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More than Roses this Valentine’s Day

More than Roses this Valentine’s Day
13 January 2021 James Brooke

Larry Walshe, celebrity florist & founder of luxury online flower delivery, Bloom, gives his advice on choosing meaningful flowers for a loved one.

“Roses are red, violets are blue” so the saying goes. It’s tempting to reach for a bouquet of classic red roses for Valentine’s Day, however, putting more thought into your flower selection means your loved one will receive a more personalised gift and as such, will be even more impressed and enamoured with the thought and effort that has gone into their blooms.

Here, celebrity florist and founder of Bloom, Larry Walshe, has given his tips on how to choose the right stems this Valentine’s Day.

Larry says: “Flowers are a great way to express to someone that you love and appreciate them, but this Valentine’s Day we’re encouraging people to think beyond the classic red rose. Think about the person you’re buying for – their personality and preferences, their style of home, their favourite scents – and how you can use colour to express your feelings.

“This year, Valentine’s Day will be a little different and as well as expressing your affections to the one you love, you may also like to send a beautiful gift to a friend or family member to show you’re thinking of them too. After all, we all need a mood-enhancing boost right now and nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like a fresh bouquet of beautiful blooms.

“It’s worth considering looking beyond the traditional (often overpriced) red roses to gift something a little more meaningful. If you’d like to make more of an impression this year, we’ve prepared this guide with some alternative flower options that will delight your loved one.”

Read on for Larry’s full tips on choosing meaningful blooms this Valentine’s Day.

The psychology of colour

Knowing someone’s favourite colours is a good place to start when choosing a bouquet, however, it’s also worth thinking about what different colours mean and what you want to convey to your loved one.

Pink is associated with notions of femininity, love and kindness – it also has a calming and relaxing effect. Darker pinks such as magenta, represent emotional balance and harmony; it’s spiritual yet practical and encourages us to have a more balanced outlook on life.

Red denotes energy, passion, ambition and love, while orange means optimism and positivity. Yellow flowers are popular as they denote cheerfulness and joy. Green is for new beginnings, self-reliance and growth.

Peace, loyalty and trust can be shown through blue flowers, whilst purple represents creativity and imagination.

Think pink

Did you know that pink flowers outsell any other colour by over 300%? Universally loved, pink flowers are a wonderful alternative to the traditional red and allow you the option of still declaring your affections to the one you love, or letting a friend know how much you care for them.

Beautifully delicate and versatile, they work well with most interior schemes and are always cheerful regardless of the flower variety – from roses and orchids to lisianthus and bouvardia, it’s hard not to fall in love with premium pink blooms.

Beyond roses

If you just must go for roses, they can be complemented by a selection of other flowers to add more meaning and a greater sense of visual interest and texture. Some of our favourites include snapdragons for grace and strength, clematis for intellect, tulips for happiness and confidence, lilies for passion and gratitude, tuberose for peace and protection (and a wonderful scent).

And if you’re looking for a design with more volume, texture and movement, add foliage. A dash of green represents balance and positivity.

Design your own unique bouquet

At Bloom, we offer a design your own bouquet service, allowing you to create a truly unique bouquet this Valentine’s Day in four simple steps. Once you know who you’re creating the bouquet for, consider the psychology behind the colours of the flowers you’ll pick. You can then think about the rest of the bouquet in two ways: tonally – where you pick multiple flower types in the same colour for a textural look; or complementary – where you pick opposing colours that sit well together, for example orange and purple tones.

Choose your colours based on their meanings and consider how the colours will work with the giftees interior scheme and style of home. Country-style homes will look best paired with a more rustic, au natural bouquet with varying flowers; a more modern home will suit a sleeker, more uniform bouquet. Bloom also has a ‘sentiment filter’ to help you choose the perfect stems.

Once you’ve chosen your flowers and foliage, Bloom’s in-house florists bring your design to life and handmake the bouquet. It’s then delivered with your name on the box – a truly personal gift for your loved one this Valentine’s Day.

Flowers for ever after

If you’d like your Valentine’s gesture to last way beyond February, consider gifting a flower subscription. For who wouldn’t be thrilled with a regular delivery of beautiful blooms?



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About Bloom
Launched in October 2020, Bloom is an online luxury flower delivery service created by celebrity London florist and designer, Larry Walshe.

Bloom is unlike any other online flower delivery service, offering a variety of options to suit all requirements, including hand tied Luxury Gift Bouquets (from £75), bunches of Market Flowers, which come direct from the grower (from £30), and flexible Best in Bloom flower subscription (£35 per box, per delivery).

Uniquely, Bloom is reinventing the way we buy flowers online by offering customers a revolutionary and hyper personalised Create Your Own Bouquet service. Starting from £44, customers can pick the stems, foliage, size, colour, sentiment, and overall look of their desired bouquet – just as they would in a florist – with Bloom then bringing the vision to life.

The Bloom website also features a Curated Home Collection of chic vases and trendy pots & plants, and there is a generous loyalty programme for customers to earn reward points towards future purchases.

Bloom is the first luxury online florist in the UK to be entirely sustainable and 100% plastic-free. The packaging is recyclable and/or compostable, all orders are shipped using DPD – the cleanest, greenest courier service currently available in the UK – and the brand also partners with the World Land Trust, planting trees to offset its carbon footprint.

Flowers arrive in Bloom’s stylish signature designed and fresh-water packaging and can be enjoyed at their very best instantly, with free deliveries for purchases of £100 or more.

For more information on Bloom, visit