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Which Wood Burner is Right for You?

Which Wood Burner is Right for You?
27 August 2020 James Brooke

Find your perfect match with Contura’s guide to stoves for every need.

With so many different stove models available, it can be difficult to know which might suit your interiors or heating needs.

To ensure you choose the right wood burner for this coming autumn-winter season, Swedish wood burning stove manufacturer, Contura, provides an expert guide to the best stoves for different spaces.

“There are a number of factors to consider before selecting and installing a wood burner,” says Contura’s UK country manager, Phil Wood. “Look for a stove that complements your home aesthetically, but also consider size and heat output.

“For stoves above 5kW, a permanent air vent to the outside is required in the same room as the appliance to ensure enough oxygen is being supplied into the room to allow proper combustion in the stove. All Contura stoves, inserts and cassettes have proprietary kits for this purpose.

“Choosing a stove material is also important and again, very much depends on the style of your property and the available space, as well as, of course, personal taste. The more modern soapstone, sandstone, tiled, aluminium or glass-fronted freestanding stoves will sit well in contemporary homes and will also contrast nicely against more rustic styled interiors. Sandstone & soapstone-clad stoves, and those equipped with heat-retaining bricks, work well in larger spaces in terms of efficiency, as the materials retain heat over a longer period – even after the fire has been extinguished.”

Stylish yet ever practical, Contura’s wood burning stoves range from contemporary freestanding and statement fireplaces, to more classically designed, traditional insert stoves – ideal for slotting into existing fireplaces.

Crucially, 95 percent of Contura stoves are Defra Clean Air Act exempt, which means they are approved for use in Smoke Control Areas, and all are Ecodesign Ready; reducing emissions by up to 90 percent compared to a traditional open fire.

Which stove model is right for your home?

A classic corner stove

Contura 710

The slim and angular design of the 710 makes it the ideal solution for those who need a stove that fits into an otherwise awkward corner of the home.

The simple design doesn’t mean a compromise on output either, heating spaces of up to 120m2.

Prices start from £1,925

A stove that works in small spaces

Contura 51 or 800 Style

Lack of space is an issue in most modern homes, so a compact stove that doesn’t overpower the room is a must.

The Contura 51 is a modern cast iron stove that fits neatly into all contemporary styled homes. With four adjustable legs, it’s stable on any floor.

The sleek 800 Style stoves are both compact and capable, with a wide range of add-ons meaning you can customise your stove to your needs.

Prices start from £1,450 (51), £1,695 (800S)

A stove that makes a statement

Contura i41, i51 or i61

If you’re looking for a statement piece of hot furniture as well as a heating solution, take a look at the impressive Contura i41, i51 and i61 – all of which will create a bold focal point.

The i41 boasts an angled glass door giving you even more possibilities to create a fireplace that stands out and lights up. Available with artstone surround, soapstone surround and walnut brown sandstone surround.

For a stove with attitude, the i51 features generous glass areas on three sides and a spacious firebox.

Those wanting a truly unique and elegant stove should look to the i61. A slimmer model than its masonry stove sisters, it doesn’t compromise on impact, with a wide-screen door that enhances the presence of the fire in the room.

Prices start from £3,850 (i41), £3,650 (i51), £3,190 (i61)

Best for inside the chimney breast

Contura 51L, i4, i6 or 810L

For slotting into an existing chimney breast, you will need a compact, low-leg model.

The classic design of the cast iron 51L makes it ideal for recessing into a fireplace opening and is one of the reasons it’s a best seller in the UK.

The subtle i4 and i5 insert stoves allow you to retain the style of your existing fireplace whilst maximising the heat you get from the wood.

The Contura 810L is a small enough stove to fit into an existing fireplace, heating spaces of up to 90m2. It features a large glass door so you don’t miss out on enjoyment of the flames and it helps to preserve the feel of more period properties or features.

Prices start from £1,095 (51L), £1,495 (i4), £1,795 (i6), £1,395 (810L)

Easy to place freestanding stoves

Contura 600 Style

The streamlined 600 style freestanding stoves can be positioned virtually anywhere in a room, creating a cosy focal point around which to plan the room layout. They also benefit from larger heat chambers, easily heating a room of up to 120sq metres.

Prices start from £2,395

A fire TV stove

Contura 300, i5, 556, 586, 596

Is there anything more relaxing than watching a glowing fire gently flicker? We think not, and the experts agree with us – it’s widely reported that watching a fire both lowers blood pressure and helps to relieve stress.

Opt for cubic comfort with the compact 300 style stoves which can be positioned virtually anywhere in a room, creating a cosy focal point around which to plan the room layout.

With a panoramic glass door, the Contura i5 ensures optimum fire viewing.

The 556 and 596 Style stoves boast generous side lights, ensuring you’re able to view the fire from different angles in the room.

Or give your fire a lift with the mounted 586 which features a turntable, allowing the stove to be rotated and the fire and heat to be experienced from different angles in the room.

Prices start from £1,895

Stoves to keep garden rooms cosy throughout the year

Contura 810L, 810 Style, 870 Style or 856 Style

There’s no need to abandon your garden room in the colder winter months. A small freestanding stove will create a cosy living space, allowing you to enjoy your garden room even when sunshine is scarce.

The 800 series is one of Contura’s most popular stove ranges. The elegant and compact shape of these stoves make them easy to position in small spaces without compromising on heat output or style.

In fact, the 800 series stoves were awarded the prestigious iF Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award in 2020.

Prices start from £1,695

A stove for best value heat

Contura 520, 620, 690T or 790T

Come winter, we all want good value when it comes to heating our home.

For maximum heating output from minimal area, look to the Contura 520 Style stove with cast iron door, heat retaining powerstone top and convection damper.

Also utilising the heat retaining powerstone and convection damper, is the slick 620 Style.

For larger spaces, opt for a larger stove – the Scandi style 690T includes heat retaining soapstone in its design and heats up to 150m2. Or look to the distinctive 790T which comes fully clad in soapstone.

Prices start from £2,095 (520), £2,195 (620), £3,495 (690T), £3,250 (790T)

All Contura stoves offer style combined with outstanding performance, maximum efficiency, practicality and ease of use. With 80% heating efficiency compared to only 20% of traditional fireplaces, and thanks to a 3-9kW heat output, Contura stoves can heat spaces of up to 150m² with ease. Further benefits include powerful convection and clean burning systems, ensuring less wood is used, which works to save the environment as well as customers’ money.

If you’re still not sure which stove is right for you, try Contura’s augmented reality smartphone app to discover how our stoves look in your home, visit

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About Contura:
Contura is Europe’s leading manufacturer of wood burning stoves, offering an extensive range of classic and contemporary wood burners; from traditional insert stoves suitable for existing fireplaces, to freestanding statement models made with innovative materials such as soapstone.

Starting at £1,095, Contura stoves are premium yet affordable. Award winning, timeless Swedish design means the products complement or enhance any style of home, whilst also offering outstanding performance, maximum efficiency, practicality and ease of use.

Designed and assembled at the factory located in Markaryd, Sweden, and manufactured to the highest standards, Contura stoves are highly energy efficient, offering powerful convection, superior combustion technology and clean burning systems. Currently, 95% of Contura stoves are DEFRA Clean Air Act exempt and thus approved for use in Smoke Control Areas.

Contura stoves can be purchased through a network of 165 independent retailers nationwide.

Contura is part of the NIBE group, a Swedish manufacturing company producing world class solutions in sustainable energy across Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

Contura is a founding member of the Stove Industry Alliance (SIA) in the UK.

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