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LAAX’s Mysterious Waters – Disappearing Lakes, Alpine Beaches, and Secret Islands

LAAX’s Mysterious Waters – Disappearing Lakes, Alpine Beaches, and Secret Islands
24 March 2021 James Brooke

Explore the natural beauty of the Swiss resort’s four diverse lakes on the new guided mountain bike trail.

With swimming pools closed for the best part of a year and wild swimming soaring in popularity according to the latest figures from Sport England, us Brits are desperate to dust off our swimsuits and dive back into the water. To assist nature-starved Brits in their hunt for beautiful lakes this summer, LAAX, one of the most picturesque mountain resorts in Switzerland, has launched its latest guided mountain bike route, taking in all four of the region’s mysterious lakes.

On mountain bikes or e-bikes, guests will ride on easy paths through the beautiful forest of Flims and over the ancient landslide terrain, as they stop at four of LAAX’s lakes: Lake Cauma, Lake Cresta, Lake Prau Pulté, and Lake Prau Tuleritg. Between Flims and Trin, visitors will spot a lake island only accessible in certain months and hidden mountain lakes that fill and drain as if by magic. The GeoGuide Sardona will reveal the secret of the magic lakes and their relation to the colossal Flims landslide and the Rhine gorge on this family-friendly, two and a half hour bike ride.

The guided trail costs CHF 25 (approximately £19) for adults and youths, and is free for kids up to 12 years, (15.1km, 2 hours round-trip, riding time only).

Here are four of the region’s favourite ways to spend a day on the water, ideal for photographers, families, yogis, and lovers of the great outdoors.

Photographer’s Paradise – Lake Cauma

Known as ‘Lag la Cauma’ in the local Romansh language, meaning ‘Lake of Midday Rest’, Lake Cauma is the jewel of Flims and has been voted Switzerland’s most beautiful mountain lake. A stop at this lake is the perfect addition to any photographer’s adventure, giving the opportunity to capture the crystal clear emerald waters without the need for a filter. Fed by glacial streams, the lake fills and drops again throughout the year, meaning some lucky photographers may be able to walk to the centre island to grab a rare shot.

Now You See It, Now You Don’t – Lake Prau Tuleritg

In the summer months, visitors to LAAX will find a quiet, crescent shaped lake, fringed with pines, ideal for a spot of birdwatching. But return a few weeks later and, as if by magic, not a trace of this lake can be found. The secret of the Great Disappearing Lake? Every year, Lake Prau Tuleritg runs completely dry, due to an ancient system of underground caverns created by the Flims Landslide. On LAAX’s newest guided mountain bike trail, visitors can learn exactly how this phenomenon occurs from an expert local guide.

A Beach In The Alps – Lake Laax

For those that can’t decide on a summer trip to the beach or an alpine escape, LAAX offers both. At its centre, visitors can experience a unique bathing holiday in the heart of the Alps at Lake Laax (Lag Grond), while enjoying a beach, clear lake water and a breathtaking mountain panorama. With a beach volleyball court at an altitude of 1,016 metres, a children’s play area, as well as fire pits to barbeque on, it’s a great choice for the whole family.

Lakeside Yoga and Healing Waters – Lake Cauma

Where better enjoy a morning vinyasa flow than against the backdrop of a healing lake? Visitors can book a guided yoga session to make the most of the naturally calming environment at Lake Cauma, for something a little more challenging on the core, yogis can swim to the lake’s rafts and take their practice to the water itself. Local legends say the naturally blue water in Lake Cauma also has healing powers, and visitors have been bathing in the tranquil lake for hundreds of years to calm their mind, body, and soul.

The ‘Forest Ridge Lake’ – Lake Cresta

The ‘forest ridge lake’, is the perfect tranquil escape to switch off and soak up the natural landscape. Accessible only by foot (or bike) and nestled in a dark green grove of trees, Lake Cresta is a true hidden gem. Listed as a protected natural landmark of regional importance in the canton of Graubünden, guests can explore the low hanging branches in a rowing boat or soak up the undisturbed peace with a paddleboard yoga session.


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