THE OZEN COLLECTION Launches New Spa Brand and Wellness Retreats

THE OZEN COLLECTION Launches New Spa Brand and Wellness Retreats
28th July 2021 James Brooke

THE OZEN COLLECTION Launches New Spa Brand and Wellness Retreats

Luxury Maldives resort brand THE OZEN COLLECTION has introduced new wellness experiences as its launches its new spa brand, ELE | NA ELEMENTS OF NATURE.

ELE | NA, an acronym for the Elements of Nature, finds inspiration in the elemental energies (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water) flowing within and around us. The uber-luxe spa and wellness brand at THE OZEN COLLECTION offers natural retreats where guests experience pure and unhindered moments of pampering. At ELE | NA, every spa and wellness ritual invokes the five senses: sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste.

The new experience invite guests to connect with their soul and reconnect with nature. ELE | NA ELEMENTS OF NATURE is a healing sanctuary that offers a truly holistic spa experience inspired by a harmony of natural elements – blue water, white sand, and lush green tropical forest.

A series of renowned healers and wellness practitioners will add their magic touch to the guest experience at the brand’s two resorts – OZEN LIFE MAADHOO and OZEN RESERVE BOLIFUSHI – with a range of therapies including spiritual practices, traditional healing, and the latest in beauty and aesthetic treatments.

Enriching the serene island lifestyle, guests can immerse in deeply healing experiences that linger much beyond their stay. Before guests step on to the island, they are offered a virtual consultation to provide a bespoke Wellness Plan, detailing spa rituals, fitness routines, meditation practices, advice on nutrition during the stay, along with exclusive sessions with the visiting practitioners.

OZEN RESERVE BOLIFUSHI highlights throughout August include:

  • Certified Medical Aesthetician Leverne King brings a unique range of Medi Spa and anti-ageing skin treatments.
  • Claude Simard, a Canadian psycho-energetic massage specialist will be at the resort throughout August. Claude’s signature treatment, Psycho-Energetic Massage, leverages upon his highly developed sensitivity and powerful intuitive skills, for an immersive, one-of-a-kind healing session.
  • Jill Banwell – a healing arts specialist – specialises in reiki, crystal healing, therapeutic tarot reading, yoga, massage therapy, and meditation.
  • Lorelei Bulan, specialist in organic movement, breathing, and dance therapy, completes this celebration of wellness through energising therapies that awaken the senses and balance the chakras.

Sister resort, OZEN LIFE MAADHOO will also welcome a host of international practitioners, including:

  • Acupuncture and Naturopathic treatments by Caroline Alboneti. Her integrative approach includes rituals for facial rejuvenation and physical, mental, and emotional healing.
  • Bringing a new way to balance your energy, sound healing therapist Michelle Bernadette Saudan uses powerful vibroacoustic sounds to create a deeply spiritual practice. Connect at a deeper level with your surroundings and leave with a lasting sense of peace and wellbeing.
  • Wellness coach, Eduardo Sierra offers a variety of massages (Swedish, Chinese traditional fire cupping, and Tui Na), personal fitness training, mindfulness meditation, and life coaching.

Whatever the focus – easing pain, improving aesthetics, or dealing with emotional baggage – the sessions are tailored to guest’s specific requirements. THE OZEN COLLECTION reimagines the one-size-fits-all approach to wellbeing, by personalising the wellness journey with flexibility and joy added at every step.


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THE OZEN COLLECTION is an Uber-Lux, hospitality brand that offers ultimate privacy blended with Refined Elegance, for blissfully immersive holidays in pristine, Indian Ocean locations.

OZEN LIFE MAADHOO, the first resort under this brand, opened in July 2016. THE OZEN COLLECTION’s success story continues in the Maldives with the addition of OZEN RESERVE BOLIFUSHI, launched in December 2020. OZEN RETREAT TANGALLE takes the brand to the south coast of Sri Lanka and is scheduled to be launched in 2023.