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2021 Bedroom Interiors Trends

2021 Bedroom Interiors Trends
8 January 2021 James Brooke

Tempur experts advise on top bedroom trends for 2021, including how to create a home office bedroom.

During these turbulent times, we may find sleep evading us more than usual. Whether we’re finding it hard to drop off or struggling to get up in the morning, poor quality sleep can be caused by several factors and, of course, being under another lockdown will likely be disruptive for many of us.

Bedroom design can have a huge effect on our mood and can also help or hinder our sleep. Getting good quality sleep has many benefits: better concentration and performance during the day, we feel refreshed and more motivated, stress and anxiety are reduced, and the body can better rest and repair.

Experts at Tempur have compiled a guide on the top bedroom interiors trends for this year and how to incorporate these into your home.

Cosy cottagecore

The one to watch in 2021, “cottagecore” is the ultimate way to cosy up your bedroom. It’s all about adding a traditional English countryside feel to a space – think floral prints or gingham, combined with luxe velvet textures, vintage furniture and a ‘more is more’ aesthetic. Enhance what you’ve already got by doubling up on all things cosy – layer up the bed with a textured throw combined with crisp white bedlinen; add fresh flowers to brighten up the room (ideally foraged so they’re seasonal); and hang vintage-inspired prints in rustic frames above your bed.

Above all, this trend is about adding a touch of home comfort and for the bedroom, this means creating a cosy snug that’s inviting and pleasing to spend time in.

Warm tones are in

Charcoal, grey and moody blues belong in 2020. This year, it’s all about warm, reddish tones. Terracotta, deep reds, yellow-based greens, orange and earthy tones will help to create an interior with a boho chic vibe, which is also warming, comforting and cosy. Red tones aren’t just for wall colours or wallpaper either; incorporate them into bed linen, prints, artwork and soft furnishings such as cushions and blankets. Wicker or rattan furniture paired with warm tones works well too.

Upholstered headboards

The humble headboard is making a huge comeback in 2021. It’s an inexpensive yet simple way to make a bold statement and focal point in your bedroom and is essentially a piece of art. Make sure the style reflects your personality and don’t shy away from bold, outlandish designs if that’s your preference; reds, yellows and nature prints such as birds of paradise or foliage are popular choices.

Velvet headboards are a luxurious choice and create a boutique hotel vibe. If you prefer a more rustic style, natural materials in more neutral tones, such as wood or linen, also work well.

The working bedroom

As working from home continues for most of us, it’s only natural that our bedrooms may become an office space too. To keep the bedroom and home office as separate as possible in the coming year, consider carving out a corner of the bedroom to create a separate office area. This will help you psychologically distance yourself from work and sleep better as a result. Choose a slimline or fold up desk if space is a premium, add some plants for a pop of green and try to avoid returning to bed to work.

Clever use of space

Storage is an integral part of any good bedroom design and clever storage solutions will continue to be popular this year. Clearing clutter keeps the bedroom calm and restful – ideal for a peaceful environment ahead of bedtime. Firstly, utilise space under the bed with storage boxes to keep linen and towels or out-of-season clothes and shoes. Fitted, bespoke furniture is also a good option: not only does it improve the bedroom aesthetically, but also creates a sense of calm as everything is stored out of sight and mind.

Consider adding a shelf above your bed as a useful and chic way to add more storage and utilise unused wall space. You can keep curated items here but resist the urge to add lots of things. Keep it simple: some books, a candle, some plants, a framed print. If floor space is lacking, you can also use this shelf for your bedside lamp, removing the need for a bedside table which takes up valuable floor space.

Nature’s bounty

Being in nature is good for our wellbeing, and with everyone spending increasingly more time indoors, it is logical that we are looking for ways to bring the outdoors in. This can be as simple as adding more houseplants. Easy-to-care for varieties include cactus, yucca, aloe vera, ferns and spider plants. Plants also have air-purifying qualities to help with air flow and remove impurities. In addition, incorporating natural materials where possible, such as linen, cotton, wool, leather, and stone is increasingly popular. Rattan and wicker furniture and light fixtures are great additions.

Dim the lights

UK households are increasingly opting for floor and table lamps to get cosy at home. Overhead lighting, particularly spotlights, can often be too harsh in a bedroom setting, especially in the evenings when you should be winding down. Lamps are far better at creating soft pools of light and less of a strain on sleepy eyes. Consider a “sunrise lamp” that mimics the sun’s natural patterns, it will light up slowly in the morning to act as an alarm clock and dims in the evening as the sun goes down. You can also use a lower watt bulb for softer lighting – ideal to create a cosy snug and induce sleepiness.

Good quality mattress to suit your needs

Mattress sales have seen a surge throughout 2020 and it’s no wonder that we are looking to improve comfort and wellbeing at home. Upgrades in key furnishings such as these will continue to be a priority into 2021. We spend up to a third of our lives asleep, so investing in a quality mattress can really make all the difference to sleep quality.

A good mattress will gently support your entire body, while keeping your spine in a neutral position. This will not only help improve your quality of sleep – the more comfortable and supported you are, the less you will toss and turn – but will also help muscles recover overnight and alleviate any aches and pains.

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