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Self Care Week: Digital Detox will do Wonders for Your Wellbeing

Self Care Week: Digital Detox will do Wonders for Your Wellbeing
26 October 2021 James Brooke

Yonder wellbeing expert, Suzy Reading, highlights the importance of ditching the tech to boost health and wellbeing ahead of Self Care Week this November.

For Self Care Week this November (15th – 21st), Yonder explores the impact technology can have on health, mood, productivity and stress levels.

The benefits of enjoying frequent digital detoxes are many – from reducing stress levels and boosting concentration and focus, to improving quality of sleep or enhancing emotional wellbeing. And whilst a regular retreat to nature leaving all screens behind is an ideal solution, there are also a number of smaller ‘micro-moments’ we can turn to in our day-to-day life. wellbeing expert and chartered psychologist, Suzy Reading, says: “In today’s modern world – and especially with work-home lines blurred through the pandemic – we feel compelled to be ‘always on’, with the ever presence of our beloved tech only exacerbating the issue.

“It’s easy to become overly attached to devices – they permeate not just our work life but our down time and social life – but this can cause real fatigue and sensory overload. When tech starts impacting our ability to relax or sleep or connect with loved ones, it’s time to consider a detox.

“A digital detox allows us to reassess our relationship with our devices, gives us a chance to reboot our nervous system, physically and mentally decompress, and rest and recharge. Just look at how we responded to the recent outage of Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp – many people felt a visceral sense of freedom from that enforced detox experience.

“Ditching devices can also contribute to increased emotional wellbeing, allowing you to renegotiate boundaries, be more present and forge stronger connections with those around you.

“Whilst the longer the detox, the more significant the benefits, even smaller, bite-size micro-moments taken throughout the day – just 60 seconds at a time – can help to reduce stress, boost concentration, and increase sleep quality.”

Read on for Yonder’s round-up of the best digital detox worthy escapes, followed by a selection of Suzy’s favourite daily digital detox ‘micro-moments’ that those who are unable to get away can incorporate into their daily routine…

Albion Nights, Woodton, Norwich

Luxury off-grid glamping in the heart of Norfolk – where could be better for a digital detox?

This bespoke, hand-crafted cabin is suitable for two guest and complete with its own simple kitchen and ensuite. The cabin also boasts a wood burning stove indoors as well as an outdoor firepit and bathtub!

Enjoy watching the sunset from your private outdoor tub before stargazing by the warming firepit.

£145 per night

Shepherd’s Retreat, Omagh, Northern Ireland

A spacious cottage nestled in the countryside, just eleven miles from Gortin in County Tyrone, that sleeps up to four people is the perfect escape into nature for those needing some rest and relaxation.

Enjoy the many walking and cycle routes in the area before relaxing in front of the woodburning stove with a bottle of wine and enjoying the company of loved ones.

£110 per night

The Stable, Kilkhampton, Bude

A cosy two bedroom cottage located on the 300-acre Lee Barton Farm estate. The ideal retreat for small families or friends in need of a peaceful break.

Kilkhampton is a historic Cornish village, just four miles from the popular seaside destination of Bude and offers spectacular coastal scenery and walks aplenty.

£102 per night

The Hideaway Huts, Hexham, Northumberland

The Shieling is a Grand-Roulotte Shepherd’s Hut providing simple, luxury accommodation for two adults.

The wool-insulated cabin, harking back to simpler times, is the perfect base for your escape into nature, allowing you to disconnect from day-to-day life and enjoy a complete digital detox.

Upon arrival you’ll find a basket of homemade, local produce – sure to whet your appetite.

£96 per night

Tumnus & Aslan, Plush, Dorset

Hidden in beautiful, rural Dorset are two off-grid escapes offering the perfect retreat from the digital world. Ideal for couples and solo travellers, these cosy dog-friendly cabins have everything you could need during your stay – wood fire, outdoor fire pit, grilling gate as well as outdoor picnic table and chairs.

Enjoy lazy days exploring the countryside before returning to your cabin, building your own fire and watching the sun go down from your own slice of paradise.

£91 per night

And for those that can’t get away, enjoy these screen-free micro-moments daily instead…

  • 30 second micro-moment: ‘Earth the brow’ by placing the back of your hand to your forehead and pressing gently, or if you are sat at your desk, fold your hands and rest your forehead on your hands. The world can wait for a few calming breaths. This simple act is akin to pressing the reboot button for your nervous system.
  • 60 second micro-moment: Head outside if you can or simply sit by a window and look out. Dilate your gaze so that you can take in the periphery above you, below you and out to the sides; this panoramic gaze is deeply soothing and replenishing. Try some ‘green gazing’ where you look in the distance to the canopy of swaying of trees in the wind or the changing shapes of clouds in the sky – no longer focused on a screen, you’ll feel tension melt away and a feeling of being connected with something larger than yourself.
  • 60 second micro-moment: Break up sedentary periods and enjoy the mental clarity that comes with enjoying a series of ‘mountain breaths’. Stand tall with your feet hip width apart, arms by your sides and looking forwards. Inhale and slowly raise your arms out to your sides and above your head, touching palms as you finish breathing in. Enjoy a slow exhalation, arms descending, with your hands reaching your outer thighs as you breathe out. Repeat 5-10 times and feel the resolve this creates.
  • 5-minute micro-moment: Enjoy a warming cup of tea with a loved one or even a pet. No need to force a conversation, just savour the warmth of your drink as you appreciate the natural surroundings. Side by side companionship can be just the tonic.
  • 10-minute micro-moment: Come rain or shine, ensure you get outdoors for some fresh air every morning – a dose of sunlight will support your circadian rhythms, helping you feel alert during the day and sleep better come nightfall.

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