Purchase Cryptocurrency with Peace of Mind

Purchase Cryptocurrency with Peace of Mind
11th March 2021 James Brooke

Purchase Cryptocurrency with Peace of Mind

Nebeus: offering crypto services with full security.

With cryptocurrency on the upwards trajectory and an increase in price by more than 1,000% since the start of the year, it’s no surprise that investors and novices alike are taking a keen interest in investing their money in the digital currency.

As soaring bitcoin and cryptocurrency prices tempt users to the burgeoning market it is important that people are investing with confidence and knowledge. At Nebeus, our priority is secure investment, and we offer a range of services that allow customers to borrow, earn, send, and receive cash and crypto with full security and peace of mind.

Nebeus’ Services:

  • Borrow – Nebeus allows customers to get cash without having to selling their Crypto. Customers get an instant cash loan of up to 80% of their Crypto’s value and with 0% interest.
  • Earn – Nebeus customers get paid for renting us their Crypto. Allowing them to withdraw their cash as often as once every 24 hours and getting paid for it.
  • Send – Customers can make instant transfers from Nebeus to any Mastercard.
  • Receive – Adding cash to personal accounts couldn’t be easier, our customers can use their credit or debit cards (a small fee applies) or transfer Crypto from any other wallet for free.

Michael Stroev, COO and Head of Product at Nebeus says: “With big names investing heavily in digital currency and documenting their fantastic returns, consumers are following suit but with less knowledge. Here at Nebeus, investments are complete with high level security against all of our products and services, increasing trust and eliminating the worry that their funds may not be secure.”

Nebeus is on a mission to bridge the gap between crypto and cash, by providing instant crypto-backed cash services that can be used at anytime, anywhere, at the click of a button.

For more information please visit www.nebeus.com


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About Nebeus
Nebeus is a fintech & crypto platform on a mission to bridge the gap between crypto and cash with instant crypto-backed loans and financial services. To achieve this, Nebeus offers an ecosystem of secure and compliant products and services, allowing customers to borrow, earn, exchange, and transfer cash and crypto with full security. Nebeus was founded in 2014 in England, operating primarily in the UK and Europe.

The Future of Nebeus
In the future, we see a world without monetary boundaries; where cash and Crypto are used side by side to purchase everyday goods and services.

For more information please visit www.nebeus.com