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2020-21 Set to be Brits’ Cosiest Winter Yet

2020-21 Set to be Brits’ Cosiest Winter Yet
13 November 2020 James Brooke

Contura reveals why…

  • The average Brit has spent more than £1,000 on home improvements since March, with nearly half admitting this is more than they’d usually spend
  • 59 per cent want their home to be as ‘snug’ as possible this winter, whilst half of Brits claim its more important to feel cosy at home this winter than previous years
  • The nation’s ultimate cosy night in consists of comfy pyjamas, TV and pizza

This year we’ve all spent far more time at home than usual, with dining tables doubling up as work desks, video calls a necessity, and remote learning becoming the norm. It’s unsurprising that this has led to an increased focus on making our homes as cosy and comfortable as possible.

A study of 2,000 adults, commissioned by Swedish wood burning stove manufacturer, Contura, has found that Brits have spent an average of £1,132 on home improvements since the first lockdown this March, with 46 per cent admitting this is more than they’d spend in a typical year.

More than a third of respondents attribute this desire to improve their homes to having spent more time than ever in their abode this year, with 59 per cent wanting their home to be as ‘snug’ as possible this winter.

Of those upgrading their homes in 2020, half have done so in order to make it more cosy, inviting, or comfortable, a third to occupy time, and a fifth, to change the use of rooms in the home.

The research revealed the living room – also labelled the cosiest room in the home and the most popular room to enjoy a night in – as the main focus of improvements this year. Unsurprisingly, more than half of respondents said their favourite place to enjoy downtime is on the sofa.

Catharina Björkman, Scandi lifestyle expert at Contura says: “As the nights draw in and temperatures drop, cosiness and comfort inevitably become more important to us, but it appears this applies even more so this year.

“It’s only natural that having spent more time at home than ever, Brits are placing more value on and finding ways to improve their home environment.

“Whether that’s through the purchase of a few pleasing items such as candles, cushions or throws to make the living room more inviting, redecorating completely, or repurposing a guest bedroom into a study to work more comfortably from home.

“Our homes are where we need to feel safe, relaxed and content, and with the current lockdown and the uncertainty around whether there may be more to come this winter, it’s no wonder we all want to create the cosiest homes possible to help us through.”

The research found 60 per cent of adults are looking forward to spending time at home during the colder months, with 50 per cent claiming it’s more important that their home is cosier this winter than in previous years.

A further 30 per cent equate time at home over the coming months with an opportunity to improve their wellbeing.

In fact, 63 per cent of respondents are looking forward to enjoying cosy time at home this winter and 46 per cent are simply excited to spend quality downtime with loved ones.

More than half (54 per cent) consider more time at home to be a perk of winter, while 45 per cent feel that nights in are important for their overall happiness.

The average adult will typically enjoy four cosy nights in during the week in winter, with a fifth of Brits hunkering down every night of the week in the colder months.

The nation’s ultimate cosy night in according to those polled was found to consist of wearing comfy pyjamas (38 per cent), watching TV (69 per cent) and eating pizza (29 per cent). 62 per cent said they would need to be sat in front of the fireplace or wood burning stove too, whilst the soft pitter patter of rain on the window adds to the ultimate feeling of cosiness for 51 per cent of Brits.

The top five items Brits are still planning to buy this winter in order to create as cosy a home as possible for the coming months are:

  1. A fleecy throw
  2. Thick socks
  3. Slippers
  4. Autumnal/winter scented candles
  5. Books

Catharina adds: “It is so important for our overall wellbeing to feel a sense of security, comfort and enjoy downtime with family or loved ones in winter, and our homes are crucial in providing all of those things.

“Although this year has undeniably thrown many hurdles at us and despite our general tendency to mourn the loss of summer, daylight and warmer temperatures, it is encouraging to see that the UK is prioritising the home, its cosiness and their happiness.

“Winter is a season that forces us to slow down, hunker down, and appreciate the little things – warming food, cosy settings, quality time spent in each other’s company. And those that focus on these things will not only endure the coming months but will relish them.”

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