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Enjoy that Summer High All Year Round

Enjoy that Summer High All Year Round
16 September 2020 James Brooke

Stay off the September ‘sad-step’ with Huski Chocolate’s hacks for retaining your sense of adventure and prolonging summer fun feels.

September should be a chance to embrace and enjoy new beginnings; a clean slate before the real chill of autumn sets in. There’s no escaping the fact, though, that days are getting darker, the weather’s getting colder, any summer tan we did manage to cultivate this year is well and truly fading, and the sense of summer freedom is fast dissipating… No matter your age, it’s hard to say goodbye to a summer of fun and adventure. But why should we…?

“We all know and dread that back-to-reality feeling that sets in come September,” says James Hagen, Chief Chocolate Drinker at Huski Chocolate. “Whilst summer is a time for new experiences, beautiful locations, and spending quality time with friends and loved ones, it’s hard not to associate the onset of autumn with that long-instilled ‘back-to-school’ gloom and a dread of the return to the humdrum of the daily routine – This year perhaps even more so as many of us are feeling deprived following a summer stuck at home.”

“The arrival of autumn needn’t be disappointing however. Here at Huski Chocolate HQ we’re firm believers that fun can be found year-round. Having a positive mindset and keeping on top of both physical and mental health are also key to staving off the seasonal blues as summer becomes a seemingly distant memory.”

Read on for James’ guide to enjoying that summer high all year round.

1. Hold on to your sense of adventure

A change in season shouldn’t mean a change in mentality. If summer adventures are what make you tick, simply start planning your next one. At Huski Chocolate, we’re firm believers that adventures start outside your comfort zone, so don’t let the cooler weather put you off.

If you like water, invest in a wetsuit – the waters that were there in the summer are still there but now offer different adrenalin-filled experiences; hike into the hills and toast marshmallows on a Midsummer-style campfire; learn how to track wildlife in the mountains and rivers; master outdoor yoga in woollen jumpers… Whether it’s a mountain trek, a ski trip, a fishing expedition, or a weekend of foraging, pick something that’s new or a bit of a challenge. The excitement and adrenaline you feel will help you forget that you have a bad case of the September scaries.

2. Embrace the staycation and plan a road trip

If January–August seem to have passed you by completely, make the most of what’s left of this year’s mild weather and sunshine by booking a last-minute UK autumn break.

Road trips are a great way to escape the everyday. Playing by ear and having no expectations can often deliver the most thrilling or memorable experiences. It’s not always about the end destination, but the exploration and the incredible places, people, and adventures you can discover along the way. So rather than planning every detail, set your compass to adventure and follow your instinct. It’s also important to really slow down and enjoy every moment; look up at the stars, appreciate the landscapes, and celebrate the quality time spent with your fellow roadtrippers.

Now that schools have gone back, you can also find some great deals on quirky or unique accommodation. Try a tree-house in Sussex, a shepherds’ hut in Somerset, or hit the road in a vintage Volkswagen T2.

3. Be brave and try something new

What is it that you’ve always wanted to do but perhaps never had the chance? Skydiving? Kayaking? Surfing? Becoming a master baker? Learning a new language?

No matter what your interest, there really is no time like the present. Be brave and just go all in. To help get started, speak to friends to see if they might be interested in joining you (it can be really motivating to start something new when you buddy up), or have a look on community websites and social pages to see what opportunities are out there. Once you get involved, you’ll wish you had started sooner!

4. Start a DIY or home improvement project

There’s nothing more gratifying than improving the space around you, especially if you have a hand in making those improvements. We’re spending a vast amount of time at home and that’s only likely to increase as the colder weather sets in, so now’s the time to fix the things that have been annoying you for the past few months or make your living space more inviting.

It might be just a case of bringing the outdoors in by adding greenery, hanging a bold new piece of artwork, placing a lamp here and there for warmer lighting, buying some new soft furnishings, or perhaps getting the roller out and brightening a room ahead of the arrival of winter.

5. Maximise your time

While it can be fun to daydream about being anywhere but your office – whether that be a place with fresh coffee, colleagues and a sporadically working printer, or your kitchen table surrounded by old cups, laptop cables and post-it notes – ignoring the reality doesn’t achieve anything.

So instead of procrastinating, make the most of your time by upping your productivity. The more productive and switched-on you are with personal admin and work, the more time you will have to enjoy doing what you love. It’s a win, win.

Start your day by setting a to-do list, beginning with non-negotiable must-do tasks and filtering down to general life admin. Tackle the quicker tasks before prioritising the meatier stuff and be realistic with your time. If you have 50 items on your to-do-list it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get through it all, so delegate or ask for help where you can.

6. Live in the moment

Many of us are enjoying a new normal with more time at home and less time commuting, so rather than spending every waking minute wishing you were somewhere else as the summer departs, try to enjoy the new season, the new normal, and retain that sense of adventure… preferably with a delicious Huski Chocolate drink fuelling your journey.

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About Huski:
Huski Chocolate was born in the mountains of Arctic Sweden in 2012. Founders Linus Wessman and Robin Hallberg wanted to create an unrivalled, all-natural drinking chocolate that would comfort the cold and strengthen the brave.

It wasn’t long before Huski Hot Chocolate became the legendary drink of choice for elite skiers, epic mountaineers and rescue teams operating across Scandinavia. The unique combination of sweet aromatic spices, real butter and premium cocoa in a secret Hallberg family recipe delivers a deliciously smooth, moreish and unrivalled chocolate drinking experience.

Now with a growing product range, including chilled Huski Chocolate Original and Huski Chocolate Protein, plus an all-new Barista Grade Chocolate Syrup, Huski is setting a new benchmark in the world of artisan hot chocolate. Stand aside weak, powdery, cosmopolitan chocolate drinks – Huski Chocolate has the edge, transporting chocolate lovers to the icy mountains of Arctic Sweden in every sip.

Introducing its product range to the UK market from summer 2020, Huski means business. The brand launches with an impressive portfolio of high-profile sports sponsorship deals already in place, including McLaren Formula 1, Alfa Romeo Racing Formula 1, Chip Ganassi Racing and Millwall Football Club, and also owns its very own Offshore Powerboat Racing team.

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