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Cottagecore Styling: Live Out Your Interiors Fantasy this Spring

Cottagecore Styling: Live Out Your Interiors Fantasy this Spring
21 March 2022 James Brooke

Contura lifestyle expert shares guide to embracing the quaint and cosy cottagecore trend this spring.

Interior trends come and go, so when one lasts for more than a season you know it’s one to consider adopting in your own home. Cottagecore is one such trend. Aesthetically speaking, cottagecore is a combination of the romantic, whimsical and nostalgic – think traditional English countryside cottage.

With the emergence of the spring sunshine, there’s never been a better time to embrace this quaint interiors style to spruce up your home for the new season..

Catharina Björkman, lifestyle expert at Swedish wood burning stove brand, Contura, says: “Our home is our sanctuary, a place to find peace, calm and to rest and recharge away from the stresses of the day-to-day. Embracing the cottagecore aesthetic is the perfect way to ensure your home becomes a sanctuary of light and frivolity; a place to reconnect with nature and a space of rest not only for our bodies but for our minds too.

“Think comfort and cosiness against a backdrop of blush pinks, muted yellows and warm whites, rustic wooden flooring, vintage furniture, and fresh blooms permanently on display.

“By taking the whimsical nature of the cottagecore trend and combining it with evergreen design elements, you can create a truly beautiful and inviting home – your very own countryside cottage in which to escape from the outside world.”

Read on for Catharina’s guide to embracing cottagecore at home; whether it’s a small nod to the trend or full-on romanticism…

Rustic chic

The goal for cottagecore is to achieve the look of an English countryside cottage, a romantic throwback to a time of simple living and a greater connection with nature.

Utilising natural materials in the home, as opposed to more modern or mass-produced materials and/or furniture, is a simple way to reinforce this connection with nature whilst giving a nod to rustic living.

If you want to purchase something new, or need a piece made to fit a certain space in your home, work with a carpenter who is able to use reclaimed wood to create something useful, purposeful and completely unique. Otherwise, start browsing local markets and charity shops for second-hand or vintage gems.

Other natural materials such as wicker and wool are perfect for attaining the cottagecore aesthetic. Dot an array of storage baskets, lampshades and boxes filled with cosy woollen blankets throughout your home.

Try not to be too uniform in your choices, cottagecore is more about a curating an eclectic range of pieces, so do your research before purchasing anything new for your home. Browse second-hand stores, charity shops, markets, and speak to directly to makers to find beautiful and distinctive items to fill your home with.

Embrace pastel hues

Soft, pastel tones are key to this aesthetic and including these hues around the home is an easy way to capture the essence of cottagecore.

Refresh your home for spring (and beyond) by upcycling wooden cabinets or bookcases with gentle blush, wistful baby blue, or soft mint tones, which will brighten and lift the whole space. For a more subtle touch, incorporate these colours into soft furnishings such as throws, cushions, bedding and tablecloths throughout the home.

Finally, create a soft glow – similar to the light on a slow summer’s evening – by utilising floor, wall lamps, fairy lights and candles, instead of relying on harsh ceiling lights. Using a collection of softer lighting options will create a more natural light and will provide the all-important elements of layers, warmth and texture.

Nostalgic patterns

Embracing pattern in your home is a great way to micro-dose the cottagecore trend.

Gingham tablecloths or curtains will add a classic country cottage feel to your space – just be sure to keep it to one or two items to stop your home from looking too twee. Floral and polka dots are another way to add charm to furnishings. Think pattered cushions, tablecloths and lampshades.

Antique-look rugs are another way of building pattern into your spaces and can offer a strong base to add other pieces.

If you want to channel the look in a more understated way, use fabrics of different textures to create the illusion of pattern in a room without the overt design. Layering fabrics through curtains, throws, cushions and rugs adds dimension to a room, creating visual and physical contrasts as well as that all-important cosy factor. Tweed makes for a chic addition, whilst balancing chunky knits with finer weaves creates a nice contrast. For the spring-summer months, lighter cottons and linens are ideal as they won’t make the space feel too heavy.

Decorating with well-chosen patterned knick-knacks like vases, artworks and photo frames can create the semblance of depth and help pull together all elements of the space.

Forever flowers

Fresh blooms are always a lovely way to add scent and colour to a space. Wildflowers are a staple of cottagecore, but any flowers you like or have to hand will work. The key is how you display your flowers. Try not to arrange them in an overly uniform way. Mix and match your bunches across multiple different vases rather than simply displaying in one and don’t be afraid to present any with broken stems in a small bud vase instead.

If you struggle with the upkeep of fresh flowers, try drying your favourite bunch before displaying, which will add a rustic charm to the room. Simply hang the bunch of flowers upside down to airdry over a week in a cool, dry space. Once the blooms have lost their moisture you can either arrange them in a vase with their stems attached or just keep the head of the flowers and stack in a clear glass bowl for a more contemporary look.

However you choose to incorporate the cottagecore trend in your home, the result will be a fresh, cosy and beautiful space to enjoy with loved ones this spring.

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