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Expert Guide to EMS Training by Surge

Expert Guide to EMS Training by Surge
26 August 2021 James Brooke

Surge’s Lead Trainer reveals how it works, who it’s for, what the benefits are, and top tips.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation training, known as EMS, is a form of fitness training that provides an effective and quick way to get fit, with just one 20-minute full body session a week required for maximum impact.

UK fitness brand, Surge, recently opened its third EMS studio and has sites across London in Hammersmith, Bank and Fleet Street. Lead Trainer at Surge, Holly Issacs, has been involved in EMS training for 5 years and says that the training method is gaining popularity in the UK.

“As education around EMS training increases, we are seeing more people enjoying EMS and seeing its real impact. Many Londoners are choosing EMS training to kick-start their fitness regime following Covid-related restrictions. With just one 20-minute session needed each week, EMS training is a great way to ease back into a routine.

“We appreciate that at first, EMS seems like an unconventional approach to fitness training, but as soon as people give it a try and reap the benefits, they are hooked.”

Read on for Holly’s guide to EMS training and why it could be your next fitness solution…

What is EMS training and how does it work?

EMS technology provides an intense whole-body workout, amplifying the signals sent from the brain to the muscles while exercising. It is a well-researched and proven fitness method, with a number of studies confirming its success in improving muscle mass and function, reducing fat mass, easing lower back pain, and enhancing performance capacities in professional athletes.

When doing a workout, members wear a specially designed suit that is linked to an EMS device. The device, which is controlled by a qualified Surge personal trainer, sends tiny electrical pulses to the muscles via the suit, which enables deeper engagement of the muscles than traditional workouts.
Because of the high muscle engagement experienced during an EMS workout, members only need to do one 20-minute, full body workout per week, for maximum results.

Who is best suited to EMS training?

EMS is suitable for a variety of people at different fitness levels. From those looking to start a fitness regime, time-poor Londoners looking to tone up quickly, older clients looking to counter muscle loss, to athletes and regular gym-goers wanting to supplement an existing routine or improve performance – EMS can be for everyone.

Our members range from complete beginners to professional athletes wanting to enhance their training regime. We are also popular among people who have challenges with traditional weight-bearing exercises – as we don’t add any weight to the workout, there’s minimal impact on the body’s joints.

We’re able to adapt sessions based on all levels – increasing or decreasing the intensity of the EMS suit to provide the appropriate activity level for the client.

What results can I expect?

Most members experience some muscle fatigue or DOMS – delayed-onset muscle soreness – following their first session with us, as their muscles have never been activated to this extent before. Following the second and third sessions, members start to notice increased muscle strength, endurance, and tone, and we encourage members to visit us each week to ensure continued results.

EMS training has helped our members lose a considerable amount of body fat, assisted them in the recovery of injuries, and helped them get significantly stronger. Whatever the goal, we’re able to tailor sessions to help members get the results they’re after.

What do I need to take to my session?

Nothing! Our members love the convenience of EMS training. We provide absolutely everything they need to train – from gym wear, to water bottles and towels. Shoes are not required for the workout.

This means members can head to the studio straight from the office, before or after lunch, or following an important meeting without having to grab a thing.

Is EMS training safe?

Yes, the technology has been scientifically proven to be safe and effective. Plus, the workout is led by a fully qualified personal trainer who is a specialist in EMS training, so they will ensure that your workout is completely safe to complete. Note that pregnant or breastfeeding women and those with heart conditions or pacemakers are not suited to EMS training.

How much does it cost?

A Surge membership costs about the same as one personal trainer session per week. We offer a simple subscription structure with options for 3 or 12-month memberships, with prices starting from £39 per session.

How do I start?

We recommend starting off with a free trial session at one of our Surge studios to really understand how EMS training works, and whether it is right for you. You’ll also get to see our state-of-the-art boutique studios, which offer a modern and comfortable training environment. Visit to get booked in.


Notes to editors:
Journalists are welcome to try Surge to get the full experience. Please email the Surge team on the address below should this be of interest.

For further press information, please contact:
Julie Aguilera | Charlotte Wright | Rosie Crass
Rooster PR
T: +44 (0)20 3440 8930
E: [email protected]

About Surge:
Surge is a new boutique health concept and the UK’s leading EMS fitness brand. Using Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology to deliver an effective 20-minute full body workout, Surge training is unique.

Whilst relatively new in the UK, EMS has already seen huge success in Germany and Austria, with over 250,000 EMS sessions taking place every week in Germany. As many as 14 percent of all fitness studios in Germany are dedicated EMS gyms.

It is a well-researched and proven fitness method, with a number of studies (by the likes of the Institute of Sport Science and Sport Informatics – University of Cologne, and the Department of Exercise and Sports Science – University of Wisconsin) authenticating its success in improving muscle mass and function, reducing fat mass, easing lower back pain or enhancing performance capacities in professional athletes.

Personal trainer-led workouts allow clients of all ages, genders and levels of fitness to achieve muscle toning, muscle growth and weight loss. Surge trainers are fully qualified specialists in using EMS technology and will tailor sessions to fitness goals.

Surge currently has state-of-the-art studios in London’s Hammersmith, Bank and Fleet Street. Surge has a highly qualified board of directors from the finance, real estate and sports industry. Visit to find out more.