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2021 Floral Trends by Bloom

2021 Floral Trends by Bloom
29 December 2020 James Brooke

Larry Walshe, celebrity florist & founder of luxury online flower delivery, Bloom, gives his expert insights and predictions on the floral trends for 2021.

Everyone loves receiving beautiful flowers, particularly after a trying year when we’re all looking for ways to remain upbeat and positive. Whatever your personal taste, flowers provide an easy way to add personality life and colour to your interiors and can instantly lift a room.

With increased time at home now part of our everyday, interest in greenery and houseplants is only set to grow further.

Matching your flowers to your home décor, flower subscriptions for that regular boost, and sustainability credentials are all hot on the agenda for 2021.

Here, Larry Walshe, celebrity London florist and founder of luxury online flower delivery service, Bloom, gives his expert insights and predictions on flower trends for 2021.

“Receiving or giving flowers and making your home beautiful will continue to be important next year,” says Larry. “Following two national lockdowns, we have all learned that flowers are not just a luxury, but rather, a necessity that bring joy, pleasure and a boost to wellbeing. The use of plants and flowers in the home is beneficial for both our physical and mental health, thanks to the air-purifying qualities of blooms and their ability to help reduce stress and anxiety.

“A key trend set to continue is conscious buying and flowers are no exception. Consumers will actively look for brands that offer sustainable options. Similarly, because so many weddings and events were postponed in 2020, we can expect more statement floral designs to make these types of events even more memorable.”

Read on for Larry’s predictions on floral trends for 2021.


Demand for home deliveries has soared in recent years; it’s easy and convenient, saves time and hassle, and can be done at the click of a button. The floral industry has certainly risen to the challenge too.

Flowers that will land on your doorstep with convenience and ease are a delight; a moment each week where you can take 10 minutes for yourself, be creative and arrange a beautiful vase of flowers that you will then spend the next seven+ days enjoying each time you walk through your living room.

Florists need to be able to reach further afield than major cities and equally, need to be able to deliver your glorious gift seven days a week. After all, birthdays don’t just fall Tuesday – Saturday!

It’s going to be more important than ever for florists and online flower delivery services to meet the standards of convenience that have been set by food providers and ensure that whenever you want it, we are here to serve you.

Interior trends

It’s been said that good design simplifies a complicated world, and if this is true (I am a firm believer), then clean lines, timeless silhouettes and versatile pieces will continue to be important in 2021. Having spent much of our year at home, we have also learned the value of versatility in our interiors and the importance of only keeping items that are beautiful and/or functional.

After a tumultuous year, it’s small wonder we’re using our homes to create a soothing bolthole. Expect pastel colours such as soft pinks, sage greens and creamy whites to remain popular. Fun fact: Bloom’s pink flowers outsell any other colour by 300%!

Plants and greenery remain ever-important too, particularly houseplants with their air-purifying qualities and capacity to add life to shaded or dark areas.

Layer your plants with shapes to creates a stylish look – vases filled with tall blooms, balanced out with tumbling orchids or low vases of spring Anemones. This will ensure a visual feast for the eyes.

Sustainability & conscious buying

Consumers will increasingly be actively looking for brands that offer sustainable flower options to help them make more environmentally conscious buying decisions. A green product does not need to look any less luxe. Many independent businesses create beautiful florals without cellophane and plastic wrappers to lessen their environmental impact.

At Bloom, we’re committed to offering customers an entirely sustainable and 100% plastic free experience. The packaging is recyclable and/or compostable, all orders are shipped using DPD – the cleanest, greenest courier service currently available in the UK – and we partner with the World Land Trust, planting trees to offset our carbon footprint.

We also champion seasonal buying as this is better for the environment, provides the best value for money and limits waste. Bloom’s Market Flowers collection allows you to buy seasonal bunches of single variety flowers which can be placed in individual vases around the room to layer textures and colours, resulting in a floral-festooned home that will delight all those that see it.


2021 is all about being unique. Curated, bespoke, tailored, personalised… Gifting has become all about the individual, which is SO important if a gift is to carry meaning and depth.

At Bloom, we have launched an industry-first online offering allowing customers to design their own bouquet. By creating a floral prescription that is personal to both you and the one you love, it can never go out of style.

Pick your stems based upon their favourite blooms, fragrance, colours or choose flowers based upon sentiment. Whichever way you look at it, you will be creating a bouquet that no one else has and more importantly, it will be exactly as you want it. It’s hyper personalisation at its finest.

Special events & weddings

Florals can utterly transform a venue and have lasting impact for a special day or event.

Show-stopping wedding flowers will become crucial for nuptials that were postponed in 2020 and we expect more statement floral designs as a result. Some innovative wedding flower ideas include placing a large tree at the end of the aisle, with a canopy of flowers beneath, or a dancefloor filled with petals for a memorable way to dance the night away.

Wedding flowers will be seasonal too. Spring and summer weddings will continue to lean towards pastels and soft colours to add a sense of romanticism. Soft lilacs, cool greens and fragrant pinks add further depth and dimension. Think favourites such as lilac clematis and lavender freesia. Moving into autumn and winter, you will find seasonal florals in deep reds, warm ochre, soft greens and crisp white.

Capturing the spirit of the garden – using lashings of luscious green foliage punctuated by soft blush and creamy white blooms – has been growing in popularity over recent years and this is very much set to continue throughout 2021 and beyond.

A more relaxed style of design is also popular as we look towards natural, less structured bridal bouquets which give the impression they have been picked in the garden.



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About Bloom
Launched in October 2020, Bloom is an online luxury flower delivery service created by celebrity London florist and designer, Larry Walshe.

Bloom is unlike any other online flower delivery service, offering a variety of options to suit all requirements, including hand tied Luxury Gift Bouquets (from £75), bunches of Market Flowers, which come direct from the grower (from £30), and flexible Best in Bloom flower subscription (£35 per box, per delivery).

Uniquely, Bloom is reinventing the way we buy flowers online by offering customers a revolutionary and hyper personalised Create Your Own Bouquet service. Starting from £44, customers can pick the stems, foliage, size, colour, sentiment, and overall look of their desired bouquet – just as they would in a florist – with Bloom then bringing the vision to life.

The Bloom website also features a Curated Home Collection of chic vases and trendy pots & plants, and there is a generous loyalty programme for customers to earn reward points towards future purchases.

Bloom is the first luxury online florist in the UK to be entirely sustainable and 100% plastic-free. The packaging is recyclable and/or compostable, all orders are shipped using DPD – the cleanest, greenest courier service currently available in the UK – and the brand also partners with the World Land Trust, planting trees to offset its carbon footprint.

Flowers arrive in Bloom’s stylish signature designed and fresh-water packaging and can be enjoyed at their very best instantly, with free deliveries for purchases of £100 or more.

For more information on Bloom, visit