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Declutter this Spring Clean Season to Improve Wellbeing

Declutter this Spring Clean Season to Improve Wellbeing
29 April 2021 James Brooke

Scandi lifestyle expert at Contura provides top decluttering tips for a more organised home and mind.

“Decluttering” is not a word most of us associate with mindfulness or joy; it is more often thought of as a never-ending list of tasks to be endured, got through and (hopefully) rarely undertaken again. However, by thinking of decluttering as an exciting challenge – a chance to create a more streamlined space – your home will continue to provide the soothing refuge that it was always intended to.

The benefits of a decluttered home can be linked to positive wellbeing, as it saves time searching for things and minimises stress. Being in a comforting, tidy environment is known to promote a calm mind and positive outlook.

Here, lifestyle expert at Swedish wood burning stove company, Contura, Catharina Björkman, explains how decluttering the Scandi way can bring benefits to our wellbeing.

Catharina says: “In Sweden, we believe a tidy home equals a tidy mind. In Scandinavian countries, homes tend to be pared-back and minimalist when it comes to décor, but they also utilise storage space well, favour functional and stylish furniture, and ensure clutter is kept to a minimum.

“We are also very aware of the positive psychological benefits of a well-ordered home and how this contributes to better wellbeing. After all, there is no better feeling than walking into a peaceful, tidy space to feel instantly uplifted.

“Our advice is to think of decluttering as a steady – sometimes even slow – process, rather than a quick blitz of your home followed immediately by the inevitable acquisition of more items. It’s about creating lasting change and scheduling in regular little-and-often decluttering sessions. This will reduce the risk of feeling overwhelmed and increase our likelihood of completing the task at hand.”

Read on for Catharina’s Scandi-inspired decluttering tips.

Start small and build up

The key to effective decluttering is to break it into small, manageable chunks. Don’t start with big tasks such as clearing out the loft or garage, but instead, set yourself small challenges that can be quickly crossed off. You could start by reorganising the spice rack, sorting out your sock drawer, going through your skincare products, or organising your bathroom cupboards. It may only take you 10 minutes, but you will feel a great sense of accomplishment. Starting with small and easy decluttering tasks will help build up an eagerness to tackle bigger jobs.

Sort out the wardrobe

This one is a real feel-good task. Opening the door to an organised wardrobe will give you an instant boost as you can see all your items, making it easier to pick an outfit even if you’re in a rush. Go through your clothing and be ruthless with what you keep: any every-day clothes you haven’t worn in the last two years, anything too small or large, or items that are simply not to your taste anymore need to go.

Donate clothes to charity shops, give items away to friends, or sell on eBay or Depop. Keep only your best-loved items and things you keep re-wearing. Hang everything facing the same way and invest in new hangers if necessary. As we head into summer and warmer weather, fold away bulky winter items and store coats, jumpers, and winter boots and shoes in zipped bags or boxes (these can be kept under your bed, in a cupboard, or in the loft or shed), swapping in your spring and summer clothes.

Utilise storage solutions

Invest in storage containers for everything you don’t want on display: stackable drawers, baskets, boxes, zip bags, vacuum bags… These can all be found cheaply and will transform your home. Go through each room to decide what can be stored away, including books, electronics, magazines, clothes, shoes, toiletries, bedding & towels, and toys. Amp up storage wherever you can and make use of every nook and cranny. You’ll likely find underutilised space under the sink, under the stairs, under beds, and in kitchen or bathroom cupboards.

If floor space is a premium, create more of it by putting shoes on a shoe rack in the hallway, remove the need for bedside tables which use valuable floor space, by clipping bedside lamps to a headboard or shelf. Built-in storage that can be fitted exactly into alcoves, under eaves, or under stairs to make use of every inch – it can be an investment but will provide a long-term solution to clutter.

Enlist everyone’s help

All family members can be helpful around the home, and this extends to decluttering and keeping shared spaces tidy. Get kids involved by giving them responsibility for keeping their room tidy and reward this with treats, such as a family movie night, game night, a special outing, or garden fun.

Turn tidying into a fun task too: put on some feel-good music and help children feel they have a level of control by getting their input. Which items are their absolute favourites? Which things would they rather not keep? Should we recycle, sell, or gift the unwanted things? You’ll get a far better response and more enthusiasm by letting children make some decisions. Take regular breaks for drinks and snacks too and keep up the sense of camaraderie: remember that we’re all in this together.

The Swedish art of Death Cleaning

It may sound dramatic, but dö städning, the Swedish concept of “death cleaning”, advocates thinking about your things not only in terms if how they make you feel, but also how they might make your loved ones feel once you’ve passed.

The idea is based on the need to change our approach to accumulating more and more stuff every year and at every stage in life. Remember that memories can be maintained without clinging to hoards of physical things, so be strict with yourself about what stays.

If you’re struggling to decide what items should stay or go, think about whether they bring you joy or conjure up a happy memory. If the answer is no, then it needs to go. Although decluttering is a physical process, it’s closely linked to our emotions and mindset, so by letting go of anything excess or not relevant, you’re effectively helping free up time and energy for the most important things in life.

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