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Ready for a New Chapter: Refine Your Morning Ritual this Spring

Ready for a New Chapter: Refine Your Morning Ritual this Spring
24 March 2021 James Brooke

As we gradually emerge from a year of COVID and lockdowns, experts at Marley Coffee share their guide to creating a morning ritual that leaves you energised and ready to take on the day, no matter what the coming months might throw at us.

Spring is the ideal season to hit ‘refresh’ on our health habits and introduce daily rituals to help achieve optimal physical, mental and spiritual health. And with a life less restricted now in sight, it is more important than ever to revaluate and readjust, as the next chapter unfolds.

Bad habits, stresses of modern life or worries about health or family can quickly creep up on us, hugely affecting energy levels, mood and outlook. Having an established routine that helps set you up for the day can make all the difference, enabling us to feel more positive, alert and productive.

“Taking the time to set up a morning ritual that is personalised to your needs and goals is paramount, as a routine that works for one person might not work for another. Setting dedicated time aside in the morning enables you to focus wholly on yourself and your own needs before tackling the day ahead.

“As we continue to navigate our way through and – hopefully – out of the ‘new normal’, time for ourselves is vital to help us feel more positive and balanced,” says Guy Wilmot, UK Brand Manager of Marley Coffee.

To help Brits recover their mojo this spring, the team at Marley Coffee, global gourmet organic coffee brand from the family of Bob Marley and experts at starting the day right, share their tips for the perfect morning ritual.

1. Set your wake-up time, and stick to it

Having a set time to wake up each morning will help your body get into a good sleep-wake cycle. To help reinforce this cycle, avoid hitting snooze, as this can confuse the body about whether it is meant to be asleep or awake and can make you feel groggier when it is finally time to get up. Get into the habit of hearing your alarm, putting both feet on the floor and sitting up (play the ‘Get Up, Stand Up’ Marley mantra in your head to help), taking a stretch, and then making the bed straight away – so you’re less inclined to jump back in!

This will also ensure that you have enough time each morning to fully commit to your morning ritual and aren’t left feeling rushed or flustered at the start of the day.

To ensure a gentle wake up, we suggest using a sunrise alarm clock or lightbox. These work by simulating sunrise and when the light reaches its highest intensity, rather than being woken by a harsh beeping sound, you can listen to the gentle and soothing sounds of the natural world – a much more peaceful and stress-free way of starting the day.

2. Play some feel-good tunes

Playing music helps set the tone for the day, so once the bed has been made, pop on some tunes and don’t be afraid to have a little sing along and boogie. Science has proven that music helps improve brain function and health in many ways, with studies showing that it activates every part of the brain, leading to increased happiness and productivity. It can also help reduce levels of the stress hormone, cortisol.

To incorporate this easily into your morning routine, create a dedicated feelgood morning music playlist on your phone or device that you can play as soon as you get out of bed. The Marley Coffee team suggests a mix of uplifting reggae music for the most soulful start to the morning of course.

3. Pour yourself a coffee, and take your time to enjoy it

It’s no secret that a good caffeine hit can make or break the start of the day. Coffee has a plethora of benefits to support healthy brain function; specifically memory, mood, energy levels, and reaction times. But don’t rush this part of the morning – it’s important to take the time to enjoy the process and savour the flavour.

Whether you brew your coffee in a Moka pot, French press, Aero press, Chemex or other method, be sure to choose a coffee brand that not only creates delicious blends, but also considers sustainability and the environment.

Marley Coffee is 100% arabica and available in ground coffee, whole beans, brew-in-the-cup bags, and Nespresso-compatible capsules. The range includes nine different blends, including a pure Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. Crucially, it boasts both Rainforest Alliance and Organic Certified ranges and monitors its coffee sources using the highest ethical standards.

4. Make a list

Carving out 10-15 minutes each morning to practice gratitude and plan your day will help you keep on top of tasks and commitments and set you up for a productive day. A simple way to start is to write down three things that you are grateful for and three goals for the day. Ensure the list of goals is feasible (don’t set unreachable expectations to only end up letting yourself down!) and visualise what your day needs to look like in order to achieve them.

Getting into the habit of doing this each and every day will help you to live a more purposeful and intentional life, as well as helping you to feel in control.

5. Get moving!

Get those endorphins pumping with some morning exercise. It doesn’t need to be strenuous – even some light stretching or yoga can have huge benefits. Studies have shown that morning exercise kick starts the metabolism and helps promote better quality sleep come bedtime.

Setting time aside for physical activity in the morning means that you’re less likely to run into scheduling conflicts later in the day, such as working late, or make excuses not to do it after a tiring day at work.

It’s important to note that whatever your morning ritual might be, it must work for you to have the ultimate impact. Don’t force it or you won’t follow it. It might take some time to really refine your routine and form solid habits, so take your time, experiment a little, and figure out what works best for you.

To get tip #3 underway, check out Marley Coffee’s range of delicious, premium-quality coffee at


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About Marley Coffee
International gourmet coffee brand, Marley Coffee, offers premium quality beans, grounds, pods and coffee bags.

Founded by Rohan Marley, Marley Coffee traces its origins to the Nine Mile farmlands of Jamaica, where legendary musician Bob Marley learned a deep respect for nature and humanity that helped guide his life. Bob always said he would return to farming one day and with Marley Coffee, Bob’s family is honouring and fulfilling his dream.

The ethos of the Marley Coffee brand, aligned with Bob Marley’s legacy as a force for global good, and encapsulated under Marley Coffee’s “One Love” banner, is rooted in the triumph of peace, unity, family, love, and sustainability, and is manifested in every cup of Marley Coffee.

100% arabica and available in grounds or whole beans, the Marley Coffee range includes nine different blends, plus a pure Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. All coffees are named after Bob Marley songs.

Marley Coffee Nespresso-compatible capsules are currently available in two varieties. Whilst the newest addition to the product portfolio – Marley Coffee bags – comes in three different blends.

Marley Coffee is a superb tasting, quality product, that is loved by serious coffee drinkers around the globe. It’s a classic, authentic coffee, with a rich, smooth flavour and intoxicating aroma that is giving the purity and pleasure of the coffee experience back to consumers.

Beans are sourced from the top coffee growing regions worldwide and are small batch roasted in the UK for distribution throughout Europe. Marley Coffee boasts both Rainforest Alliance and Organic Certified ranges and monitors its coffee sources using the highest ethical standards. The brand promotes the sustainable efforts of small farmers in the poorest rural communities around the world, with all partner farms striving to support both local communities and the environment through organic, sustainable and ethical practices. It also supports global reforestation via donations to One Tree Planted.

Marley Coffee extends its sustainability commitment to packaging across the full range of products. All Marley Coffee packaging is fully recyclable.

Priced from around £5.99 for a 227g bag, Marley Coffee is available to buy via the Marley Coffee website (, Amazon and in major UK retailers, including Planet Organic, Selfridges and As Nature Intended. The product is also stocked in a number of independent stores via distributors, e.g. Tree of Life, Marigold Health Foods, CLF, The Health Store and Rainbow Wholefoods.