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Bloom’s Guide to More Sustainable Living

Bloom’s Guide to More Sustainable Living
21 April 2021 James Brooke

Ahead of World Earth Day on 22 April, Larry Walshe, founder of luxury online flower delivery service Bloom, shares his guide to living more sustainably.

As World Earth Day approaches on 22 April, and global climate change continues to have a noticeable effect on the environment, Brits are increasingly conscious of the impact their personal choices have on the planet.

To help guide consumers in the right direction, Larry Walshe, founder of the UK’s first 100% plastic-free, sustainable, and ethical online florist, Bloom, has shared his top eco-tips for living a more sustainable life.

Larry says: “The key to reducing your impact on the environment is to break it down into small, achievable steps, and build from there. It is quite amazing how much of an impact you can have by implementing a few new lifestyle choices and tactics.

“Living sustainably does not mean living without luxury. It means considering the environment and being mindful of the effects our choices have on the wider world. We encourage consumers to look carefully at their consumption habits and choose sustainable, eco-friendly brands where possible – particularly as this is arguably not a niche “nice to have” anymore, but an absolute necessity.

“More of us are becoming aware of our purchasing power when it comes to choosing what we buy, so it makes sense to choose ethically sourced products whenever possible.

“While sustainable brands may carry a price premium currently, this will change if consumers continue to support them long-term, as prices will gradually come down,” Larry continues.

Some of the steps that you can take in your home to live more sustainably include:

1. Add houseplants to your home

Studies have routinely found that houseplants and flowers improve air quality and help boost air circulation, so incorporating a range of these into your home will make your indoor environment a healthier place.

We recommend Peace Lilies, Snake Plants, Devil’s Ivy, and Dwarf Date Palm plants for their premium air-purifying qualities and easy-care benefits. Do your research on the best places to put them in your home to ensure they stay healthy, as some plants prefer different levels of sunlight.

2. Invest in reusable household items

Recycling is fantastic, but the next best step is going reusable where possible. Invest in some chic reusable items such as a canvas or rope shopping bag (we love the Nodo Rope Shopping Bag, £75, made in London), a stylish reusable coffee cup (we are fans of the William Morris range from Ecoffee Cup, from £9.95), or a smart water bottle (Chilly’s Bottles has some fabulous designs, from £20).

3. Go paperless

An easy way to reduce your paper waste is to switch from paper statements to digital statements, which most providers now offer. Banks, electricity and gas providers all need to be switched to paperless options. Reduce your use of paper further by swapping physical notebooks for online note-taking tools when possible.

To ensure you’re not receiving any excess junk mail, make use of a ‘No Junk Mail’ sign on your letter box – we suggest a UK-made solid brass plaque, which is both recyclable and much classier than a flimsy resin sign.

4. Reduce your energy use

Be kind to the planet and your wallet by using as little energy as possible. This means turning off lights and large appliances when not in use, and where possible, use LED lighting as it is proven to last longer.

Instead of reaching to turn up the thermostat as soon as you feel the cold, layer up on warm clothing first. We love the stylish scarves, socks, and hats available at luxury fashion destination, Matches Fashion.

5. Make some ethical food swaps

We all know that eating fewer animal products and processed foods is better for the environment, so play your part by making a few ethical food choices across the week – this could be swapping meat with plant-based ingredients during your weekly shop, opting to purchase Fairtrade-certified food & coffee, and buying locally grown or sourced items where possible.

6. Reduce your water use

Resist the urge to fill up the kettle each time you make a cup of tea or use for cooking, and instead only use as much water as you need. This reduces your water waste and lessens the amount of energy needed to power the kettle.

Similarly, keep showers to under five minutes where possible and try to have a bath infrequently as this uses a lot of water. Dishwashers are more efficient (and arguably clean dishes better) than running a hot tap to wash up, so utilise this as much as you can.

7. Choose sustainable brands

Every time you make a purchase, whether essential or non-essential, consider whether the brand, product, or service you are buying has sustainable business practices in place. Consumer buying power is hugely impactful, and by favouring ethical businesses, you are helping to keep brands moving in the right direction.

“Bloom is the first 100% plastic free, sustainable & ethical online florist in the UK – all our packaging is recyclable and/or compostable; all orders are shipped using DPD – one of the cleanest, greenest couriers in the UK. We have also partnered with the World Land Trust to offset our carbon footprint by planting trees all over the world to support reforestation projects,” says Larry.

“Sustainability to us doesn’t just mean the health and happiness of the planet, but also the wellbeing of the company and everyone who is a part of it. As such, we are raising the standards in the floristry industry and pioneering a more ethical way of working; including adhering to quantifiable standards of social & environmental excellence.

“Sustainability is an integrated part of our global business relationships and we work closely with our suppliers and business partners to achieve long-lasting impacts across our entire value chain.”

Bloom’s latest brand collaboration has been with eco-conscious skincare and makeup brand, Origins, who use nature-infused ingredients, offset carbon emissions via a tree-planting programme, use 100% renewable energy at its manufacturing facilities, and aim to have at least 80% of their packaging by weight recyclable, refillable, reusable, recycled or recoverable by 2023.

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About Bloom
Launched in October 2020, Bloom is an online luxury flower delivery service created by celebrity London florist and designer, Larry Walshe. Bloom is unlike any other online flower delivery service, offering a variety of options to suit all requirements, including hand tied Luxury Gift Bouquets (from £75), bunches of Market Flowers, which come direct from the grower (from £30), and flexible Best in Bloom flower subscription (£35 per box, per delivery).

Uniquely, Bloom is reinventing the way we buy flowers online by offering customers a revolutionary and hyper personalised Create Your Own Bouquet service. Starting from £44, customers can pick the stems, foliage, size, colour, sentiment, and overall look of their desired bouquet – just as they would in a florist – with Bloom then bringing the vision to life.

The Bloom website also features a Curated Home Collection of chic vases and trendy pots & plants, and there is a generous loyalty programme for customers to earn reward points towards future purchases.

Bloom is the first luxury online florist in the UK to be entirely sustainable and 100% plastic-free. The packaging is recyclable and/or compostable, all orders are shipped using DPD – the cleanest, greenest courier service currently available in the UK – and the brand also partners with the World Land Trust, planting trees to offset its carbon footprint.

Flowers arrive in Bloom’s stylish signature designed and fresh-water packaging and can be enjoyed at their very best instantly, with free deliveries for purchases of £100 or more.

For more information on Bloom, visit