events have helped many charities engage with key audiences to generate much-needed funds, including to meet the need for quick humanitarian relief in Ukraine, most recently with the DEC’s Concert for Ukraine – featuring performances by Ed Sheeran and Camila Cabello, and raising £13.4m for the cause.

Jake Ward, Business Development Director at Groovy Gecko, says “At Groovy Gecko, we are keen to help the charity sector at a time where humanitarian aid and philanthropic support is so needed. We understand that funds for events and promotion may not be accessible for all charities – and that getting the same exposure as bigger names in the sector can be a struggle. “We want to help by kick-starting one charity’s journey into livestreaming in order to widen their audience and ramp up donations. Our hope is to create a special event that reaches the charity’s key audience in a new way, helping the fundraising team reach their donation targets and understand the value a live streaming strategy could have for them.”

Why livestream?

Live fundraising events are key to staying relevant and increasing reach among digital-native generations. Some charities might assume that hosting a livestreamed fundraiser is out of reach – however virtual events can be far more cost-effective than in-person galas and lavish events, sparing organisers the cost of both a physical venue and travel eliminating the cap of attendees.

Millennials make up the largest portion of weekly charity donors, [1] while Gen Z is the most video-driven generation yet – spending 4.5 hours on social media every day.[2] The future of fundraising is without a doubt digital, and Groovy Gecko wants to support smaller charities that don’t necessarily have the marketing teams and funds that will enable them to keep up.

Most livestreaming platforms – Twitch, YouTube Live, Instagram Live – now offer features that allow viewers to donate to non-profits while enjoying a stream of live content. For something more bespoke, there are a number of platforms that enable a fully customised experience – such as Groovy Gecko’s interactive online platform, EckoEnterprise, where users can experience a bespoke virtual event in a fully-branded website environment.

Working with influencers and celebrity hosts, charities can tell their story and raise funds while creating an exciting event that appeals to younger generations, with opportunities for multi-channel engagement between hosts and viewers.

The pandemic saw charitable donations through streaming platforms increase significantly, with donations via Twitch growing by 70%, reaching $83 million by the end of 2020.[3] A successful example was for Cancer Research UK, who opted for a pandemic-proof livestream fundraiser in 2020, attracting over 260,000 viewers with its first-of-its-kind fundraising event Race for Life at Home – where participants could take part in live workout events, share heartfelt stories, and interact through a live comment feed.

By launching the Champion Your Charity competition, Groovy Gecko hopes to share its expertise with a charity, to not only help them raise money now, but to provide the training and tools that will equip them for successful fundraising events in the future.

How to enter:

Charities should submit their entry on the Groovy Gecko Champion Your Charity competition page , concisely outlining their goals and objectives for their event if they are to win, as well as information about the charity. Entries close on 30 June 2022. Charities from all different sectors are welcome to participate – from medical research organisations to homeless services, to wildlife conservation charities. Independent judge Rob Davanell, Client Support Lead at Fat Beehive, along with Groovy Gecko CEO Craig Moehl and Project Manager Team Leader Isabelle Brown-Bayliss, will select and announce the winner in July. The chosen charity will win a production and live stream package worth up to £7,500, which covers event management in the lead up to the event, as well as production and technical management on the day of the event.


Note to Editors:

  • [1] High Life North, Millennials are more charitable than any other generation, 14th October 2021
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  • [3] Forbes, $83M+ Raised And Counting In 2020: Are Twitch Streamers The New Philanthropists?, 18th December 2020
  • Jake Ward, Business Development Director at Groovy Gecko, is available for comment or interviews upon request.

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